Try Guys 300 Sushi pc. Mukbang ft. The Food Babies

– Keith, I could definitely polish off your plate entirely if you want.

– No.

This is for me to deal with.

(YB laughing) I'm the Food Daddy.

(upbeat music) (ding) – Hey guys, it's YB.

– And Alex.

And welcome to another episode of, – [Together] The Food Babies! (ding) – Today, we're joined bytwo Try Guys, Kieth and Ned.

– We are, – [Both] The Food Daddies! (YB and Alex laughing) (classical music) – My name is Sandy.

I'm the assistant generalmanager at Katsuya in Glendale.

Katsuya got started 13 years ago with our first location in Brentwood.

We also have locations in six countries.

We basically wanted to make a brand out of Chef's really populardishes, Chef Katsuya.

And that's led us to themenu that we have today which is a big fusion and acelebration of Japanese cuisine with some modern techniques, bringing everything kind of together.

– So how will today work Food Babies? – So like always, we'regonna have two rounds.

The first round is speed roundwhere we each eat 25 sushi.

– [Alex] As fast as we can.

And then the second round isgonna be the endurance round.

We'll split this up into two parts.

Two rounds of 25 pieces of sushi.

– 300 total? – Yep.

– 300 total.

75 pieces per person.

– Now Kieth, what's thespeed record for sushi? – Well the world record fornigiri, which is fish on rice, is 71 pieces in six minutes.

(somber music) So I think we should try to get through our 25 within six minutes.

– Another part of this challenge that we're gonna add for you guys, is we're gonna throw in some cocktails from our new beverage program.

We're gonna get you started with a watermelon cucumber mojito.

– Yum.

– Oh, yum! – Yum.

– Yum!(YB laughing) (classical music) – This is the best video ever! – This is so great.

– Oh my God.

This is beautiful.

– Wow.

– This is gorgeous.

– [Chef] The first one wehave is toro, wasabi on top.

The second one we have tuna called maguro.

Salmon, yellowtail, unagi, fresh water eel, shrimp, octopus, halibut, albacore, red snapper, Spanish mackerel.

– Thank you very much.

– Thank you.

– Enjoy your challenge.

– That looks amazing.

(dramatic music) – All right.

– Are we ready? – Are we ready? – [Woman] Three, two, one.


(clock ticking) – So good.

– [Kieth] Yum, very good.

– So good.

(dramatic music) – Wow, 71 in six minutes.

How'd he do that? – So much rice, so much rice.

– My mouth is getting tired.

– The eel's really good.

– Yeah the eel was great.

– It was very dense 'cause the rice.

– What is your personalgoal to get through today? – If I can go over 50, I'll be very happy.

– My goal is also 50.

But my higher goal's to beat YB because I've never beat her before and I think today's the day.

– Good luck.

(laughs) – Okay, so the reason we're here is that I've beenchallenging the Food Babies to these impossible foodchallenges the last few times and they haven't quitesucceeded to my expectations.

So I thought maybe they're too hard.

I should join them.

My goal is all 75.

I need to prove thatthey are in fact possible even if they seem implausible.

– When we did the dumplings video, I ate a clean 69 dumplings.

So that's right where I'm aiming today.

Ooh, I'm flying by the yellowtail.

– You're kind of stressing me out.

(all humming) – This one's delicious.

– Wow you're fast.

– This is the greatest day of my life.

– Who's the fun Food Daddy, andwho's the strict Food Daddy? – I feel like todayI'm the fun Food Daddy.

You would think it wouldbe the other way around.

But I am in a mood right now.

I love sushi.

– I'm definitely the strictDaddy today because– – You're laying down the rules.

– I want my little FoodBabies to impress me with their gluttony.

– It's so soft.

(clock ticking) – It's so much better than nuggets.

– Oh yay, or tacos.

– Whoa, (ding) everyoneloves tacos (ding).

– I just made dinner plans with my wife.

Maybe I shouldn't have.

– It's hard to swallowdown a chunk of rice.

My throat hurts.

– I'm swallowing too fast.

I'm getting heart burn.

Okay, I'm getting through it baby.

– Oh wow.

– I'm trying to be veryminimal on the soy sauce (ding) because for my longevity, Ican't have that much sodium.

– I'll bloat up like a balloon.

– Oh my God, am I gonna beat YB? – What? No! I thought I was eating fast.

My throat's small.

(Ned and Alex laughing) – That's okay.

I mean, I guess so.

I've never seen my throat.

– I feel like you'd have a huge throat.

– I probably have the biggest throat in this whole restaurant.

Oh I'm in toro town! – Oh my God! – That's why I'm a FoodDaddy! (ding) (laughs) – Oh, I'm not gonna lie, that little laughing break slowed me down.

– Salmon are so big.

– All the rice is so big.

(Ned groaning) – Done.

(bell ringing) – Oh man.

– [Woman] 5:15.

– 5.

15! Oh, a fresh mojito to seal the deal.

(groans) I definitelyfeel it all in my belly.

I feel like I did just eat a ton of food.

– Well you know what theysay, if you're not first, you're last.

So I might aswell just really enjoy (ding) these last couple of bites.

– You can't slow down, you'll get full.

– Strange things are happening to my body.

We have an endurance round after this? (YB laughing)- Yeah.

Speed, then endurance.

– I've already maxed out my speed.

I was ahead and now I'm fallingslower and slower behind.

– You got this YB.

Really crush Alexandria, crush Ned! Be the superior Baby.

(sighs) You are my favorite Baby!(YB laughing) (Alex sighing) – Oh no you beat me! No.

– Done!(bell ringing) – Yeah, YB! Woo! Sip that mojito in victory! If you want, I won't pressyou to drink as your boss.

– My stomach's shiftedinto the endurance round a little bit too early.

– I think I'm right there too.

Oh wait I just have to beat you! – You can do this Alex.

(ding) Be the Baby that beats the Daddy! – Yeah! (claps)- Yeah! – I'll dip it in water.

– No, no, it's not a hot dog competition.

– Oh no, please! – Joey chestnut, (ding) no! – No.

– No! – This is making me (mumbles).

– [Keith] Oh, who can swallow fast? (YB and Keith talking over each other) – Oh!(bell ringing) – Oh yay! – 9.

34, pretty good.

– Not bad.

Not bad.

Well, that was delicious.

I was worried, goingthrough the speed round, I wouldn't taste eachfish individually enough.

But I feel like I got agood vibe of this one.

I know what were myfavorites were on the plate.

Definitely a big fan of the toro.

Ned, how are you doing? – He's still chewing.

(laughs) – Done.

Sweet, got it under that ten.

I don't know what happened to me.

I was just going so fast, and then like I hit a wall.

– Oh, I feel a little crazy.

(Alex and YB laughing) Since the speed round is over, it means it's time to moveinto the endurance round.

And the endurance is different, because it is 25 pieces, but instead of this delicious variety, I decided to make it tougher, to make it more endurance.

It is only going to beone fish each round.

So one round will be salmon, and one round will be tuna.

I don't know.

I'm starting to doubt.

I think I can get to 50.

– I think you can do 75.

I think you are gonnamake it five more pieces.

(Alex and YB laughing) – I barely made it to 25.

Okay, guys.

– To the speed round.

– To the speed round! – Cheers.

– To the speed round.

We're all feeling great.

(dramatic music) – All right, guys.

Along with your tuna round, we have this Sakai spritz.

It's a gin and lemongrass sojucocktail with plum bitters.

– Oh my God! (laughs) – That's beautiful though.

– Oh, wow.

– Wow.

– [Keith] What a beautiful array of red.

– [YB] It looks like candy.

– It does look like candy.

25 more pieces so we canmove on to the next 25.

– It is 25 pieces of all tuna.

– [Keith] All tuna.

– [Together] Three, two, one! – Go.

– Oh, yeah! (ding) – Tuna's gotta be myfavorite type of sushi.

I will say that I'mgonna drastically reduce my projection from myself.

69 is definitely not realistic.

Maybe I can hit 32, 'causethat's how old I am.

Do think wasabi helps you get stronger? – Yes.

– So I am gonna have abig old handful of wasabi to see if that gives me some extra energy.

– Oh, wow bro.

– No, no, no, no.

– This much is good?- Oh my God.

– That's so small.

– No? Dip it in water – Oh no! – [Keith] Ned loves bad ideas.

(intense rock music) – Oh, I can feel my noise burning.

Are you okay? Are you gonna make it? – How you doing bro? – Oh my God.

Oh! I did it.

Oh God!- Good job, Ned.

– Do you think you are invigorated now? – No.

The wasabi was a bad choice.

– Okay, I am halfway through this round.

– Wow.

(ding) – I don't know if I can keep going.

– How many did you have? – Two.

(all laughing) – You can do it.

Look, Keith is almost done.

Look, Keith is almost done.

– I'm not winning.

How?(ding) (Ned groaning)(Alex laughing) How Keith? – I don't know, man.

– Are you full? – A little bit.

– I feel like this fish is cutthicker than the last round.

– I think it just feels thicker.

But what do I know? I have a big old throat.

– Everything feels thick.

– I'm really full.

– I just don't like the sametaste over and over again.

– Endurance.

That's what endurance is about, baby.

– Maybe I shouldn't have eatenthat omelet this morning.

– You had an omelet?- You had an omelet? – Yeah, with toast.

– I'm gonna stretch, try to work some of down into the tubes.

– (sighs) Oh my God.

– Oh, your voice is gettinglower.

(Alex and YB laughing) (Ned groaning) (Alex sighing) – I only got four more until 58 pieces.

– Guys, I need to tap out.

I need help from a specialist.

– Can you eat one more piece? – For you, Alexandria, of course not.

(laughs) – (mumbles) – Oh, Keith is losing it.

– This is for Alexandria.

– You have to do a sigh like Alex does.

(Ned screaming) – That's what she does.

(screams) The fire ring.

I love the ring of fire.

– You gotta get the demons out.

– I ate seven.

– Yeah! (cheers) – Accomplished my new goals.

You know what they say, setsmall goals, make small goals.

– I feel like my eyes are getting droopy.

They're not fully open anymore.

– I feel like my stomach's full enough, so the extra sushi ispiling up on top of it, right here, right now.

– A sushi stack.

A poke stack.

– Yeah.

– This, number 50.

I'm in 50 club.

(bell ringing) Thank you, YB.

Well, I'm pretty full.

I don't know about you, butI ate 50 pieces of nigiris.

Okay, here's the deal.

There's too much sushi on this table that if it doesn't get eatenat all, it will go bad.

We don't wanna waste food.

So now, we are gonnainvite the garbage guys, the leftover ladies.

– [Both] The dumpster dudes.

– Of tomorrow.

The dumpster dudes.

All right, here's a quickmontage of the other guys eating.

– What's up you guys? I'm YB – I'm Alex.

– And you're watching the Food Babies.

(Alex laughing) (classical music) (YB clapping) – All right.

The clean up crew.

– Thank you, Dumpster Dudes.

– The Cleanup Crew! – Cleanup Crew.

– Now the Cleanup Crew.

Get back here, Alex.

Stop putting on makeup! – I can't, I'm so greasy.

– Now that the Cleanup Crew has come and cleaned up the rest of these sushi's, we're finally caught up to the 200 we should've eaten at this point.

– The second wind, bitches.

Let's do this.

– We're now into thefinal endurance round.

100 more pieces– – Yeah! (cheers) – Someone call my name? – [Keith] Eugene! – Eugene, you're here! Just in time.

Eugene is my second wind.

I will tag out and let you do it for me.

– Try guy tag time! – Second wind! – Now we're gonna have onemore round of 100 pieces.

25 more pieces a piece.

(Alex and YB cheering) (intense music) – Oh wow.

– Another 25.

– Thank you.

– And with your salmon round, guys, you are gonna have Burning Mandarin.

It is a spicy and sweet Cosmo.

– Ooh!- Thank you.

– [Alex] Thank you.

– Cheers to Eugene.

– To Asians.

– To Asians.

– To Asians.

– Am I your relief pitcher? – Yes.

– Yeah.

– Nice.

– Ooh.

– That's delicious.

– Ooh, it's spicy, and it's good.

– That's really good.

– How have you done so far?- So, I am doing well.

I am a Food Daddy.

– Yes, and Food Daddy, how have you done? – I've eaten every single piece I should've eaten atthis point, which is 50.

And my little Food Baby right here is in second place with 35.

Our Food Baby number twoisn't far behind with 34, and Ned sadly left us at 32.

– What happened to the rest of the sushi? – Well the Cleanup Crew camein and they all cleaned up.

– Are you ready, guys? – Yeah.

– Yeah.

– [Eugene] All right, three, two, one.

– Three, two, one.

– The first bite's always good.

It's like yay, yum.

– I guess salmon's my favorite.

– I think Spanish mackerel'sstill my favorite.

I love it.

– I am a big yellow tail boy.

– It is very pretty.

– They're big pieces of salmon.

– It's a nice finger.

– Assessing by other people in pain, usually I am one in pain with you.

– Yeah.

– Eugene's so fast.

– I also eat very fast.

I am a speed eater.

– He's got a fresh belly.

Eugene, how big wouldyou say your throat is? It's a common question of today.

– Average-sized, but the way I eat is I can swallow thingswithout chewing very much.

– Oh, so you like have a snake throat.

– Like a snake throat, yeah.

I just crush it in here.

– This drink is really good.

– I'm just gonna enjoy my drinkuntil I'm not full anymore.

– Wait, what? – How are you feeling, Keith? – I'm okay.

try eating ginger everyso often, because– – Ginger really helps.

– It freshens me up.

(Alex sighing) – How are you doing on the suush? – I'm here now.

– Oh my God.

– You are crushing it.

– I have four pieces left.

– I am only here for this plate.

– No, you're not.

– Yeah, 'cause you guysare the Food Babies.

I wanna see you eat it.

(Keith burping) (YB laughing) – No, no, no, our signaturemove is we can't finish it.

We eat it later.

– No, your signature move isyou put it in your backpack and eat it at music festivals later.

– Oh, we can take itto Vegas this weekend! – It's gonna be so bad.

– This is her signature move.

– I wanna get to 50.

(laughs) – This rice keeps storingitself in my mouth and when I exhale, therice just came out of me.

– For the winter.

(bell ringing) – Yay, Eugene.

– Yay.

– Yay.

– I'm gonna try to get to 50.

– I think that's the right attitude.

I am gonna try to get to 69.

– I will eat as much as YB, so I am hoping she stops before 50.

– She wanted to beat YB.

That was what she said.

– We've beaten Ned.

That's all that matters.

– Ned full on sucks.

(Alex and YB laughing) He sucked.

He brought shame to the name Food Daddy.

(Alex sighing) – [Eugene] I think therice makes it harder.

– It does.

So much rice.

– But then salmon's also fattier, so salmon will fill you up with richness.

– Well, disparity.

– Oh my God.

– You can do this YB.

We are all rooting for you.

(Alex sighing) – I like to watch people prove themselves.

No help from me.

Until you prove yourself, you do good.

– Hey, everybody! – Hey.

– Ohh! – How's it going? – Oh, yeah.

– [Alex] You brought it? – Party girls.

– This is exciting.

I love sushi.

Keith, I could definitelypolish off your plate entirely if you want.

– No, this is for me to deal with.

I am the Food Daddy.

– I ate a full lunch.

I was not invited to this shoot.

It wasn't part of my day.

All the other Try Guyswere invited except for me.

I was kinda texted as alast minute Hail Mary.

So, here I am.

– No, it was really asurprise party for Zach.

– It was a surprise party? – [Woman] Zach, what kindof Food Daddy are you? – I'm sorry? – What kind of Food Daddy are you? – What's been going on over here? – What's hard about the question? What kind of Food Daddy are you? – And then you have to say howbig you think your throat is.

– Then tell us your throat girth.

– I'm baby Food Daddy.

– Baby Food Daddy.

– Food Baby Daddy.

– Okay.

– You should get Thomas to sponsor this.

– I know.

– [Keith] I've been trying.

(YB screaming) – Don't get it all over YB's pretty dress.

– I know.

I dressed up like a sushi.

Oh my God.

– I could guess I gotta get six more.


– You gotta get seven more.

– I don't think anyone'sgot a single piece of sushi since I got here.

– I had one.

– What's going on guys?- Here's where I am at.

I'm at 63 pieces of sushi.

I am trying to get to at least 69.

That's my bottom goal.

YB? (YB laughing) – All right, Keith.

Right now I'm at 43.

My goal is to get at 50.

I don't know how possiblethat is, but I am gonna try.

– You can do it YB.

I believe in you.

– Thanks, Eugene.

– Thanks YB.

Over here in the studio, I'm at eight pieces.

My goal is maybe like 12.

– Okay, so I've had about 39.

I think I'm gonna have one more.

– I've had 25.

Until they've reached their goals, I won't touch another piece of sushi, but I will finish the restas the Food Lord and Savior.

– You are such a Asian Food Daddy.

– Why did you think you invited me here? I want to see you get to the 50, YB.

Ya! No A-, I wanna see that A, girl.

– A- is an F.

– 10 pieces of sushi.


– [Eugene] Wait Alex, does thatmean you just need one more to hit your goal? – [Alex] Yeah, 'cause I'm at 39.

– Do you wanna hit that now, and just like seal the deal? – No, I don't feel good.

I do like to admit it.

– Alex! Alex! Alex! Alex! Yeah! – I'm done.

(bell ringing)- 40.

– 40 for Alex.

– How about for everysushi you eat, Keith, I'll eat one as well.

– Me too.

Me too, let's do it together.

– Yes, we can do this, guys.

– Companionship is the greatest ship.

It never sinks.

It's a sinking ship.

(YB and Keith laughing) On friendship.

– Ready?(bell dinging) All right.

Are youready for your next one? – No.

I'm still chewing thesecond half of (mumbles).

– I'm chewing (mumbles).

– Chewing is hard right? – Oh my stomach is so full.

It's like rubber band being stretched as far as a rubber band can be stretched.

– All right, guys.

We're ready to eat some sushi.

Are you ready Keith and YB? Put that sushi in your mouth.

In three, two, one.

Go! Yeah! – How you feeling, YB? – Not great.

I think I need more water – Can we have some more water? – Can we have some more water, please? – Can we have some more water? We gotta give the fishwater so they keep swimming.

– The water tastes so good.

– This is a classic exampleof too much of a good thing might not be so good.

– This is the final challenge.

Keith with three.

YB with four.

And Eugene with 20, and Zachand Alexandria are also here to cheer us on and give us moral strength.

– And all I ask is they finish theirs by the time I finish mine.

– Get ready! Get set.

Slo-mo sushi.

(classic music) – You don't know the secondpart of that song, do you? – I don't.

(singing classic music) – Do you wanna do dedicationsfor your last ones? – Sure, you go first, Keith.

– I dedicate my final piece, piece number 69 to YB, my favorite Food Baby.

She is so accomplished in her eating.

She ate 50 pieces of fish.

How incredible.

(YB and Zach laughing) (bell ringing) – I'll dedicate mine to Alexandria, my equally favorite Food Baby.

To you.

(electricity sparking)My rice fell off.

– My 50th last sushi I willdedicate back to Keith.

He finished 69 sushi which is awesome.

– Wow! (bell ringing) – There's a division in the family.

What a cliffhanger for the next episode.

– Daddy daughter dance.

(all cheering) – Will the Food Babies ever be the same? (Alex sighing) – I dedicate ours to the Cleanup Crew, because they really steppedin and did a great job and helped us out and I hope they enjoyedthemselves in the process.

– Finally I dedicate mysushi as Food Lord and Savior to Katsuya and the art of sushi and the beautiful nation of Japan.

To sushi.

– [Zach] To sushi.

– To sushi.

– And to Katsuya.

– God bless us.

Well Food Babies, we did it.

– We did it.

– And my participationtoday proved to me that, yes, sometimes I doset the goals too high.

But without big goals, you don't get big results.

– And Ned, I hope you are okay.

– Wherever you are.

– What do you guys wanna see us eat next? Let us know in the comments below.

– And how many? – Why does it alwayshave to be food, though? You know? – They are the Food Babies.

They're not the Craft Kids.

– How many spanks can you take? – What? – I'm not saying (mumbles).

– From like a professionaldominatrix, when you– – Eugene, you are a boss.

– Damn right I am a boss.

– No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

(ding) (upbeat music) – Oh, hey.

Didn't see you there.


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