Vertical BBQ – 13 Goat Legs Kebabs!!🔥MOST UNIQUE Iranian Food! | Baluchestan, Iran!🇮🇷

– Good morning, hope you'rehaving an amazing day.

It's Mark Wiens, I'm in thebeautiful Baluchestan Province of Iran, in a place called Chabahar, and today, we have thespecial opportunity.

They're gonna prepare threefull goats Baluchi style, where they set up themeat on the open pit fire, using date palm stakes, and so we're gonna see the whole process, we're gonna watch them as they cook, and then, we're gonna enjoy aspectacular traditional meal.

But this place is just beautiful, and we are starting the morning now.

(upbeat music) Because it's such a beautiful day, I think before we get started, we're gonna take a littlewalk up kinda the rock section near to the lodge here, and then, just get kind of anoverview of this entire, I wanna see it from above, Iwanna see this entire area.

Should we go up the, upthe mountain a little bit? (gravel crunching) Oh man, and it really it is, the lodge is really like a little oasis in the palm trees, surroundedby just desert rocks and dry, but beautiful.

(ground crunching) – [Man] That's the Buniken Mountain.

– Just a really short walk up here.

This is the oasis, andthen, there's just so many rock formations, the terrain.

And then, over on the left hand side, that is just an amazing rock formation that looks, called Mars Mountain.

It looks a little bit like Mars, the formation, the ruggedness of it, and the jagged cliffsof that is impressive.

(upbeat music) The stones are almost, you can feel it, it feels like sandpaper.

(upbeat music) Such a cool textural landscape, and I'm loving the fresh air, as well.

(upbeat music) (man speaking in foreign language) Okay.

Excellent to walk around this morning.

I think it's time to getstarted on the goats.

(upbeat music) (children chattering) But before we get started, it's time to change into something much more comfortable.

(upbeat music) Ah, the pants.

(Mark laughing) Oh, perfect fit.

This is just, it's somuch more comfortable than jeans and a t-shirt.

Like the air flow, thebagginess, like drapes, ah, you just feel free and alive.

And then, (laughing)traditional greeting style.

(men speaking in foreign language) Now we are really ready to start the day.

(upbeat music) He just explained to us that the goats, they come from about 500 kilometers away in the mountains, and that'swhy they have long hair, but the goats are more delicious because they eat thenatural mountain herbs, the medicinal herbs, whichgives the meat more flavor, and more medicinal value.

And so, that's also whythey have long hair.

Can I see your hair? (Mark laughing) – Good morning, good morning.

– Ah, whoa! Micah, look at Mommy.

Look at Mommy.

– Nice, huh? – [Mark] Beautiful.

Look at the women's, localBaluchi women's dress.

– Yeah.

– Yeah, look at the colors on that, look at that stitching, look at the design and thecontrast of colors is beautiful.

The contrast of the desert.

Yeah, that's beautiful.

– Nice, yeah.

– Micah, look at Mommy.

(men speaking in foreign language) (upbeat percussion music) (man speaking in foreign language) The best way to sit ever.

So what we're doing rightnow is just kind of relaxing, lounging around as they preparethe process of the goats.

(upbeat percussion music) Ah, that's wonderful.

That's like black tea with mint in it.

– [Micah] Mommy, look at me.

– Micah.

(laughing) This is just the absolutelounging extreme life.

– [Micah] Mama, look at Daddy.

– The comfort, the breeze, the weather is perfect here right now, but just the hospitalityof the Baluchi culture, the friendliness, the warmth, and it's just the loungingatmosphere is unparalleled.

(woman speaking in foreign language) (upbeat music) Loaded into the wheelbarrow, and we are on our way to the desert, to begin the process.

(man speaking in foreign language) Very small fridge.

(upbeat music) (men speaking in foreign language) Hello, how are you? (men speaking in foreign language) (upbeat music) He is a master butcher, and just his experience, he knows exactly where to, using a razor-sharp knife, he knows exactly where tocut, where to make the slits, how to part them outfor the unique process of grilling, Baluchi-stylethat they're gonna do next.

(upbeat music) (men speaking in foreign language) And I love that, thatstanding move on the brick.

(men speaking in foreign language) (meat clattering) (bone crunching) (meat thumping) Now that is a sharp knife.

(man speaking in foreign language) (meat thumping) Insane knife skills.

Literally, in less than 10 minutes, all three goats parted out, just sliced like butter through the bone.

That expertise, thatexperience is unbelievable.

(meat thumping)(metallic banging) On our way next to the date palm, to cut down some stakesfor the goat roast.

(men speaking in foreign language) (knife sawing) That's okay, that's okay.

– Sorry for this.

(men speaking in foreign language) (palm leaves swishing) Dangerous.

– Very sharp, very sharp.

– Oh, sharp.

– Yeah.

You have to be very carefulwith the date palm fronds, because the bottom leavesare extremely sharp, like needle-sharp, so we gotsome of the date palm fronds, and then, there's also some more, whoa.

There's also some morealready that they brought.

But just the importance ofthe date palm, in this area, for the fruit, for the fronds, for the, everything is used, everything is so important and they're also very, I thinkcompared to coconut trees, compared to other palms– – Palm Baluchistan.

– Palm Baluchistan, yes.

– Palm Baluchistan.

(Mark laughing) – They're very strong and very durable, and you can just feel that in the leaves.

– Yes.

– And the fronds.

But before they startmaking the date palm stakes, we're gonna build the fire first, to prepare the first so it's ready.

(men speaking in foreign language) I can't understand, butI can see their motions, they're feeling thewind, the wind direction for the fire also, which theyneed to take into account.

(men speaking in foreign language) Of all the methods of cooking, open fire tops them all.

(men speaking in foreign language) (wood thumping) Yes.

– Okay! – Okay.

(group laughing) Yes.

Changed into somethingmuch more comfortable.

– Blue football team and a red one.

This is very important.

(Mark laughing) – I can't even imagine howbig the fire's gonna be, or how they're gonna light it on fire, 'cause there's full logs, and the dryness of it.

(leaves rustling) – [Man] Ah! (group laughing) (men speaking in foreign language) (fire crackling) (fire roaring) (branches rustling) – The name of this style– (speaking in foreign language) (Mark speaking in foreign language) – Yeah.

– Which means like, hunting and cooking?- Yeah.

(speaking in foreignlanguage) means hunting.

– Hunting and cooking, and that's exactly like, you can just imagine how it was invented.

It's just straight sand, desert, fresh meat, dry wood, bonfire.

(upbeat percussion music) Seasoning with salt, making sure to get the salt into every little cutand crevice that he made in the meat before.

(bones banging) (palm fronds rustling) (knife sawing)(palm fronds rustling) (man speaking in foreign language) (metallic slicing) (man speaking in foreign language) Just trimming up the frondsnow, taking off the leaves, taking off thoserazor-sharp needle spikes.

(knife sawing)(wind rustling) (fire crackling) (knife slicing) All of the stakes, all of the date stakes into razor sharp at the tip.

(men speaking foreign language) All natural skewering, andHamid is waving away the flies.

(both laughing) Spears, he's spearing the meat.

(men speaking in foreign language) This technique, it's an all-day process, and we're not gonna eat thegoat until this evening, because then, it's gonnaroast for three hours.

So we're having a snack.

(men speaking in foreign language) We're all hungry.

(laughing) Bread, there's lentils, there's chickpeas, there's some vegetables, and I think some cheese.

(men speaking in foreign language) Mm.

Oh, that's good.

Like tomatoey, Baluchi spices in there.

And lentils.

(men speaking in foreign language) Mm, yeah.


And back to the fire, the massive barbecue, and walking up to it, you can just feel the heat coming off of it.

You can even feel thesand is hot all around it, the fire's died down, and it's just, he's kind of building it up again, though, and then, the flame has died down.

You've got coals, the logsare, coal's now hot embers, oh, man, it's just like a wall of heat, a square wall of heat justblasting in your face.

(upbeat music) (metallic clattering) Okay, it's time.

Run as that first skewer goes in.

(fire crackling) (men speaking in foreign language) Right here, you can feelthe heat just coming in, and they're also doing it by the wind, so you can feel the heat just radiating.

Okay, next one, in.

Gotta be fast.

Ooh, yeah, that smoke.

Burn the camera? Yeah, melted the camera.

– Is melting right now? – No, it's okay.

(both laughing) (fire roaring) Yeah, you can hear that.

(men speaking in foreign language) (child chattering) My face is on fire, but he's like sprinting through the whole line of fire, through the lane of fire, lane of flame, setting them up in a line, sothey get heat on both sides, and they also get smoke, and it's actually a really slow roast becauseit's not direct fire.

It's, the fire is quite a ways distance from the meat, as well.

And so, that's, they said it's actually gonna take three hours, butwhat an outstanding process.

You are amazing, amazing.

And he's just walking through that lane.

If you've walked throughthat lane, oh man, that flame, that smoke, that, wow, that's amazing.

What a technique.

(men speaking in foreign language) (fire crackling) (men speaking in foreign language) (Hakim laughing) How does it feel down there? – It's hot.

– Roasting.

Ooh, that's hot, yeah.

(upbeat percussion music) I think they're all on the grill now.

I think that's everything, the ribs, the legs.

You can see the fat startingto melt into the sand.

That hiss, that smoke, the whistle of the fire, it's gonna be in the, we're gonna call it the lane or the alley, the lane of fire for threehours, slow roasting.

(upbeat percussion music) Oh, the three heads, whichthey're gonna also do a very, very special, veryunique cooking method, underground, wrapped in its own stomach, I believe, like a football.

Cooking technique.

(man speaking in foreign language) (foil rustling) (people speaking in foreign language) (wind rustling) – Which is? (man speaking in foreign language) Intestine.

– One of the intestines, right? (intestines squelching) (metallic banging) He takes the stomach, stuffs in the head, and then, stuffs in theintestines and the trotters, the hoofs, it's like a goat football.

(Hamid yelling)(Mark laughing) (upbeat music) (men speaking in foreign language) The heads under the hot sand, where the coals were before, and then, piling some of the coals on top, piling, now, some of the sand on top.

Just bury, they're gonna bake until they're completely soft meltedness.

– Goat football!(both laughing) (men speaking in foreign language) (upbeat music) (men speaking in foreign language) – He is the man, he is the chef, absolute.

The absolute hero of the day.

(group laughing) (men speaking in foreign language) (upbeat music) So the goat skewers arestill slow grilling, slow roasting, barbecue.

The heads are in.

I've never anticipated roastedmeat so much in my life.

It's been an entire day-long process.

We started in the morningat like 8:00 a.


, and now it's almost probably 4:00, 4:00 or 5:00 p.



(metallic clanging)(fire crackling) And what's the name of the dish? – Kabbab Khaddi.

– Kabbab Khaddi.

– Kabbab Khaddi, yeah.

– Kabbab Khaddi.

Pomegranate and lemons?- And lemons.

– Okay, so— And some spices.

– One more dish, theyactually saved two pieces of the, that's why there'sonly 11 legs on the barbecue.

They saved one leg, andalso, a ribcage, I think and they made this pasteof dried pomegranate and lemon juice, whichthey're gonna, and pepper, dried pepper, which they're gonna rub onto the lamb, onto the goat, sorry, and then, that's anotherdish that we're gonna eat.

(child yelling) (man speaking foreign language) – [Man] So it was for ages ago, when they didn't have the electricity.

– Ah.

– To keep the meat.

– It preserves it.

– Yeah.

So they mix it with driedpomegranates and salt, and then, they put it in front of the sun, and they keep it for two years, one year, just to make sure themeat is drying, as well.

– Especially the driedpomegranate, it acts to preserve the meat and they saythey rub it on there, they leave it in the sun for two days, that dries, that dehydrates, that preserves it, and they said they can keepit for up to two years, so we're actually not gonna eat this meat.

They're just showing us the process, but they have another onethat's already been dried that's ready to eat, thatwe're also gonna try tonight.

What a very cool, ancientBaluchi technique.

(men speaking in foreign language) Oh, prepared, as well.

– The rice.

– The rice.

– And you have it with ham.

– Yes, for sure.


(both laughing) Mm.

– Mm.

– Mm.

– Mm.

– Oh wow.

Oh, it's incredible.

He already had a pan prepared.

– It's sour.

– Mm.

What? – (speaking in foreignlanguage) means it's sour.

– Sour and jerky, salty.

– More.

– Yeah, see, (mumbling) (both laughing) So he is an expert on— And he's, both.

– They're experts on it.

(both laughing) (people speaking in foreign language) (meat banging) (people speaking in foreign language) We're on our way to go eat.

Oh, oh, oh.

(man speaking in foreign language) (Mark muttering) Oh, that is hot.

(man speaking in foreign language) Mm, oh, wow.

– Okay? – That is so tender.

(man speaking in foreign language) And crunchy.

Oh, that's insane.

That is so good.

Oh, the herbs, and thenatural flavor of that.

That is, wow, that's good.

(upbeat percussion music) (men speaking in foreign language) – Mark, come and sit.

– Okay.

– Give it to (speakingin foreign language).

(men speaking in foreign language) – Yes?- Yes.

Yes, see what I'm doing.


(Hamid speaking in foreign language) – Okay.

– Yes.

– Yes?- Yes.

– Okay.

(men speaking in foreign language) – Wow.

(men speaking in foreign language) Oh, that part was so tasty.

It was so tasty.

Okay, so you can.

Oh, yes, thank you.


It's like food by the, masses of food.

Oh, wow.

(men speaking in foreign language) Sword fight, we couldsword fight with this.

Our own drumsticks.

(men speaking in foreign language) Look at the fatty tenderness of that.

It's just oozing with natural juices.

(people speaking in foreign language) Oh, that's hot.


– Yours is so fatty.

– So fatty.

You can literally taste every herb, you can taste the mountain in that goat, just the naturalness in it.

(men speaking foreign language) Mm, the fat is where the flavor is.

Mm, mm.

Oh, and mixed with thatgreen chili flavor, the fumes of the green chilijust kinda go up your nose.

Oh, Hamid, I'm gonna havea souvenir to remember.

(Hamid laughing) Look at that bite.

Finger licking, finger licking.

Thanks for holding the light.

And just look at me.

This is an ultimate Baluchi feast.

Just the outside has fully crisp– (meat crunching)listen to that crunch.

Listen to the crispiness andthen, you get in the center, and it's just perfect.

Look, oh, look at that fattiness.

Oh, unbelievable, look at that piece.

The glisten, and that's just crunchy goat with fat.

Wait, look at that.



Oh, wow.

That is luscious.

– It's for you, here you go, man.

– Oh man, thank you.

(people speaking in foreign language) – I'm experienced infinding the best pieces.

– Mm, look at that piece.

– Yeah! (laughs) – Mm, wow.

Oh, that tastes like, what's amazing about this technique, of the way they've grilled it, is that the outside of it is crispy, and again, the insideremains so fatty and juicy.

Oh, and that's the rice.

– This is the (speakingin foreign language.

– (speaking in foreign language) rice.

– [Hakim] The pomegranate meat.

– And every now and then, abite does taste really good with a little lemon on it, fresh lemon.


(men speaking in foreign language) The fluffiness of that rice, and it's cooked down with the, with that dried preserved– – Yeah.

– Oh.


Yeah, the sourness ofthe rice from the meat, and then it's herbal, too, like minty or something.

– Mm.

Yes, because that's the pomegranates.

It's sour.

– Oh, and there's, oh, yeah.

– Can see the meat, yeah.

– Yes, it's kinda like shredded in there.

And it's oily, too, from the goat, too.

Wow, it's amazing.

With the best, the best drumstick ever.

(people speaking in foreign language) Oh, oh, oh.

Oh, oh! – [Man] Right there, okay.

– That will make it digest easier.

(both laughing) (group speaking in foreign language) Wow.

Worth the wait.

That was worth every second of the wait.

(metallic clattering) (both laughing) Do you see that? The joint, and.

(both laughing) (metallic rattling) (goat crunching) Oh, wow, this is just, look at that.

Look at that mixture.

(group speaking in foreign language) (upbeat percussion music) – Mark.

– Mm-hmm? – [Hakim] You ready for a sheep's head? – Oh yes.

(Hakim laughing) Yes, I am.

We still have sheep's head.

(upbeat percussion music) – [Hakim] Do you thinkthis one was the best? – Yeah, this is the best.

– I mean, the whole service, yeah? (men speaking in foreign language) – Check this out.

This is straight up ankleskin, crispy ankle skin.

(crunching skin) (upbeat percussion music) We've got about two hoursuntil the goat heads are ready, so we're gonna loungearound, we're gonna relax, and coming up, that's gonna be dessert.

(man speaking in foreign language) (ground crunching) Wow.

– Wow.

– Wow.

(laughing) – It's boiling.

– Yeah, it's boiling.

They just pried it out of the coals.

It's been sitting therefor like eight hours, in the hot sand, in the hot coals, and it literally, it'sboiling inside of that packet.

You can hear it just juicing, like the oil just flaming.

(men speaking in foreign language) It smells great.

You know it's a goat.

(metallic crunching) (men speaking in foreign language) (metallic crunching) It's like one of the mostgoaty smelling things I've ever smelled.

It's like, and it'sjust like, one of them, it looks still like the stomach.

The other one is almost transparent, it's been cooking so long.

The whole stomach is transparent.

It's like a steaming goat sack.

(laughing) Oh, you gotta smell that.

(men speaking in foreign language) (upbeat music) (men speaking in foreign language) This is what it comes downto, midnight goat heads.

Wow, wow, that's just fatty, even the eyeball is just hanging out.

– Yeah.

– Look at.

– So that's the eye.

– Eyeball?- Yeah.

It's really hot.

(laughing) – [Mark] The fatty oiliness of that, wow.

– Go for it.

– All right.


Oh, wow.

That's just like gelatin.

– Yeah.

– That just like melting goat.

Oh, yeah, that is goaty tasting.

Oh, but wow, that's good.

Literally just melting, melting.

– [Hakim] The bestsheep's head I ever had.

– Yeah.

– Seriously.

– Yeah.

That's melting socket.

(metallic grinding) Is that tongue?- Yeah.

– [Mark] Eye socket was fatty.

The herbs in this goat is just.

Next up for the tongue.

– Wow.

– Oh, wow.

Oh, the tongue is justcaramelized and tender.

(Hakim laughing)(group muttering) That is so good.

You could just squeeze it, andoil would come out, goat oil.

And again, even within the head, you taste every herb.

– Yeah.

– From the mountain.

(bones cracking)Wow.

– [Hakim] Try this one.

– Whoa.

That's the most herbalbrain I've ever had, too.

It's so herbaceous.

The best midnight goat headI've ever had in my life.

– Yeah.

(laughing) Let's–(dog barking) No, no, no.

(speaking in foreign language) – And my final bite, I'mending with the hoof.

Wow, that is just sticky, like gummy gelatin, that, again, tasteslike herbs, goat herbs.


It feels like, it's thetexture of Vaseline.

Literally, like you feel it on your lips.

That's just collagen, gelatiny goatiness.

– Thanks to Dor Baluch.

– Yes.

– And thanks to Casa Sitari.

– And Salam Jabahad.

– And Salam Jabahad.

– Thank you.

– Don't forget it.

– Huge thank you, and also, to the chef, who just– – Abdurahim.

– Abdurahim.

– Abdurahim is the chef? Okay, one more bite.


That melts in your mouth.

That's like the cheek, right? That's cheek.


– Yes, that's cheek.

– Oh, yeah.

Wow, okay.

Again, best midnightgoat head I've ever had in my life, hands down.

I love how friendly and howrelaxed the culture is here, and the pace of life is here, and that was an entire dayprocess, worth every moment of it and yeah, I'll have all thelinks in the description box.

Go check out Mr.

Taster, as well, and I'll have all the information about everything we did todayand everyone that hosted us, and everyone that we met andI wanna say a big thank you to you for watching this video.

Please remember to givethis video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and ifyou haven't seen the rest of all the videos in this Iran series, be sure to click the link below.

I'll have a playlist, where you can watch all of the Iran food and travel videos and that's gonna be it.

Goodnight from Chabahar, and I will see you on the next video.


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