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– Seriously? – I'm just going in! – Taco cheers, woo!- Cheers! – Give me a fork and knife! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) We're here in Springfieldat Universal Studios Hollywood for one of our hardestTry Not To Eat Challenges yet.

Can Simpsons fans resist all the amazing foodsin Simpsons Land? Let's find out! Thank you so muchfor coming out to Springfield today.

– We're so happy to be in Springfield!- Yep.

– (FBE) What do you love about the Simpsons? – I love how funny it is.

I just love how ridiculous it is.

– I like that they just go there.

They just go therewith all of their stuff.

– I love the Treehouse of Horrors episodes, they're my favorites.

They're so spooky! – It's one of those showsthat still are funny, even though they holda mirror up to society, and they're really satirical, and it's great.

– It is literally the most classic show.

Like you can be a kidand think it's hilarious, and you can be an adultand think it's hilarious.

And that's why it's enduredfor like 80, 000 years.

Like, it's so good! – (FBE) We're gonna show youa clip from the Simpsons, then we're going to bring outsome delicious food for you to try not to eat.

– Oh! – What, I thought it was a eat challenge.

Like you're gonna eat everything.

– Can we just, yeah! – And we tell you what we think?- Can't it be eat everything and not puke challenge?- Why? – We're starving!- Yeah, we haven't eaten today, you haven't eaten today.

So this is gonna be very challenging.

– (FBE) All of these foodswere either featured in, or inspired by the Simpsonsand are sold right here in Springfield at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Of course, this is a Try Not To Eat Challenge, there will be a punishment per food you tried at the end of the episode.

– Of course.

– One per food.

– I can only imagine how grossit's gonna be, 'cause there's a lot of gross thingshappened in the Simpsons.

– Yeah, I know, but.



– So I just wonder whatthe punishment will be.

– (FBE) Are you guys readyto see what your first food is? – Yes!- Yes.

♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ Some folk'll never eat a skunk ♪- The chicken sandwich? ♪ Like Cletus, the slack-jawed yokel ♪- The songs are so great.

I almost forgot about that! – (Cletus) Hey, what's going onon this side? – Well, I'll just say right now, I'm not gonna eat no skunk! – (FBE) So inspired bythe character Cletus, and sold at Cletus' Chicken Shack, this chicken and waffle sandwich is much better than eating a skunk.

Can you resist it? – God, I love chicken and waffles.

– I wanna try it.

– I really actually do.

– Oh man! – Ooh! – It's the first food, I'm gonna try to resist.

– But smell the waffle really quick.

– I know, I don't wannasmell the waffle.

– Oh my God, it smellsso good actually.

(laughs) It smells deeply crispy and fried.


– That looks so good.

– (laughs) I'm just going in!Oh my God! (buzzer rings) It is messy.

– Mm-hmm.

– Oh, I'm just gonna go right here.

– Aw, that looks great.

(buzzer rings) – Are you sure you don'twant a bite? – You're covered in aioli.

– Am I? – (laughs) Yes.

– It's like the waythat it's even fried tastes southern, like southern fried chicken.

– Mm-hmm, this is good.

I'm gonna have to take this one to go.

– That's damn good.

– Weight Watchers, suck it! (Ted laughs)- (FBE) Ted, you're staying strong.

– (sighs) I am, I am.

– Oh, Ted, it's so good.

– Aw man.

– I can cut you a bite.

– No, it's fine.

– This is the best thingI've ever had.

(Danny laughs)It's the best chicken sandwich.

– Oh my!- Popeye's move out of the way.

Come to Universal Studios.

– Uh oh! – And get a Cletus chicken sandwich.

– I'm backing out.

– Alright, I'm not gonna do it, nah! – I've never had Cletus' chicken and waffles, and I feel like Cletus does not make it more appetizing, it might be actually the opposite if you really focus on Cletus' character.

– That's true! – Mm-hmm, that's likea very good technique.

– (Homer) I want a colossal donut.

– Oh, Halloween episode.

– Oh, it's gonna bethe giant donut.

– (Homer) That's false advertising! – (cashier) Sorry sir, no refunds! – (Homer) I paid for a donut.



– Bring the colossal donut! – Let's see it!- Happy.

– (Homer) Get a colossal donut.

– I love donuts! (thunder crackles) – Lard Lad?- I remember this.

(tire screeches)- Get it, yes.

– Yes, you get your donut! – (Homer) I got your donut, Lard Lad!- Homer! – (Homer) And what are yougonna do about it? (thunder crackles) – (laughs) It's also like the quintessentialHomer Simpson food, honestly.

– (FBE) So we couldn't doa Simpsons episode without Lard Lad donuts, and just like Homer wanted, these things are colossal.

– Son of a maple bacongiant donut, damn it! Oh, sorry kids.

– This is Heaven, oh my gosh.

– This is like as big as my head! – I think it is, actually, yeah.

– Comparison.

– Yeah, just.



– Comparison shot.

– Just compare.

(laughs) – How can you not?It's like the classic Simpson fare.

– But I've also had donuts before.

– I've had donuts.

I've had donuts, but not colossal donuts.

– Oh my God, right after the chicken sandwich too.

– That smells so good.

I shouldn't have worn lipstick today.

It's gonna be goneby the end of this episode, and I'm okay with that.

(buzzer rings)- Mmm, oh my God, it's so worth it.

I'm actually not kidding aroundright now.

– Mmm!(buzzer rings) – It's so interesting.

It's a savory sweet donut.

– I need more bacon though.

– Yeah, I think, yeah, you're.



– Sorry.

– You're on my team right now.

– Yeah.

– I'm seeing this.

– I didn't get like that much meat.

– Absolutely right.

Yeah, the bacon, really is the best part.

– Mm-hmm.

– And it's really, it's.



(clears throat) It's cooked really well.

I could just keep going! – I'm so impressed, 'cause that was worth it.

It was like extra lardy, and extra sugary, and so good.

– It looks good, but I'm gonna resist.

– Wow.

– I can resist this one.

– Take it away!(whimpers) – (FBE) Sharon one more time, what was it you just said to meabout sprinkles? – Nothing.

(laughs)- Oh no! (tape squeaking) – If it had been sprinkles, that would have been a little harder for me to resist.

– Yeah, that would be tough.

– Oh no, no!- Ah, I didn't say that! Ah, God damn it, seriously?Give me a fork and knife! Ah, here we go.

(buzzer rings) Oh my God, it's warm, it's warm!- Describe it to me, what's it like? Oh, they heated it up?Oh! – I can resist this.

I don't like sweets.

– Yeah, I'm not a big donut person, so.



Look at us!Bam! – We're gonna win!- Not even tempted! – Donuts are gonna knowyou betrayed them.

– I know! – And now you have thatto live with, and I hope you're happy.

– Ugh.

– (Homer) One ribwich please.

– (cashier) Uh-huh.

– Yes, oh my God!Yes, I'm so happy! (Homer grunts)- Oh dude, the ribwich! (laughs) (mascot laughs) – (laughs) This is terrifying.

– Hopefully, I'm ready to end.



– No, that's literally how, what's happening in our bodyright now.

– (Bart) (coughs) Whoa, that's good Squishee.


– Oh, whoa whoa! – (Milhouse) Bart, Bart, Bart! (Bart babbles)(Danny laughs) – I don't wanna be trippin' like that, not here.

– We'll see what happens.

– (FBE) So the last timewe featured Simpsons on Try Not To Eat, we recreated the ribwichfor the winning dish.

– Oh, yes!- Oh, that's like quality rib! – (FBE) We wanted to give youan opportunity to try it without winning, today.

– Oh my God.

– (FBE) So we're not justgiving you Homer's favorite sandwich.

We're also giving youBart's favorite drink.

Can you resist a ribwichand a Squishee? – I really wanna try the Squishee.

– You wanna try that, I wanna try this.

– Okay! – I'm so happy, becauseI wasn't able to try the ribwich last time, 'cause I lost, and then I had to eatthat rotten sandwich, and now I can.

– Like just that whole effect, like if that really has the same effect, like the best drugyou've ever had in your life, I'm in.

I'm just gonna be likeyour foil, man.

– Oh, it's okay.

– I gotta try the Squishee.

– This works for me.

– Come on, this is like, I'll take my punishments.

– I'm just gonna go for it.

– Just do it.

– I know!(buzzer rings) – You know what?- Mm-hmm.

– You're, like, what are theygonna make you do? – I've already lost.

(buzzer rings) – Oh, that's sour!(coughs) Oh that's sour! – Mm-hmm.

– Should I be like (babbles) (buzzer rings)- It's like sour.

It's really good.

I might have a french fry.

I mean, I already lost this one, so why not? (buzzer rings)- Mm-hmm.

Oh my God.

– There's pickle in it! – There's pickle in it.

So good! – This is like watchingthe Food Network, except if it was realin front of you, like, that looks likesome brisket or something.

– It does.

– You know what? – It tastes like it, too.

– I love brisket.

– With the barbecue sauce, and then the sour apple, it works really well.

– Good.

– Which sounds weird, but it does! – That's so good.

It's like so tender.

– Yeah, right? – I would love to eat this all the time.

(laughs) – That punishmentis gonna wreck us! – It's gonna be worth it.

Everything I've ate.



– I agree.

– Delicious! – Tacos.

– Tacos! – Tacos!- No! (Bumblebee Man speaks Spanish) – The Bumblebee Man!(Trudi laughs) Tacos, that's what that is.

– (FBE) So behind you, you'll noticeBumblebee Man's Taco Truck.

– (Kendelle) Oh yeah.

– (FBE) This place serves upthe absolute best tacos in the park, with three different optionsfor your meat.

– Ooh.

– (FBE) Do you guys thinkyou can resist? – No, I love tacos!- I love tacos, oh my gosh.

– Oh no.

(laughs)- Are we gonna get sprayed with water while we eat these?- Yeah.

We gotta get the full effect.

– I love street tacos! (hums)And there's lime! – At this point.



– At this point I wouldprobably hit you.

– I passed up a donut, brisket.

– Yeah.

(buzzer rings) – Six tacos, I can do this.

– Taco cheers!- Taco cheers! – I mean we're already losing anyways.

– Right? – Taco cheers!- Cheers! (buzzer rings) – Mmm.

– Wow, ugh.

– I know what tacos taste like, I can resist, they smell great.

I'm resisting it though.

– Same reasoning.

I know what tacos taste like, and that's why I want it.

And if that Squishee was here, I would be eating it, but it's not.

I went this far, I'm not gonna turn back.

– My hero.

– (FBE) It's now time for the winning dish.

Sharon, of course, since you'vealready eaten some of the foods, I mean, all of the foods, you won't get to try this one, but we're gonna make youlook at it anyway.

Ted, this is all for you.

– Yes!- Ow.

– My time has finally come! – (Homer) Give me 700 Krusty Burgers! (Trudi laughs)- (cashier) You want fries with that? – Of course it's Krusty Burgers!- Never had one! – It has to be! – (Bart) I'm proud you're my dad.

– I'm sad.

– (Homer) Go away.

– That's what I wanted to eat.

– Is this a beer?- No way, oh no! (man burps) – Are you serious?- No.

– No wait.

– I'm so mad right now.

– You know.

– I wanted to hold out for the Duff Beer, and I did not do it, in the back of my mind, I thought it was an option.

– I'm so happy.

– And I just blew it right now.

– (FBE) It's the Simpsons classicKrusty Burger.

– Oh my God! – (FBE) Along with a beautiful Duff Beer.

– (Ted) Amazing! – (FBE) Sharon, none of this is for you.

– Sharon.

– (FBE) This is all for Ted.

– Can I just have one fry? – That's an Instagrammable beer.

– That really is.

– You know?- Yes.

– I'm thirsty.

– This is just very upsetting.

– Okay, let's try this.

I'm just gonna eat thisright in your face.

– It's so good, huh?- Oh, so good, oh my God! – Yeah, I bet that's really good.

– It looks really good.

– It does.

– Like that's a good sized burger.

Is it eating itif I just lick it? – Yeah, if we just like.



– (FBE) Yes.

(both laugh) – I'm very sad about the beer.

I want that beer right back.

– Like this is the quintessential Homer, like if I had just held out for a minute, not been so impulsive, so damn impulsive.

– (FBE) Alright losers, it's time for your punishment! Are you ready to see what it is? – No.

(laughs)- (FBE) Great! – (man) (laughs) Don't you get it?Springfield, it's over! You lose!Now if you'll excuse me, all this talkhas made me hungry.

– I have to eat a lemon?A lemon? – Are we gonna have to eat lemons?- Are we eating a lemon? (laughs) – I love lemons!- I'm just eating a lemon? – I love lemons!- Oh! – (FBE) So we've got a lemonfor you here that came from Springfield's own very special lemon tree.

– Great!- (FBE) You'll have to take one bite for every food you ate today.

– Aw, that's it?- Nope, I don't have to eat the peel? – Aw.

– Punishment, this is not a punishment for me! – Delicious Springfield lemon!It's so well made! Now I just need a shotof Springfield tequila! Where's Moe when you need him, right? – I'm definitely readyto see this lemon face.

– Alright, it's not gonna be bad.

I'm gonna fight it.

– Yeah?- Mm-hmm.

– Oh yeah! She won't break!Okay.

– There's one.

And there it is! The eye went, the eye went!I couldn't control the eye! – I used to eat this as a kid, but it is very sour.

– Just like squeeze into your mouth? – Yeah, I used to likecut 'em like this, and then I'd go like this way.

(Kendelle laughs) – I mean, it's nota punishment for Ary.

– It's not, I even like, I'm gross, I like to go like this.

– 'Kay, she's much coolerthan I am.

– Three, ooh! – I was doing goodwhen it first started, but.



– You are almost there.

– Man, it's rough now, let me tell ya.

– Woo!- This is good.

– Okay, it's really notthe worst punishment, I just wasn't expecting it.

– It's like a reallyworthwhile punishment.

– Save half of that, and we'll get drinks.

(laughs) – Right.

– A little something else.

– Off to Moe's to do shots.

– (FBE) So you guys triedfour different foods from Springfield today, which one was your favorite, and why?- The [bleep] Squishee.

The Squishee was so good.

– Oh, you did have the Squishee.

– Oh, but food.



– Oh, the other sour thing? – Those tacos were really good.

– Yeah, I'm glad we tried the tacos.

– You cannot be on a Simpsons episode, and not eat a donut.

– The rib thing, that was pretty good.

– That looked amazing.

– It was good.

– Ugh.

– It was good.

– The ribwich, for sure.

Like that was.



– No, the Cletus sandwich was.



– I don't know, as much as I love chicken sandwiches, that ribwich was definitely amazing.

– Springfield rocks, man! I need to hang out in Springfield.

I gotta mosey on overto Moe's after the shoot, and see what happens.

– Thanks to Universal Studiosfor inviting us to Springfield.

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– (both) Bye! – Hey fam, React Producer Mary here.

Thanks so much for watching usTry Not To Eat Simpsons foods here at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Be sure to tweet @FBEand at @UniStudios to let us know which foodsyou liked the most.

Bye guys!.

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