The BEST Noodles in the WORLD!!! Chinese FIRE NOODLE + Street Food Tour of Chongqing – EXTREME!!!

all right check it out guys it's Trevor James we just got into Chongqing China this is the land of spiky suits one Street food and I'm so pumped good today we're bringing you for a pull on this one check it out this isn't Chongqing China home to some

of the best Sichuan and spicy nuclear noodles in the world and today we're going in the full on for five spicy Citroen ease meals that'll burn your mouth off huge thanks to expressvpn for partnering with us in this video and offering all food ranger viewers 49 percent off

and three months free using the link down below check it out to protect your online privacy and to bypass geo flop content all over the world let's eat first up we are in a local morning market Chongqing is famous for shell Mian and right around the corner there's

local famous wanza yellow pea shell Mian and here we are guys once I'm in high jump again me huh and here we are guys we're gonna get a ones I'm in spicy how do you again picture ones I'm Emma okay hi Halle and this is so special because

one time yen is a Chongqing cursor a local spicy don't yell don't yell so we're just putting in Jeremiah John says me paste chili oil it's home onions I oh oh rutabaga Wachau peppercorn Ohio aging MSG oh and there it is so it's a yellow pea and sad

young ground pork mixture and it all goes on top of this extremely aromatic chili oil and sesame paste and watch out green peppercorn mix and we've just added in the noodles and conching thai chinese greens with noodles mixture and this is in Lao ban who's been working here

20-plus years making these ones me and touka Sherlock Sharma I said Mala Mala Mala choking my left so it's numbing and spicy the Chongqing mala that is the signature flavor of Chongqing crunching tae-yong Shanghai and there they go look at that so we got the coaching tying them

in but the real magic is right here in the back we're gonna add the wanza the yellow piece and the ground pork sugar sugar one's a sad junk there's the port one toe and the yellow piece Wow Jenny and this is it deep in the local alley of

Chongqing and there it is look at that yellow peas za Jiang ground pork but the real magic is on the bottom the chili oil sesame paste and hua Jiao mixture and it's super important to mix it up quick because the chili oil is on the bottom and you

want oh yeah look at that oh that is the real joy of Chongqing right there oh look at that chili watch out drew my jong they added in a big scoop of Jummah Jiang in there and you've got to mix it up so it gets coated look at

that this is what we came to Chongqing for guys the ones are talking Xiaomi and let's get it nice and thick oh that is thick guys look at all that creamy yellow pea Wow and it looks spicy and it's gonna be spicy but what's so unique about Chongqing

and Sichuan food in general is that it's more shy honest it's more aromatic the chili just has this incredible aroma there it is let's go for it Jenny man try it off Oh Oh young the hen shunga hen you can really taste the sesame aroma with the chili

it's definitely numbing it tastes like a florally numbing spicy sesame buttery yet creamy at the same time from wanda dot right there mmm and we're hanging out with our friends Luke and Rebecca and this is their first bowl of Chongqing Hsiao man numbing right it's my it is

numbing and the people here are so friendly they're just helping us mix the noodles and the henna on Yetta she's the pro she's been doing this for years Jimmy oh Jenny my Oh that was delicious and we're gonna keep exploring for more this is the city of food

and next up we're gonna give intestines another try right down here we're gonna get the FEI Chong ji intestine chicken and I think there's noodles in there as well it's gonna be a bowl for our world noodle tour so this is it guys we just walk into the

intestine chicken station over here we're chopping intestines and over here we're frying up the chicken and intestine and tons of chili oil first let's go take a look at the chopping of the intestines from oh Jigga sure you need a page on Jin Chen de well cut it

down to about 20 days on g-woman dallied zavasta oh and gang Jing de it's clean Jason Chen de and there it is the intestine bucket Shin shin de fresh look at that just chopping them up that's gonna be fried in a wok of chicken and chili oil and

green numbing stitch one peppercorn so you can see this is the face on G the intestine chicken and then up top you can start with a a big big wok a small walk and you can add intestines or you can add chicken and I think we're gonna get

the small walk and adding intestines Nihao take a sheriff a Chung Jima look at this guys this is where it all starts oh and here we go we're gonna start the FEI Chong G so we're just pouring in some Thai oh and you can see we've got green

peppercorn down here Wow we're just putting a little ginger in and here comes the face hugs the intestine the chicken and the watch out we're just cleaning the watch out peppercorn in first oh and there's the face youngji we're frying it up right now and they were telling

us that this is Toby again geing that it's extra clean these intestines right here are cleaned thoroughly and you can smell the ginger in there it smells delicious and here comes the chili oh look at this the secret ingredient a hole that's thick right in the wok that

is the sole of stitch one and look at that guys it's just coated in chili oil and then we're gonna add a little stock in there Oh and you can see there's actually chicken feet in there as well there's chunks of intestine we're gonna give him testing another

goat and then it goes right into the pressure cooker and then we're gonna add in noodle we're gonna get the noodle with the Fei Chun ji this is gonna be a world noodle dish oh and then this is the stewing section they've got the two dough and you

can add all the ingredients that you like and there's no waiting it's all natural and that's gonna pressure cook for a while and you can see we've got this row of pressure cookers and ours is the second one in we just got pure intestines and chickens and they

pride themselves here on the cleanliness up their intestines so let's hope they're nice and clean and no intense older which should be good and you can see we're gonna add noodles on top after there's gonna be a noodle dish of the world and the real magic is gonna

happen in any second we're gonna pour it over top with large oil chili oil and that's gonna make the extra fragrance just sizzle oh it's gonna be really good here it is we're heating up chili oil look at that guy's to add over top oh you can see

the dried chilies in there [Music] fizzling chili oil over top of our page on G Oh perfect it's sizzling hot chili oil oh and it's a little sesame on top look at this oh that is the most aromatic hey Chang G look at this buffet Chang G full

of men Cal full of noodles and intestines super-clean intestines we got added men cry on top that finishing move way through the sizzling hot chili oil on top with these dried Sichuan chilies and peppercorns was iconic it literally brings out the aroma and then the noodles we've added

on top of that is beautiful it actually has a slight intestine aroma to it but like home Lao ban was telling us they're super clean and you can tell there's not gonna be a strong intestine odor to them so let's try a nice big chunk of intestine and

a noodle and make sure they're both covered and just dip them in deep into the oil there and make sure we we got a good first bite with H on G and you can see this joint is just pack oh yeah whoa oh and the intestines are chewy

oh that is delicious and something about itself rather younger yeah yeah hmm there is a lot of flavor in there it's all about that finishing move the chili oil that they poured over top brought out the sesame fragrance in the end and the intestines like LaVon was telling

us they're clean they actually add to the flavor it's like a hot pot with an added intestine aroma and there's a really nice nuttiness from the sesame sesame man sit down love man bye bye that was really good huh and next up we are exploring more deep Chongqing

back alleyways and right up here there is a classic Chong Qing Xiao min noodle star Leela ban me huh here it is guys look at this Chong Jing Chou me indeed outta ya d thou authentic Tong ting shaumyan and to try something a little more different we're gonna

get the fin the rice noodle we're gonna get the real authentic flavor Oh lajjo general soy Swan garlic tongue onion yeah ty this is the scene guys and that is amazing that was noodle cauldron just gonna stand in the back and watch the magic he's boiling the fin

the other band has been here 20 years right here oh there we go oh and this is the slurp station look at this guys this is how people like to eat in Chongqing you just come along you sit down and you slurp your noodles and this is unique

guys look at that we've got the classic Chongqing base of chili oil mustard greens we've got conching thai green veg here and we've literally got just mountains of rice noodles there there's nothing better than slurping noodles on the street I'll cheer da da da Jenny that is delicious

it's like the most smoothest slippery rice noodle coated in chili oil that is slippery those literally just slide down you don't need to chew them it's definitely not as spicy as it looks it's slightly numbing but in general any Bowl you get here in Sichuan or Chongqing it's

gonna be young that's the word in China they used to describe aromatic nature Shama mana shell min what's your femme howdja I'm sure that and that's what it's all about guys slurping noodles on the street that are delicious with friendly people it doesn't get any better Tiffani dou

Xiao Qian Tian Hao le lavender that was amazing how children Oh Oh bye-bye Tricia yeah and here we are guys the mega city of Chongqing we're continuing our food adventure today just down here we're gonna go have a mega lunch and then continue on and finish up tonight

we're gonna have a mega spicy hot pot feast oh we have one one channel oh don't say Geneva look at this guys we've got doha silken tofu oh and this is the shouts hi oh hey Chan that's intestine and yellow pea Nero beef and potato oh and so

much chili gyro Wow Oh T WA that's Bigfoot and Lupo radish pig farmer Wow hi goo sparerib oh and look at how red that Chili's that's red braised fatty pork belly phone shower oh wow red braised pork meatball Wow hands Allah more use that more you yattaman that's

starch jelly with duck boy you gotta urg Oh in the Fen Jung row so we got the fan Jen row which is steamed fatty pork belly with potato as well that's a seaweed pork soup and this is the magic scene right here guys look at this this is

all siege 1 small dishes literally dozens of different situations to choose from also it's pork lean pork with dough yeah bean sprouts in a spicy chili oil that's pig ear in chili oil to our Dorma iogic a shoujo taro that's big head pig head meets this is a

cold duck liver this is the real magic right here that is literally spicy eggplant in chili oil we've got dopey tofu skin thin cow rice noodles and there's so much to try here this is a total classic stitch one dish here this silken tofu it actually has a

bit of a smoky smell to it and you need the ledger the chili chicken a man Wow we got a full tray it sits on top and here it is a shell oven and here it is guys this is just a classic seat one Chongqing lunch here is

a real potentially delicious yet risky dish the intestine yellow piece sometimes that's unbelievably good sometimes it's foul and then this combo right here the silken tofu Doha with the chili is delicious you can't beat it this is usually smoky and salty and delicious with that silken smoky tofu

and then we got a jus Toro pig head meat and of course a seaweed pork soup let's go right in and try their specialty this is the swan knee Bhairo try it off mmm-hmm actually it has a slight sweetness to it I think they put a little sugar

in there and then the nuttiness from the bean sprouts wow that is delicious let's go for this intestine yellow pea that is Ricky Oh stuff you're definitely up chiu-hung intestine congestion over homer in there I think that's how it should be but there is definitely a foul odor

in there I'm not sure if I like the hair this is what I love about stitch one you can try so many flavors and they're all different shades of spiciness there's such a varying level of heat and ma numbing this which is really good Tiffany Chiba and Shia

Oh Shanee and that's so cheap 73 and which is actually just $10 for that big plate sheesh yeah we're gonna keep exploring guys we're gonna keep going and we're hanging out with Luke and Becca hi guys you're a big hot pot Neal next right up here and here

we are guys there we go Chongqing hotpot széchenyi fish yeah and they give you snacks a way and to order this is what's really cool I'm using things phone here you just scan kitchen e and then you can order the hot pot dishes you want right on the

phone okay so you just press this true didn't I order your dishes and then it gives you all of the dishes you can choose and this is the kitchen spicy duck intestine okay and this is the specialty here guys yeah Chang dock intestine and their beef stomach oh

this one here is really good this is shrimp ball a little bit ground-up shrimp and meatball let's get that that is one of my favorites and this dish here the duck blood okay it's very famous in citron kitchen E and here we go guys we're going for hot

pot torching hot but spicier than Chengdu and we got tons we ordered duck blood pig brain duck intestine oh and you can smell it as soon as you walk in and here we go guys we're gonna make the ultimate spicy hot pot you can see we've already got

a base of chili ground-up chili ginger and they just added a little hot water and then here comes the real magic this is chili oil watch this here chili oil and then this is the joke on go separated into nine different layers sections look at that there it

is look at how red that is that is gonna be delicious looking spicy oh and it's all here Jenny you come I'll do Tama this is the tripe and we're gonna get a lesson into how to eat this okay so you got to boil the the kidney for

20 seconds and dip it in this chili peanut green onion mix oh and we're gonna throw them right now check out our shimmy Alma 20 seconds and then dip it into your sauce oh gosh any funky lima how woman Xiang Yu Chiang Mai and then you got a

ban you in a shadow mouth janma and just eat it straight as it No watch out and that poor kid needs not bad eh yes good doesn't have like a strong organ play nice spicy it takes off like meat yeah it doesn't taste like anything too outrageous or

upsetting you know exactly it's very straightforward exactly so you can see we got a ton of accompaniments for our hotpot so we got the duck blood here look at that and that is a classic citron hotpot a complement and it just goes right in there and it becomes

a little bit jelly like after it boils we got a big mountain of tripe and a big tray of duck intestine it's going right into this super spicy hot pot and then over here some really nice shrimp balls pork balls we got the pork raid okay we're just

gonna start with some blood you can literally just pull pour it only in the side once and that's gonna boil and that is very hot clot and you've just got to put it in gently these blood cubes and well the blood is boiling we can have some tripe

and then you got to boil it right in the middle or nine seconds and then you can just dip it in your oil sesame garlic mmm crunchy it definitely has a strong stomach so this here is pork ball with cilantro and you just literally take it out of

this bamboo little tube and dad hot pot is what it's all about spicy but not overpowering right yeah but the thing is I have this boils longer in long we were full of peppercorn and chili because spicier and spicier and the blood is ready and there it is

jelly-like pork butt and you just dip it in that chili peanut sesame mix I'll get it right off cheers mmm looks good not only no lively obviously my bear they've had so far it's a salty pig blood yeah it's not too bad it's it just sort of tastes

like kind of like a savory sort of jello or something it tastes more the spice that yeah I think I think that's what it is yeah next up we got a try the magic and there it is that's the duck intestine oh yeah and you just drop it

in and these become crunchy and you sort of make it swim and then tip it in like it's swimming here yeah cheers buddy oh good pretty good crunchy yeah literally has a crunchy betta open it's fresh just crunchy and next up is of course the famous pork tray

and creamy pork brain look at that oh right in the pit and we've also got a big plate of sliced beets with raw green citron peppercorns over top you can just add that right in all right let's go for dig in for that beef on there it is

well peppercorn chili beef oh and I don't record how's that I think I hear click that Bell notification button down below guys these videos are a lot of fun to make for you we're continuing our world noodle tour all the way to Italy you're gonna want to watch

this whole series and thank you so much for watching these videos it means a lot to us so please leave us a comment down below we would love to hear from you thanks a lot

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