Thai Street Food – AFRICAN POMPANO!! 🐠 Market to Table in Phang Nga, Thailand!! 🇹🇭

– Hey everyone, hope you're having an amazing day.

It's Mark Wiens.

I'm in the southernThailand province of Panga.

And to begin this video a really quick story.

A couple nights ago, we were just driving down in Takua Pa and we just needed a really quick meal, we were hungry, Miko was tired and so we pulled off at arestaurant that we just saw, we had no idea.

We ordered the food, the food was delicious and we met up with P'aey who is the chef, and he was so friendly, and he actually knew us.

He watches our videos, and his food was spectacular.

And so it just dawned on me, we have to make a video with P'aey from Khrua Nong restaurant.

And it would be so cool to go with him to the market as he buys the fresh seafood and so that's exactlywhat we are doing today.

We're gonna go to the market with P'aey.

His restaurant is Khrua Nong in Takua Pa, in Panga province, Thailand and we are gonna cook and eat and I'm gonna share all ofthe amazing Southern Thai food with you in this video.

(upbeat music) So we just arrived to the market in Takua Pa with P'aey.

(speaking foreign language) And this is where hecomes to do the shopping, where we are gonna buy some seafood, where especially we're gonna look for a big fish today at the market.

So it's gonna be great to hang out today with P'aey (speaking foreign language) (speaking in foreign language) Wow.

This is the main fish market.

Main market of Takua Pa, which is in Panga province in southern Thailand, just maybe about 15 minutes from Khao Lak and then this is wherehe comes to buy fish.

He has an amazing selection of fish.

Looks like some different snappers, looks like some different groupers, there's some red snapper, there's some– (speaking foreign language) Ah, okay.

What is this one? What is this one? Same family as that snapper? – Yes.

(speaking foreign language) – But another fish thatwe're trying to look for is something called (speaking foreign language) which is from this area from the undermine here, – Monk fish.

– [Mark] Monk fish.

(speaking in foreign language) beautiful selection of fish.

There's some groupers, there's some Barracuda, there's king mackerel Barracuda and fish is essential, seafood is essential inthe diet in these areas and essential for P'aey restaurant at Khrua Nong (speaking foreign language) (speaking in foreign language) This is amazing, amazing selection of fish.

(speaking foreign language) He's already ordered he has already ordered the king Mackerels and the huge (speaking foreign language) like a sea bass and then we're also thinkingto maybe get one more big fish.

That's unique.

Oh, he just brought that one out.

This one is (speaking foreign language).

Specific type of fish and the English name Monk fish? – Monk fish.

– Monk fish or I think a type of Jack fish.

It's about five and a half, almost six kilos.

We're gonna get that one, yeah.

Sounds amazing and (speaking foreign language) is one of the main dishes to make with the (speaking foreign language) fish.

That's a beautiful fish, even if you look at the skin you can see it's like reflective, it's almost reflective.

And those are huge Tigerprawns, huge Tiger prawns.

If you look at the bag, the could almost see like a zebra-striped patterngoing down their back.

Tiger stripes.

(speaking foreign language) (Shells clinking) (speaking foreign language) Yes, in South .

Always in south.

(speaking foreign language) Watch out for the little foot.

Have a little foot onit that you cannot eat, that's like a little hard, hard part.

(speaking foreign language) They're like sea snails.


– Oh.

– What's amazing is thatcoming here in the morning at 7 a.

m, everything is fresh from his boat to market, right here at the moment.

All the fishes are fresh.

All the fish coming in, all the seafood and there's just an abundanceof seafood here as well and so P'aey is just doing all of hisshopping for the restaurant.

Getting all of the ingredients before we go back tothe restaurant and cook.

(upbeat music)(knives sharpening) He's now just filleting, cutting up the fish puttingup the pieces of the (speaking foreign language) that were the main specificfish that we're getting, although P'aey is buying all those fish, but this one is unique and he's now just fileting it.

And because it's such a flat fish, the fillets are massive.

Look at the size of that fillet.

It's like a surfboard.

(speaking foreign language) I mean, it's like a boogie board, a body board.

That's what it's calleda little body board.

The flatness and the widthof that fillet it's huge.

(upbeat music) (board banging) And as I was watching himchopping up that fish, P'aey he went to go buy some other things, I think some of the vegetables.

I'll go try to find him and Ying is off to buy somesnacks around the market too.

This is an amazing market though.

People are so incredibly friendly, the freshness of the ingredients, the freshness of the seafood and then of course you've got all the different green vegetables and everything you could possibly need for Southern Thai food.

That is my favorite (speaking foreign language) (speaking foreign language) My two favorites.

(laughing) She has just an entire like rack.

It's a like a hanger rack of stink beans, one of my favorite ingredientsin the entire world as well as (speaking foreign language) which is Jenko but then over here.

(speaking foreign language) Oh yes here we go, Jenko.

Is abundant in these parts of (speaking foreign language) Jenko and stink beans areessential in these parts.

Oh, there's a whole pile over there.

(speaking foreign language) (speaking foreign language) (paper shuffling) (speaking foreign language)(laughing) (speaking foreign language) (speaking foreign language) (speaking foreign language) Ah, okay.

(speaking foreign language) Probably the most popular of all vegetables in southern Thailand is (speaking foreign language) which in English is Malinjo leaves, which is often signified with egg.

You'll see it all over the market here.

It is one of the greatestvegetables you can ever eat too.

One of the greatest leaves, it has such a good flavor.

(upbeat music) And look at her stall.

She has literally an entire supermarket worthof vegetables and herbs.

There must be like 100, the variety, the freshness, the colors, the bounty, what a beautiful stall.

Back at the fish stall now and what I love about P'aey is that he wasn't just friendly to us like walking around the market, he's friendly to everybody.

Everybody knows him.

He goes to vendors that he comes to every single day.

People know him by name.

He says hello to everybody.

He really is an amazingly friendly guy.

He's such a cool guy and that you can just sense his warm and friendly personality, just walking around the market with him.

(upbeat music) And now he's slicing up the king mackerel, but just the one swift blowwith that knife sliced in half.

So beautiful fish, and that's getting cut into steak filets.

Steak, steaks.

(speaking foreign language)(chopping board banging) We are wrapping up at the market and just to emphasize and just to guarantee, when you go to Khrua Nong in Takua Pa in Panga, yeah, you gotta come.

You are guaranteed to eat the best, the freshest seafood and fish that P'aey hand chooses, hand picks himself everymorning at the market.

And no excuses, just fresh, the best seafood.

(upbeat music) Before we go back to the restaurant, it's still very early, so we're just stoppingfor a quick bite to eat a little bit of (speakingforeign language) at the local (speakingforeign language) here.

Kind of (speaking foreign language) and also (speaking foreign language) which are the steamed buns.

( customers speaking foreign language) So we're just getting alittle bit of snack here just a little bit to eat because I'm mainly saving my stomach, saving all of my space for later when he cooks the fish, when he cooks all ofthis southern Thai food.

(upbeat music) (speaking foreign language) Oh yeah, that's good.

That's like garlicky mini board game.

(upbeat music) It is awesome.

All the mushroom flavor.

(upbeat music) That was a tasty breakfast but just a little bit of food, just to get the digestive juices flowing.

From here we have a couple hours break, we might just drive around and rest for a little while but then we'll be going back to meet up with P'aey at his restaurant Khrua Nong where he's gonna cook up the seafood, where he's gonna cook us just a life changing Southern Thai meal and he's such an amazing cook and that's what stood outto me from the beginning.

(upbeat music) (motorcycle engine revving) (upbeat music) A few hours later, we are back at P'aey restaurant which is called Khrua Nong.

Right in the.



pretty close to the center of Takua Pa and his restaurant also received a Mitchell and Guide Bib Gourmand awards.

So huge congrats to P'aey and again like we were just drivingpast a few nights ago, we stopped in here because it looked great, and it was incredible food.

So we are here now.

We got the fish, we got all the ingredients P'aey is about.

We're about to see hisamazing chef cooking skills, Southern Thai food coming up.

(upbeat music) (food sizzling) (metal clinging) (food sizzling)(metal clinging) Oh man, the aromas.

Oh man it feel so good.

And he's just gettingstarted on some other orders that some people have already ordered.

Especially some takeaway orders.

(speaking foreign language) (laughing) That is awesome.

(metal clanging) His skill on the work, his expertise in cooking, P'aey has been cookingsince he was a child and you can tell just the way he just flieson a lot effortlessly.

He makes it look easy, even though it's so hardcontrolling the fire, controlling the ingredients like he doesn't even think about it.

He just knows what to add.

The seasoning, the different ingredients, he just throws it in.

Works the ingredients in the work.

He's so skilled, so much experience and yeah, he said he's beencooking since he was a child with his parents who both own restaurants, other restaurants but he started this restaurant.

(speaking foreign language) And so we're just getting our order in and he's about to startcooking our dishes.

(upbeat music) (food sizzling) (metal clanging) He's making (speakingforeign language) now.

This is the orange, the sour curry of Southern Thailand.

He added in a whole hugescoop of curry paste which was a lot of turmeric, that's why it's soorange, so yellow in color and then making itwith(speaking foreign language) which are coconut shoots and he's going to put in the fish.

(speaking foreign language)(metal clanging) P'aey is now makingour(speaking foreign language) which is shrimp.

I just had another sneeze but he the sprayed down some curry paste, yet he adds in a stinkings, green pepper, some chilies in there and then tosses in the shrimp and just kind of like frying that around on a low heat is like stirring that curry paste.

(speaking foreign language) – Yap.

(food sizzling)(metal clinging) (speaking foreign language) (speaking foreign language) The flavor, the spice, the turmeric, it is just so fragrant, unbelievable flavor.

(speaking foreign language)(food sizzling) A little bit sweet beans go in there.

(upbeat music)(metal clanging) And this one is the (speakingforeign language) for us, again the (speaking foreignlanguage) curry paste which is just full of turmeric, blooming orange with turmeric and chilies and then he puts in a little bit of sugar, a little bit of salt, a little bit of other seasoning and lime juice.

That goes into the pot to boil and then we're getting it with the (speaking foreign language).

That one fish that we bought this morning, that huge Flatfish.

(upbeat music) Next dish that he just made is the (speaking foreign language) which is the king mackerel, which is sliced into the steaks, was deep fried over on theother side of the kitchen and then he just made the sauce with soy sauce like a soy sauce reduction that he sizzled down with Brock and a little bit of sugar, caramelized it .

That goes over the fish, over the fried fish and then a little bit ofcrunchy toasted garlic and shallots go on top of the meat.

And I think the next thing that he'll make is these giant prawns.

So he was just saying that he can make up to like 300 or 400 different dishes out of his head but just the combinationof all the ingredients.

Okay, and here goes in the shrimp.


(upbeat music) (metal clanging) For the tiger shrimp, he's gonna be making (speakingin foreign language).

(speaking in foreign language) (speaking in foreign language) And they're ready but he's still fried it with garlic and chilies and what else did you put? – There garlic? Simply garlic.

– [Mark] Ah, okay.

(upbeat music) – Okay.

– [Mark] Okay.

I think I'm going to go eat now.

(laughing) (upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language) I can't remember if this is all thedishes we ordered or not or if this is all we're going to get but we have to begin now.

Especially like I justcannot take it any longer after he fried those shrimp fresh, the aroma, the chilies.


That is a beautiful plate.

They're huge.

Food has all arrived I think.

I'll begin with the the king mackerel which was fried and then he made that sauce.

It looks incredible and it's sitting right before me.

And again this is the fish that he bought this morning at the market.

It is as fresh as possible.

Deep fried and then with that sauce that he made to go on top of it.

This would be the bite thatI break into my rice with.

Add a little bit more of that sauce.

It's also really awesome because P'aey for lunch today, he got really busy.

Some big groups came so he's just flying on the work.

He has a lot more orders to make.

Oh wow.

Oh, that's wonderful.

Just the fresh fish which fried till it's crispy and not too sweet, but salty from the soy sauce, a hint of sweetness, just forming a glaze on that.

All that's just likecomforting on your rice especially with the rice and fish.

Okay, next up for the(speaking in foreign language).

Again, this is the (speaking inforeign language) fish, that big fish that we got, which they say is one of the best fish for (speaking in foreign language).

Look at the thickness of that curry sauce.

A water based curry but just with all the turmeric and we also got it with coconut shoots.

I'll put a bunch of this on my rice.

Try some of that fish plus a coconut shoot and rice.


I love his (speaking in foreign language) because it's such a clean, such a pure taste.

Sour from lime juice.

You've got that sharp acidic touch to it and then there's like so much turmeric in that curry paste, in his(speaking in foreign language) that it's like, I mean you just, vibrancy of the Turmeric is just, it literally is like liquid turmeric.

Spicy to perfection.

The fish it's very firm.

It's good soup, especially because it's very firm like that and just the thicknessof it at the bottom, you can see how how thick, how rich that curry paste is.


And that actual fish is incredible.

Next issue is the (speakingin foreign language), which is like the spicy stir fry with shrimp with stink beans, with green peppercorns, he added in a bunch ofherbs and spices in here and that's just like athick curry sauce reduction.

(plate clanging) With all the stink beans and the green pepper, I couldn't even fit the shrimp on this but I'll come back for it.

I'll chase it with the shrimp.

(car engine blaring) And a long with the spicy, just full of flavor curry paste.

I got one leaf of the sweet basil, which is like contrast that flavor.

The harmony, the balance.


Pull off the deal off the shrimp and I'll just chase that with the shrimp and another peppercorn.

(plate clanging) Perfectly cooked.

These are also the shrimp that we bought at the market this morning.

Fresh wild caught, the texture you can taste that texture.

You can feel that texture.

Like not too soft, slightly muscular.

There's amazing flavor.

Next up, I'm moving in for the shrimp.

Okay, I just got to put this on the side here but you can see him friedit down with chilies, with garlic and with I think some green onions as well.

Look at that with thesauce and build up on that and the size of these.

If you were to stretch it out, they're like completely curled but if you were to stretch it out, that's definitely the size of your face.

Take off the head.

I don't even know how to navigate this.

Okay, take off the head.

You're gonna cut it down the.



he took out that vein, you can see.

So you can kinda just peel I believe, just kind of, but I want to I want todo this over my right so that I save all.

Preserve all of those goodies but then you can kinda just peel back the shell because it's been deep fried, peel back this shell on this side.

Look at the thickness of that meat.

And then make sure you keep that tail so that you can you can have a little handle and next I think I'll actually scoop up all of that garlic and garlic and goodness and chilies to put back on it.

This may or may not work but it will be fun.

Oh yeah, it didn't work.

Okay, I'll just take a scoop of it to chase.

(upbeat music) (mumbling) (upbeat music) Oh wow.

The meaty muscularnessof this Tiger prawn.

Okay, now I'm going to take a bite of that.

Take a spoonful of garlic.

(upbeat music) The sweet caramelization of that garlic there, chilies in there, the green onion.

And the muscularity.


For my next bite, I'm gonna dip in the (speakingin foreign language).

Oh yes.

The combination, that flavour, stunning.

(plate clattering) Wow.

And the rice with all ofthat garlic-chili topping, amazing.

Then the final dish we got is the (speaking in foreign language), which are the the foot shells, the sea snails and he has huge ones.

And normally what you do, you can grab it by that foot.

Now hard foot.

Work it out.

Oh yes.

And then dip it into the (speaking inforeign language) seafood or drench it.

I prefer to drench it.

Making sure not to eat that little foot on the end a that little hard bone.

They're just always good.

They really taste, Yeah, I guess I say thisevery time but they do.

They have a similar texture to squid, when the flavor is even more nutty, slightly rubbery in a good kind of way.

And then just wrap it upwith that seafood sauce, the garlic, the chilies in there, the lime juice.

And I think those are the main dishes that we are trying today.

But again, P'aey at Khrua Nong restaurant.

He can cook up to 400 different dishes and if you look over there on the wall, there's a menu, there's probably 100different dishes on that menu, written in Thai but then he can do different combinations.

Like for instance, you could get the (speakingin foreign language) with your meat of choice, with 10 different meats or 10 different items.

So the differentcombinations that he can make are limitless.

Yeah, I can guarantee you that nomatter what you order here it will be fresh, it will be cooked by P'aey and his amazing team and then it will be true, authentic southern Thai taste.

And truly delicious, amazing flavor.

(upbeat music)(plate clattering) Oh yeah, I'm starting to sweat after that meal from the humidity, the spices, everything together.

All that's left now are some empty sea snail shells and some tails, all those feet, those hard feet.

What a meal that was delicious.

And just so satisfying and P'aey, his cooking skills, his knowledge, his like warm, friendly kindness.

He's such a passionable, such a friendly guy and then being able to go with him to the market this morning buy some fish.

That was a highlight.

Just an amazing restaurant, especially if you're in Khao lak.

If you come to Panga in Thailand, this is a place you can come for your guaranteed fresh seafood, delicious food, delicious Southern Thai food.

And he was also saying that he can cater to you if you like less spicy also, he can make three different spicy levels, the less spicy, medium and spicier version.

So just tell him what you like.

He will hook you up.

He's an awesome guy and the restaurant, his restaurant is Khrua Nong in Takua Pa, it's just like a about a 10minute drive from Khao Lak.

(upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language) And then this is awesome thathe was in the Michelin Guide for Panga, Khrua Nong.

That was an amazing meal.

(speaking in foreign language) That was an amazing day.

(speaking in foreign language) Thank you so much.

Oh yeah, it is a blazing hot afternoon in Panga and again, I want to say a huge thank you to P'aey and his wife and their entire team at Khrua Nong.

Come say hi to him when you come to Panga when you're in Khao Lak.

Come eat at his restaurant and that's going to wrap up this video, I want to say a hugethank you for watching.

Be sure to give this video athumbs up if you enjoyed it.

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Goodbye from Panga, Southern Thailand.

Thanks again for watching.

See you on the next video.


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