The Tonight Show: At Home Edition (Alec Baldwin, 5 Seconds of Summer)

-No, you hang up.

[ Giggles ]No, you — you hang up.

All right.

On the count ofthree, we'll both hang up.

Ready? One, two, three.

You didn't hang up![ Giggles ] Okay.

All right.

Bye, Dr.


Hi, everyone.

Welcome to “The Tonight Showat Home Edition.

” Of course, I'm coming to youfrom my house, and I wanted to say thank you for watching the showon NBC or on YouTube, and I'm sending outall my thoughts and prayers to everyone in New York City, my hometown.

They're going throughsome rough times right there.

So I'm thinking about you guysright now.

Our guest is a New Yorker.

He's in Long Island, actually.

Alec Baldwin.

Great, great, great actorand friend of mine.

So, he's going to beon the show, and his charitythat he's talking about is EastHamptonFoodPantry.


And it's pretty coolthat he's doing this, reminding everyone to supportyour local food pantry.

You might not even knowif you have a local food pantry.

So, you can Google.



“local food pantry near me, ” and it will probably come up, and you can supportin any way you want.

Either bring probablycanned foods, or they would probablylove money.

You know, I know forEast Hampton Food Pantry, $25 can feed a child for a week.

That's pretty amazing.

So, thank you, Alec, for being on the show.

Also, from5 Seconds of Summer, Luke Hemmings is going to beon the show tonight doing their new songcalled “Old Me” from their new albumcalled “Calm” that comes out tomorrow.

But I love those guys every timethey come on the show.

I appreciate that they're doingan at-home performance.

It's gonna be pretty cool.

It's gonna be a fun, fun show.

Guys, what is yourfavorite food? Frannie, what do you like to eat? Popcorn? Winnie, what do you like to eat? -Popcorn and any ice cream.


Popcorn and ice cream.

-No! -Wha—[ Babbling ] Unicorn pop– Unicorn popsicles.

-Unicorn popsicles.



Oh, Winnie, that's beautiful.

Winnie's been drawing all thesegreat drawings for the show.

What is that?-[ Babbles ] -Who you draw– Who is that? Me?-No.


-You drew you?Let me see if it looks like you.

Pretty good.

I'd say that's Frannie.

That's beautiful.

I love it.

Uh, okay, guys.

I'd like to domaybe a monologue right now.

Hey, if you guys like the joke, okay, give a thumbs up.


-And if you don't like it, go.



Pbht! [ Laughter ]-Pbht! -Yeah, but you couldalso do this, too.

Remember? Thumbs up.

-What if you don't like it?That means you do this.

-Oh, you can –Sure, you can do that, too.

You can do that.

-Or you could do pbht! -Okay, yeah.


Just keepthe popcorn in your mouth.



All right.

Here we go.

Ready?Welcome to “The Tonight Show.

” Bud, you're reallycrunching that.

Smackin' behind me.

Welcome to “The Tonight Showat Home Edition.

” Well, guys, I got to be honest, the boredom of isolation's really starting to set in.

Today, I started a master classfrom Ken Burns' hairstylist.

-Pbht! -Pbht! -Maybe google Ken burns.

I don't know.

Seriously, I'm bored out of my mind.

Last night, I binge-watchedten hours of my doorbell camera.

-Pbht!-Pbht! [ Laughter ] -Honey, look, a leaf.


Um, I think my family's gettinga little tired of me, too.

This morning they said, “We knowit's dangerous out there, Dad, but why don't youjust give it a shot?” -Pbht!-Pbht! [ Girls laughing ] -These are crazy times.

Video chattingwith everyone you know is getting a little weird.

It's one thing to know whatsomeone else's house looks like.

It's another to know whatit looks like up their nose.

-Pbht!-Pbht! [ Girls laughing ] -I feel likeeveryone's dentist.

Uh, listen to this.

I read that the languagelearning program Rosetta Stone is offeringa free three-day trial, and everyone who signed upis like, “Okay, great.

I have three daysto learn French.

” -Pbht!-Pbht! -What? [ Girls laughing ] -That's — [ Laughs ] That was okay.

You were laughing after.

Oh, this one's good.

I saw that some peopleare actually still flying during this pandemic.

Instead of zones and groups, passengers are now separatedby idiots and morons.

-Pbht!-Pbht! -We'd now like to welcome ourpremier-plus morons to board.




-Pbht! -I didn't tell the joke yet.

I didn't tell the joke yet.

I read that Nancy Pelositurned 80 years old today.

-Pbht!-No, I didn't finish the j– That's the setup.

There was a really sweet moment when every member of Congresssang her “Happy Birthday.

” -Pbht!-Unfortunately, it turned out — Unfortunately, it turned out they were alljust washing their hands.

[ Laughs ]-Pbht! -Oh, get a sense of humorback there.


And finally –Did I get a thumbs down? -No.

-Not yet.

All right.

That's not that bad then.

I feel pretty good.

-Pbht! It's better.

Better! -And, finally, this is crazy.

A guy who was self-isolating actually sent his Chihuahuato the store with money to buy Cheetos for him, and it worked.

Yeah, it doesn'tsound like real life.

That sounds like a plotto a Seth Rogen movie.

-Pbht!-Pbht! -There you go.

That's themonologue for tonight, then.

Uh, thank you very much.

-We did it to every one!-I know you did.

Okay, guys, now it is time for.




Hashtags!-Pbht! -Frannie, where –What are you doing? Are you coming out?-Hashtags? What are hashtags? -What are hashtags?They're sweeping the nation.

They're a comedy thingthat we do on our show where we tell everyone at homewhat the subject is and they hashtag, and they.



They — They, um, write what they think is funny, and they send it out, and it was actually — This was trending worldwide.

Watch your head.

-Can I hold this?-Um.



-I want to hold —You gonna go out, too? [ Speaking indistinctly ] -Hold it steady.

-We're really working on that.

[ Laughter ] Yep.

[ Laughs ]-Okay.

-All right, guys, this is Hashtags.

I want to thank Frannieand Winnie for being here and their mom for beingour camera operator.

Thank you so much.

Frannie? I know.

Thank you very much.




-[ Laughs ] -No, no, no.

Absolutely not.

No, no.

Thank you, though.

-[ Laughs ]-I love your shoes.

Oh, my goodness.

They're nice shoes.

Did you pick those out? -Yeah, they're toys.

-They're toys.


All right.

Let me do this, okay?I'm going to do this.

-I'm going to go upstairs.




-I'll play piano.


Here we go.

You're gonna play piano.


[ Clears throat ] [ Feet stomping up stairs ] Okay.

[ Feet stomping ]-It's already at seven! [ Feet stomping ]-Wow.

[ Stomping stops ] All right.

So, this hash–[ Stomping ] This hashtag was called#IKnewIHadCabinFeverWhen.

Okay? And it wastrending worldwide.

So thank you forplaying along and doing this.

This is pretty cool.

My example was, “#IKnewIHadCabinFeverWhen.



I whisperedto my hand sanitizer, 'You're like a son to me.

'” [ Drum set and cymbalsbanging in distance ] Fran– Frannie?! Francie? [ Drum set and cymbalsbanging in distance ] Hold on one sec.

So, thank you for sendingthese hashtags in.

Let's look at someof our favorite examples.

First one is from @maribeth1959.

She said, “#IKnewIHadCabinFeverWhen.



I started labeling my pajamas9 a.


PJs and 9 p.



” [ Laughs ] Thank you, Mari Beth.

This one's from @Ashley87101540.

Very easy to remember.

-[ Laughs ] -“#IKnewIHadCabinFeverWhen.



I got so bored, I putthe Christmas tree back up.

” [ Laughs ] We should do that maybe.

This one's from at @dhygiene21.

It said, “When I arrangedmy daughter's stuffed animals in order of who I would liketo be friends with first.

” [ Laughs ] Do you have any favorites?-Mm-hmm.

-You have a couple offavorites stuffies, right? -Yeah, sure.

-What's the octopus? -Oh.




That's it.

This is from @MichaelDWhennen.

He said, #IKnewIHadCabinFeverWhen.



after the first weekof home schooling — one kid suspended, one expelled, and one teacher firedfor drinking on the job.

” [ Laughs ] This one's from@Massara03076701.




I spent an hour learning how to makeshadow puppets twerk.

” [ Laughs ] That's.



This one's from @MarySivils.




I started to braidcooked pasta.

” Ooh, I might do that later.

That's a good idea.

This one's from @DaSkrambledEgg.

Said, “#IKnewIHadCabinFeverWhen.



I was trying to figure out whichtrash-bag scent I liked better.

” Well, yeah.




[ Laughs ] That's cabin fever there.

Yeah, yeah.

This one's from @abbey-rhoade.

It's spelled “rhoade” like that.

“I was checking on math homeworkand asked my daughter how she only got3 out of 25 right.

'Mom, that's the date.

” [ Laughs ] Oops.

This one's from @toriloomis9.




I started a bar crawl by putting beersin every room of the house.

” Yeah, that's pretty creativeright there.

This one's from @jgoldddd.




I started cleaning my broom.

” [ Laughs ] That's so Danny Tanner.

Uh, this is from@steven-cracker.




I started countingmy dog's 'breaths per blink.

'” Wow.

That really is.

And our final one hereis from Stephen P.




I finished Netflix.

” That's it, everybody.

That's our Hashtags.

Thank you so much.

When we come back, more of”Tonight Show at Home, ” and we'll be talkingwith Alec Baldwin.

Come on back.

♪♪ -Ha!-Oh, my God.

[ Laughter ]Oh, my God.

Let's do a dueling diabolicalcomic book villain laugh.

I'll go first.

Ready?[ Laughs evilly ] -[ Laughs evilly ] -Wait a second.

Carmen, you go.


-So, it's, like this.

-Do it.

Ready?-More important, I feel something in my pocket.

-What is it? -What is it? -[ Screaming ] [ Laughter ] -That tells you everythingthat's going on here.

Wait, say hello.


-Hi, Hilaria.

Hi, Carmen.

I miss you.

So you scared mewith that spider.

-He had his plans.

-You got me so good.

You scared me.

How you doing, buddy?You look great.

-She comes readywith all her props.

Well, we are hereas I know you are.

And it's going great, Jimmy.

It's going great.

I mean, what can be betterthan this, you know? Cooking every night, we're cleaning the kitchen.

We're doing laundry.

We're watching the kids.

-[ Laughs ] -Put them to bed at night.

And just beingwith the kids all day.

Every minute of every day.

-All day long, yeah.

-We're not working.

I don't have a job.

Nothing is going on.

But the birds are singing.


-And the kids are just great.

It's just great.

-Oh, my — He's cracking.

He's cracking.

-We are having a good timebecause we have really, you know, weather permittingand everything as you know out here is weather permitting.

'Cause the few things there areto do out here, there's not much.

They're closed.


-Everything's closed.

So we are going out, weather permitting, beach walks and this and that, and just keeping busy, and keeping moving.

A lot of reading and a lot of, you know, school workfor them is coming up.

They're going to start homeschooling on Wednesday.

-Yeah, I mean, how many Zoom meetings have you been insince the quarantine? -I've had a couple.

I've had a couple.

I said to my friend, I said, “We missed the boaton that Zoom stock.

” -I never heardof that two weeks ago.

-My wife is –Are you working from here? What are you doing?Are you working? -I am working from –well, we're trying.

We're all trying to changeeverything and figure out this new way of work.

-Are you Zooming, too?-I'm Zooming.

-Excuse me.

Where's Winnie? -Winnie is not here.

Winnie is not here right now.

Both of the kids have —I'm out now.


-I locked themin the basement.

And I told themit's an escape room.

[ Laughter ]-What about you? How you doing?-I'm doing great.

I mean, Nancy is directingthis show.

And so she has to listento all my jokes all night.

I might have gotten one laughfrom Nancy.


We know that's why we love Nancy 'cause she got the Jimmy vaccinea long time ago.

She's immune.

You know what I mean? She just doesn't –She doesn't — -We think you guys are funny.

We think you guys are funny.

It's just we have learnedto laugh on the inside.

-[ Laughs ]-All the time, we just see it.

-That's what it is? -We're constantly thinkingthat you're — It's amusing.

It's amusing.

-Oh, are you watchingany movies or anything? -Yeah, you know, I started watching — What did I watch? I watched —We were watching “The Crown.

” -I had watched “The Crown”awhile ago.

Went crazy for “The Crown.

” Binged all three seasonsof “The Crown.

” And there's just –from the design level — like in the movies and in TVyou rarely see things that are that beautiful, the sets and everything else.

And what's the other thingI just finished watching? What was I watchingjust the other one? -I don't know.

I'm always sleeping.

-The one whereJason Bateman — Not “Ozark, “but the one he produced.

-Oh, yeah, the Stephen King one, HBO.

-Yes, yes, yes.

“The Outsider.

” -“Outsider.

“-So I watched “The Outsider.

” -But how great is Bateman?-Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

It was so disturbing.

Yeah, so disturbing.

-Well, I only sawthe first one.

He was fantastic.

I got to see more of it.

-I love “Ozark.

” I can't wait for thatto come back.

I'm waiting for Hader'sshow to come back.

-Oh, yeah, you got to watch that.

-Dying for “Barry”to come back.

I mean, there's showsI've watched not a lot.

-Have you seen “Curb”this year? -I watched a little bitof that, yeah.

I watched a little bitof that, yeah.

-The first episode is — might be the most brilliantthing he's ever done.

-Is it really?-Oh, you go to — -I just saw one where he –where he's — is that the one wherehe's arguing with Mocha Joe about the wobbly table? -Yeah, yeah, I think so.

Where Jeff looks likeHarvey Weinstein.


Poor Jeff.

Poor Jeff.

I saw — I watched”Curb Your Enthusiasm, ” but I said what'sHarvey Weinstein doing on the show? He's supposed to bein jail with coronavirus.

-Oh, my gosh.

-I feel something elsein my pocket.


-That can conjure upwhatever I — -Okay.

-A famous deck of cards.

-Oh, my God.

-We've been playinga lot of cards.

-We've been playinga lot of cards, Jimmy.

-Very into War.

-Carmen, there's lot of thingsin your pocket.

This is fantastic.

-Yeah, it's likeMary Poppins — you know what I mean?She's, like, got all the stuff.

-Everything in the pocketcomes out.

-Yeah, the laughis coming out, yeah.

She got a rhino in there.

What else you got?She play the playing cards.

-It even has cards inside.


-Hey, fantastic.

You know whatwe have been doing — -We have a deck of cards.

-“Chutes and Ladders.

” Are you playing that a lot? -We've been playing “Memory.


” And “Candyland.

“-We're playing “Candyland.

” -Oh, “Candyland, ” too, same thing.

-Yeah, come on, Jimmy.

Come on, man.

I mean, get with it.

-Here's what I started doing.

I started playingthe game backwards.

So, like, “Candyland”starts at the end.

And you've got to make itall the way to the beginning.

“Chutes and Ladders, ” I'mplaying “Ladders and Chutes.

” So, now the chutes are fun.

Now you want to get on a slide.

'Cause you wantto make your way — I mean, we're runningout of ideas.

-And I am prediabetic, so I wantto go backwards on “Candyland.

” -[ Laughs ]-Go back.

Less candy.

Now, who is the person you havespoken to in this tableau here who you think is the most, like, at their wits endand they're cracking up? Who is going over the deep end? -Oh, gosh, you mean besides me? I mean, everyone is kind of beendealing okay.

I mean, I'm talkingto Tina tomorrow.

So we'll see what she's doing.

She's going to be —I can't imagine.

-Yeah, she's going to be –She told me she's doing a lot of Zoomingwith Amy's kids and Maya's kidsand Dratch's kids.

And they're doing, like, improv and stuff.

So I want to talk to herabout that stuff.

-They're writing scripts.

-I can feel, like, you know, when you do go for — I walk the dogand stuff like that.

And you can feel, like, people are just, you know, taking this very seriously, which is good.

But it's, like, it's –I think this is day 14 that I have been quarantined.

How about you?How long have you been? -Today is 14.

Today is two weeks.

We came out Thursday the –whatever that was.

-Yeah, that's what I did, too.

-Thursday the whatever.

That's what it feels like now.

-Yeah, I don't even knowwhat day it is now.

-Yeah, the 12th.

14 days ago today.

Yeah, you know that Tinais going to come out the other endof the quarantine with, like, another hitBroadway musical idea.

Like, everyone's — -I was talking to Lin-Manueland I go — He goes, “Everyone keepssaying to me like, 'Dude, you haveso much time to write.

You have so much timeto write.

'” He goes, “No, I don't.

I'm actually teaching mathto my kids now.

I'm like a tutor.

Like, I'm not a teacher.

I don't know what I'm doing.

Like, my day is packed.

” -I've had some good laughson the show.

They show these things online, like, the pictures, like, “family under normalcircumstances.

” They were all on the couch, watching iPad.

It says “familyduring the quarantine.

” They're all at the parkflying kites and riding — -That's crazy, right?It's like — -My niece hadmy favorite one of all.

She writes, “January 1, 2020, isgoing to be my year.

” And then she writes, “March 16th, wiping my butt with a coffee filter.

“-[ Laughs ] Boy, do things change.

Boy, does life changequickly, huh? -Yeah, exactly.

-Well, I know you'rea Long Island boy.

And we always talk about LongIsland when you're out here.

But your charity that you'regoing to work with that I think is great, iseasthamptonfoodpantry.


-Is that moreof Nancy's chyron? -Nancy's not drawing.

That's the kids.

-Nancy's doing the graphics too.

Winnie's doing the graphics.

Graphics by Winnie.

-Yeah, Winnie did this one.




You're always doing stufflocally.

Why East Hampton Food Pantry? -Well, you know, as you wellknow when you're out here that lot of people — Wait, we haveanother contestant here.

Say hi to Jimmy Fallon.

-Oh, my gosh, you'regetting big, my friend.

You are big, buddy.

How old are you?-There he is.

My God, look at him.

-He's a stud.

He's a stud.




of this household, let me tell you.

You and I both know that you throwthe word “Hampton” in there.

-Wait, tell them the pool.

-Okay, hold on.

Raf wants to take youon a tour of the house.

Anyway, you know you thatwhen throw the word “Hampton” out there, people think it'sa lot of well-to-do people.

It's a very kind of privileged, seasonal community.

But out here year-round, it's a working-class community.

And I've tried very hardover the years to do things for the year-round communitywith the libraries.

I don't want to get intoa long list of that.

But the food issueis hitting the wall here.

They've got more and moreapplicants that are going there for donationsfrom the food pantry.

So we thought –and thank you to you, and I mean that sincerely, and thank you to Nancy who wasvery kind in facilitating this, we wanted to do somethingfor the local charities.

'Cause, I mean, I've got so manycharities that we work with that are going to hit the wall in thenext, you know, couple months.

So we thought one thingwe don't want to do is forget the local people.

And also there's another charityI want to set up which iswhat happens to your neck when your son jumpson you like this.

-[ Laughs ] -Specific neck pain.

And I want to set upa GoFundMe for that.

You want to showthe spider to him? -No! Don't scare me!I'm scared of spiders! -Get Jimmy.

Oh, you're going to put iton my face? Oh, God.


-It's fun.

It's long days, isn't it, Alec? -Jimmy, you don't knowthe half of it, baby.

You got two.

You got two girls.

With girls, you hand thema certain kind of laundry list of items and they could go at itfor, like, hours.

You know what I mean?-Yeah, of course.

-But my sons — my sons, you know, every 30 minutes they just have an impulse tosmash somebody with something.

-This is me and my dad.

-That's a nice picture.

Let me see that.

-I'm going to cry 'cause that picture was takenon the streets of New York in frontof my favorite coffee shop that I haven't been toin a month.

-Oh, gosh.

-Two weeks.

-Two weeks.

-Okay, two weeks.

It feels like forever.

But you doing okay, buddy? You doing okay?-Everything is fantastic.

I can't complain at all.

-We're going to make it.

We're going to make it.

We're going to make it.

We're going to make it.

-Thanks to people like you.

-I bet you're going to goback to the studio 'cause you're meant to spendthe next 30 years of your life getting introducedby Steve Higgins every night.

-[ Laughs ]-You and Higgins, it can never end.

It can never end.

-It can never end.

I love hearing your voice.

I love seeing your face.

I love seeing your face.

Thank you for doing this.

-I love you.

I love your wife.

Tell her thank you.

And thank you so much, my friend.

-Bye, buddy.

-Hopefully we'll see you soon.



-Thank you.

Love you, bud.

-You too.

♪♪ -Hey, guys, welcome back to”Tonight Show: At Home Edition.

” I hope you're having fun.

We all needa little fun right now.

And I asked these two fun menthat I know to do something fun.

And they did.

They sent a video in.

They call themselvesTwo Fun Men.

And here they are.

Please enjoy Two Fun Men.

♪ It's quarantine timefor everyone ♪ ♪ You can't leave your home, but you can still have fun ♪ ♪ You can give your doga pair of shades ♪ ♪ Or make a beard and mustacheusing Band-Aids ♪ -♪ You can play guitar, but using a broom ♪ ♪ Or use a guitarto sweep your room ♪ -♪ Play basketball withyour trash and your toothpaste ♪ ♪ See if you can fitinside your suitcase ♪ -♪ You can put an onionin the bath ♪ ♪ Or hold one neara photo of Mark McGrath ♪ ♪ You can draw a really badpicture of a carrot ♪ -♪ If you own a bike helmet, you can wear it ♪ -♪ Make a scary ghostwith just one Kleenex ♪ -♪ Glue an old ladyonto one of your V-necks ♪ ♪ Put a pair of socks on, go for a slide ♪ -♪ Put a banana on a Roombaand give it a ride ♪ ♪ Room-ba-na-na, Room-ba-na-na ♪ ♪ 2, 2, 3 ♪ ♪♪ -♪ 1, 2, 3, and a 4 ♪ ♪ I taped a raisin to my door ♪ ♪ 4, 3, 2, 1 ♪ -♪ We're Two Fun Menand we like to quarantine ♪ -Guys, 5 Seconds of Summer, oneof my favorite groups — I love those guys.

They're always funwhen they come on the show.

Wanted to do anintimate performance from their home tonight.

Luke Hemmingsis going to sing “Old Me” from their new album “Calm, “which is out tomorrow.

Which might even be tonight.

It might be available now.

Anyways, enjoy.

-Hey, Jimmy.

It's Luke from5 Seconds of Summer.

Obviously, we can't bein your beautiful studio, but we're doing the bestwe can at home right now.

I hope everyone is stayingsafe out there.

Our new album, “Calm, “came out tonight, and this is a songoff it called “Old Me.

” I'm going to play a little bitof, it if that's okay.




-Please welcometonight's musical guest, 5 Seconds of Summer, ladies and gentlemen.

[ Cheers and applause ]-Thank you, Jimmy.

♪ Shout-out to the old meand everything he showed me ♪ ♪ Glad you didn't listenwhen the world was trying to slow me ♪ ♪ No one could control me, left my lovers lonely ♪ ♪ Had to.



it up beforeI really got to know ♪ ♪ Never a night alone ♪ ♪ Anywhere you wanna go ♪ ♪ Woke up in the morning wearingsomeone else's clothes ♪ ♪ Pictures in my phone ♪ ♪ With people I don't know ♪ ♪ Woke up in the morning, how the hell'd I make it home? ♪ ♪ And they wondered how longI could keep it up ♪ ♪ While I wondered if I'd ever, if I'd ever get enough ♪ ♪ And I did some.



I nevershould have done ♪ ♪ I would do it over now ♪ ♪ I'd do it over ♪ ♪ Shout-out to the old meand everything he showed me ♪ ♪ Glad you didn't listenwhen the world was trying to slow me ♪ ♪ No one could control me, left my lovers lonely ♪ ♪ Had to.



it up beforeI really got to know ♪ ♪ Hey, hey ♪ ♪ All the mistakes I made, I made, I made, I made ♪ ♪ Whatever the price I paid, I paid, I paid, I paid ♪ ♪ Shout-out to the old meand everything he showed me ♪ ♪ Had to.



it up beforeI let you get to know me ♪ ♪ Another round, here we go ♪ ♪ Going in blow for blow ♪ ♪ Look into the mirror, take the punches that I throw ♪ ♪ I'm constantly reminded ♪ ♪ Of all the compromises ♪ ♪ By the people from my past whohave a hard time letting go ♪ ♪ And they wondered how longI could keep it up ♪ ♪ While I wondered if I'd ever, if I'd ever get enough ♪ ♪ And I did some.



I nevershould have done ♪ ♪ I would do it over now ♪ ♪ I'd do it over ♪ ♪ Shout-out to the old meand everything he showed me ♪ ♪ Glad you didn't listenwhen the world was trying to slow me ♪ ♪ No one could control me, left my lovers lonely ♪ ♪ Had to.



it up beforeI really got to know me ♪ ♪ Hey, hey ♪ ♪ All the mistakes I made, I made, I made, I made ♪ ♪ Whatever the price I paid, I paid, I paid, I paid ♪ ♪ Shout-out to the old meand everything he showed me ♪ ♪ Had to.



it up beforeI let you get to know me ♪ ♪ Hey, hey ♪ Have a good night.

Thanks, Jimmy.


♪♪ -What do you pressto go shoot? How do you press to shoot? Oh.

-Thank you guysso much for watching.

I want to thank Alec Baldwin.

Please donate toeasthamptonfoodpantry.


And, uh.



[ Piano plays ] That's your good-night music.

And pleasedonate, donate, donate.

And it's really important.

And thank you so much.

We have anall-new show tomorrow.

Check us outand wash your hands.

Don't touch your face.

Be safe, everybody.

Franny, want to come downthe slide? -Yeah.

-Hold on.

Here we go.

One, two — Goodbye, everybody! [ Laughs ] -Now can we play video games?.

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