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can you see that okay you see my beautiful slate slate Test Kitchen talks intro video a take one lady where's this we'll take one do I have to like do the clap snap take one what do you want those in trying to be like you I'm gonna get

tuna we're gonna do a little and we're going to make some content sorry I'm having a fruit fly at you very real tuna just woke up from a nap so she's a little sleepy but here she is say hi toons you know things are a little different yeah

well you know underneath the quarantine I don't know if I can say the q''-word I'm saying the Q word is Delaney here coming from my childhood home in southern New Jersey right outside of Philadelphia that's a little weird none of my stuff is here so feel kind of

like at home but not at home at all I'm not in New York either I'm at my parents house in Dallas all right and we're all very excited to be sending this isolated time together I decided what better place to social distance from then in the middle of

the desert in Joshua Tree I was on a vacation out here when everything went haywire I am in sunny Mazatlan which is in the northwestern part of Mexico I've been driving around for the last six months working on my cookbook I've been out in Long Island for a

week now on I am very lucky to be in this lovely kitchen well here we are right this is my home kitchen in Brooklyn all kind of like eight feet of it this is my home kitchen I live on the Upper West Side I share it with my

fiancee and it's actually was his apartment and I moved in maybe it's not the most editorial looking kitchen like you're not gonna see it in the pages of Architectural Digest but it's a very functional kitchen and it works really well saying hello to you from my home kitchen

in Brooklyn this is the place in my house where I probably spend the most time I'm actually yeah Bobby's kitchen this is the most people who've ever been here welcome I got a nice little setup I'm comfortable with it I CAIR talk to a camera you know maybe

I'll give the camera a name now it's on a tripod it's just my cell phone maybe I'll call it Janet I know maybe Steve stiff Steve yeah he's a stiff Steve so how has this transition been for me I live upstate and I'm here most of the time

it kind of like only come down to the kitchen to shoot videos so it definitely feels like kind of Buzard having a tripod set up in my kitchen and talking to like the team through a zoom meeting yesterday I spent 12 hours organizing my whole kitchen and anticipation

of these videos so it's weird how much I miss everybody it's like when you see them again you realize how much you've missed seeing them every day the 3-band goes into the the first Michael where are you I mean Mexico well it's very bizarre with all these kind

of zoom meetings and you guys got other stuff going on I mean this is fun Illinois zoomed for two hours yesterday something I have started doing is whenever I'm in a zoom pick someone in the meeting who I think is going to break and I try to make

them laugh on camera the easiest person to do that with is Andy um I hate not seeing my friends my co-workers every day it's definitely very isolating Thursday hi hi Dorota skids part of why I'm really excited about shooting these videos is just to to reconnect with all

my friends and co-workers that I'm used to seeing more often and I don't get to see anymore I just think I feel like I'm uniquely suited to self isolate because I like to spend time alone at home but but I have missed the Test Kitchen crew so much

and in particular the crew for me makes so we have everyone right below my iPhone which I'm shooting on I have my laptop I have the whole crew here Ana Zoo meeting and it's so much fun the technology's fantastic we're gonna get through this what was the question

then what the fuck I feel like there's like a learning curve with working from home and it's it's going like this like I feel like I'm learning how to work who worked from home this is obviously new for us shooting at home but I'm kind of excited I

put on a fresh pair of clean sweat pants for everyone and I took a shower today earlier that I ever have in the last 10 days I was like noon I don't feel too stir-crazy yet I have a little little backyard kick a freaking soccer ball around or

something I got two kids just been like remembering to like get outside and like move my body around and stuff like that and put on pants and brush your teeth we are all still working whoever is cross testing at home has the ingredients so I have to put

orders normally I do a lot of recipe development and cross testing all out of the VA Test Kitchen I don't have multiple pie pans so I'm kind of just doing like one thing at a time so it's really slowing me down it's just different but I mean no

complaints we just have to kind of make it work my typical week would be a mix of days that I go into the BA Test Kitchen and then the other days of the week I had this really great life where I had the house to myself and I

was developing recipes for my next cookbook and now my husband's working from home Fred Fred he's on a call so I drink his coffee the kids are doing online classroom so this kind of home oasis is now a school a gym and a mobile office cool and we

cook I've been doing a lot of cooking what was questions like my home kitchen is still in my home so it's not like I can walk out of work and come home it's like I'm literally just a toho compared to my kitchen in New York this kitchen is

like eight times bigger my kitchen in New York I have to like move cutting boards around and put them on bookshelves to like create more counter space and like that kind of thing this kitchen is palatial compared to my kitchen to New York there is like infinitely more

ingredients and tools at my disposal the only bad thing was is that you know most furnished apartments really don't have a lot of well-stocked kitchens or utensils when I got here actually like this was everything it took me a couple of days to get everything I literally filled

up my entire trunk of the car I've been really struggling with recipe developing a lot recipe development is definitely challenging like I wish I could just have Chris taste my pie and tell me if it's okay because nobody's really going out to restaurants right now I think there's

a really important sense of how important it is for people to be cooking at home taking care of themselves taking care of their families friends loved ones you labor to produce this thing and all of a sudden your kids are like I'm not eating that you kind of

have to be a little bit crafty like ooh daddy made you know a special burger and look I melted this cheese on it so you can't see the green bits in there and they're just like mm-hmm you would think that having a kid that like works in the

food industry I wrote a cookbook with my mom she would let me do some of the cooking but I haven't really been allowed to do a lot of cooking you know I'm just trying to give you a break I'm cooking for two people so it's me and Ben

my husband in this household right now I'm not cooking for a family of four or five my mom makes dinner sometimes which is nice I miss having eaters would not be able to taste each other's food I miss having like a full house to eat all the stuff

I'm sharing some food with neighbors but you know what do I do with like 300 pounds of chicken parm which is what's in my fridge right now my little sister my dog my mom and my dad I have to come like my crew really pretend and then at

five o'clock she busts out the cocktails I would say if there's 30 days in a month and I'm home maybe we'll get four five days of takeout you know so like I'm used to cooking I like it I don't mind you know I actually don't wanna eat out

I want to eat here I want to cook food for myself and take care of myself I want to feel better about what I'm putting in my body the first few days I tried to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables I had handy and I started playing

you know like basically know what is in my pantry what's in my fridge try to marry things try to make a meal plan and and stick to it I've been cooking a lot more I think that's partly to do with the fact that I'm home and like there's

frankly just very little else to do right now and so cooking is something that helps by the time it's like I'm still going through a day I'm still hungry three times a day more than three times a day a con of being at home is doing your own

dishes it's a very extreme privilege we have in the VA Test Kitchen the dishes it's just it's just endless it is challenging just to kind of stay on top of the dishes I realize yesterday the important of cleanness you go because I cooked until late last night and

then when I realized my sink was full of dishes and it really makes you think about how many pieces of equipment you're asking somebody to use at home because we're at home and we're doing this multiple times a day and you really start to think about yeah I

don't want to have an extra bowl I don't want to use two pieces of equipment just because the cleanup is brutal even people without kids can appreciate the fact that you know you cook one thing engage in an activity and before you know it the entire apartment looks

like you know it's just been destroyed there's like pokemon cards and very strange places okay there's Lego figures and very strange places till you can stand right there no you're not having a second banana we're gonna do our best to still be bringing you guys video content as

best we're able we're still gonna be trying to you know continue our mission of teaching everybody you know how to cook at home a little bit better feel a little more comfortable the website has been we've been like doing lots of stories about how help restaurants and bars

and the drinks industry coffee industry a lot of what I'm doing right now is just writing and like reporting about what's happening within the restaurant industry hopefully you know I'm 3/4 a glass half-full kind of guy that makes no sense Jesus Christ after working at home working from

home for a week one thing that like I have found to be very helpful is taking comfort in the fact that I can still listen to my records I can still make a pour-over coffee I can still make a cocktail the stuff that made me happy still makes

me happy I butchered it 3/4 full because I feel like everybody is starting to get to the point where they're like alright I cooked a couple of things and now I'm like over it and I'm gonna show you how to make one of my favorite pantry pastas I

am making a perfect cup of coffee and I'm gonna show you guys in the fridge and in the freezer here I get tagged in so many social messages on Instagram and Facebook people cooking food things that they had you know always wanted to make but they never had

time now everybody has time what what I used to say I stole it from something maybe you guys will see it a new side of us as cooks or or artists people so we're not gonna do gourmet make some from this kitchen unfortunately it just I lose I

don't have room for a dehydrator I don't know I don't have any of that equipment anyway we'll skip that part yeah I'm trying to make lemonade with the lemons so I think this is the lemonade we're gonna move on I'm staying positive staying healthy washing my hands eating

good food little pantry past all right we've always been solution oriented as recipe developers and editors and usually the solutions are like we don't have a lot of time you know weeknight cooking that kind of thing and now it's sort of a different set of problems but we're

still here to solve problems for home cooks I'm very excited to keep cooking keep making videos keep developing recipes and staying in touch with you guys throughout this all I can't wait to start cooking with you guys it might look a little different it might feel a little

different but it's still your crew and they're gonna have a few more guests it is part of inaho smile a little bit just remember that there's still a lot of good things going on a lot of people working together to get through this that's pretty powerful we're just

really excited to share these with you so thanks for watching and the show goes on so let's make some videos I'm gonna start cooking outside I might set up a little fermentation dungeon in my basement what's the matter who said some we're all dealing with this pile of

shit together even though everything sucks I am happy to do these videos this is like the shining light in my day so I'm hoping that makes you feel like less alone and we can deal with washing all these dishes together I mean I'm comfortable here and I don't

know I really don't care let's shoot anywhere I'll shoot I'm freaking not I want to go to space really and that's we're coming the frig back you know I wouldn't mind going up and then just like kissing down but I want like season pilot with technology tried and

true like you know I ain't trying to be the first freakin 25 people to take that trip here no thanks next question

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