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what is our pee going to taste like later a party well i'm not going to taste it it's usually did i say taste good mythical morning today we're gonna use our mouths and our brains to see if we can identify food combinations that science asserts should taste good together yeah and i'm gonna use my mouth to say that a portion of today's episode was paid for by constant contact now without further ado let's eat some food pairings to see who's got the smarter tongue it's time for this tastes like science okay so we've explored this topic of the flavor pairing theory before but there were so many more possibilities that we weren't able to sample we're gonna return to the lab today yeah it's time for more research oh it feels good to bring that back yeah do you feel like we're just getting smarter just when we do that try it yeah yeah you get your kids you should do it too yeah you're catching some smart waves according to fans of the flavor pairing theory science can predict how well two things will taste when combined based on the number of aromatic chemical compounds two foods have in common the more uncommon the better the taste but that means science is pushing some pretty bizarre and unexpected food combinations that theoretically should be flavor matches but will we agree okay so to test this we're going to taste three different combinations in every round and one of them is the scientific pairing and two of them are just things that the mythical kitcheners came up with to fool us will we find the scientific one let's find out in the end whoever's tongue is more scientific will win the coveted first place tongue ribbon same one as last time we're starting off with potato chips and we've got three different options for pairing including bananas asparagus and bitters so which one does science say should go together guess you just put it on the chip right give it a ding oh it's gonna be a lot of this there's gonna be a lot of thinking you don't have to do is that the inaugural day listen you just get an inaugural one you don't do it every time salty crunchy banana-y i mean there is such a thing it goes together there's a banana chip just a straight-up fried banana an asparagus piece now this is raw asparagus is that part of this science talk to me huh and bitters you just said huh you didn't have anything else to say huh because i don't i didn't think that i would like asparagus but ross is raw asparagus just not bad because it was good with the chips oh better whoa that's i mean maybe i should have gone a little bit uh less bitter less bitter yeah that was i feel like i've gotta i gotta guess just based on an initial reaction of what happened here okay so i'm gonna do a three two one you guys are gonna put your bowl of potato chips behind the thing that you think is scientifically correct here we go three two one ah okay yeah okay i said behind but that works too i understand i almost both of those were good yeah asparagus and chips is actually it did that's why i said but i didn't want to say anything i could tell but this is a product the correct answer is asparagus yeah i don't i don't understand why and so link that means you have to read the science the big words but i have a special little surprise for you guys so this time that we're playing this game josh has actually created what we're calling party bites which are combining the two things and like party bites delicious way so you both get to partake in the party bite so pass that through yeah link give us a little science and asparagus match because they share two six dimethyl lip pyrazine and two acetyl pyrrole yeah i can taste both of those in case you were wondering you can also find two acetyl pyrol in roasted peanuts and popcorn yeah so this is what is this said a it's a chip coated asparagus coated asparagus is it fried yeah it sure is the fact that you said popcorn i had no idea that asparagus would have this almost savory impact on top of the chip i i mean it's something that happened in my mouth that's why i just said that's pretty crazy and what what is our pee going to taste like later a party well i'm not going to taste it it's usually did i say taste what's our pre gonna taste like later when we exchange it and drink it like we always do more well that's what i meant to say before we subject our flavor flickers to more mad science this portion of today's episode is an ad by constant contact constant contact is an online marketing company that provides small businesses around the world with the online marketing tools resources and personalized coaching they need to market and grow their businesses that's right constant contact is your trusted partner to help with email and social marketing website building and e-commerce growth with the people who know how to deliver results for your business they have powerful easy to use tools to help anyone look professional and accelerate their business and the people and marketing 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com thanks again to constant contact for sponsoring this portion of today's episode and now let's get back to tasting the science okay so we've got watermelon and we're going to be pairing that with olives you're excited about sugar snap peas and white bread i just need a way to think of an olive so that i can think of it as good i like it maybe the watermelon will help i'm not helping two conflicting juices conflicting juices are happening in my mouth i don't know i like both of those things and they just tasted like watermelon and olives in my mouth the way that you use the toothpicks is so funny to me because like you you man handle i'm i'm specifically talking about he touches he just touched and picked up the one the p to put it on the watermelon on the thing it's fine it's you got a problem with that no no you do you huh sugar snap pea in a yeah put it i'll do it like this stevie look put it together that's a strange looking sandwich huh so now you got juice and you got a a pillow to soak it up but the taste is really what we're going for not the texture not the textures it was the aromatic nature of these two things maybe she would smell it okay you think you got it yeah i'm ready to vote all right watermelon behind the thing in three two one i think it's the olives i think so too but even though i hate it i you know that doesn't mean anything so it almost tastes like an hors d'oeuvre i've had before like an olive in in watermelon thing guys you were both correct yeah which means i have to read the science and you still get the party bite which i don't understand how that's fair where's my party bite well watermelon and olives match because they share benzadil hyde two phenols and ethanol and apparently synthetic benzene alhyde is what gives imitation almond extract its flavor so that's like a watermelon martini with some olives in it extra dirty for you extra good way out i like it i know you like this right uh-huh oh we got some blue cheese up in here i love some blue cheese i know you do oh buddy you love it enough for both of us and that's the real reason why i hate it but you love peanut butter blue cheese and so strong peanut butter are both incredibly strong flavors i'm kind of excited about putting this in my mouth i'm trying not to contaminate contaminate my peanut butter oh they combined into something new yeah it's like somebody put their foot in your peanut butter jar uh was this vinegar in the middle a vanilla extract vanilla extract vanilla extract um it makes the blue cheese taste like play-doh it really does i need some salt to really go all the way okay so now we got some pie i don't know what to think about that it it creates a cohesive experience which then tempts the vote did you like that one stevie yeah what are you laughing at you are okay so you take the pineapple with your with the toothpick and you put a little bit of cheese on it red what is he doing over there i'm doing that you guys gonna get it narrowed down to two i think i'm ready three two one the pineapple yeah tastes incredible with the chicken that that was that was good incredible i can imagine a dish coming together with those cheese and pineapple man you guys are doing so well this is last time i think it's because i know that we're putting us we're in the right mind state knowing that josh put the stuff together let's see it man yeah there's the party bite i will read the science but josh did deliver me a party bite so thank you josh look at that it's a blue cheese pineapple burger slice oh my goodness yeah this little caramelized pineapple and onions a little bit of sweet soy and then a blue cheese spread blue cheese and pineapple match because they share tyric acid and methyl pentyl ketone and just so you know butyric acid is also found in human vomit and the human colon that's why i like it so much um josh this burger is next level that's on the menu gosh you decided again oysters your favorite oh man look at that it's just like it's like a dirty snot on a on a crustacean but maybe science is going to give me some new hope so we've got green gelatin dessert we've got beets and we've got pepperoni and for those of you confused at home we've got escalating points every round that's what's happening with the math just in case that was throwing you off of course agreed on on all of the escalated points any any man's game no i don't have a toothpick for my oyster so i don't know what to do this is this is i honestly was thinking the exact same thing this is nasty man cause i mean you got that gross thing with this gross thing on it two slurpy things together how you doing okay one down two to go did you bite the oyster well i only have two two josh told me to bite it in half oh which made it even more visceral yeah yeah i did it that as well but you know what i'm gonna i like beets you know if there's one thing i like it's beets i i'm a fan of beets this is hard it's hard because you want to get half of the oyster and then you want to get somebody put snot on my beets huh that did something very interesting to link apparently boy boy boy i got it down boy i got it down bye is it hard bye it's hard for me to get it down boy i mean what what is this a muscle inside of an oyster no it's the whole thing now i mean what is it it's just like a it's just like heart and soul man heart and soul yeah there's no muscles it's everything it's all things what does it do what does it do like does it reach out and bring the bring the trap shut i don't understand i've never hung out with one at least pepperonis are strong all right guys you ready to guess as much as i've enjoyed this this is really not easy because oysters are just so not easy at all delicious three two one it's either the pepperoni or it's either the pepperoni or the beets but i'm going with beets because i felt like something new was sort of created there i don't know i think you need some correct answer is beets which means link you have to read the science and there's a party bite which link i'm sure you're going to enjoy what is this homie boy so these are raw oysters in the half shell with a green apple horseradish beet relish oh boy oysters and beets match because they share caprinaldehyde and dimethylsulfoxide but don't eat your oysters and beets in the sauna because high vapor concentrations of dimethyl sulfoxide may lead to headaches dizziness and even sedation oh gosh i don't want to be sedation and that means that rhett you win the tongue ribbon this time oh gosh i gotta put this thing on and you know what i'd love for you to have that if you want it i hate we want to thank everybody who made this possible at least the footage not being josh over there and science mr science uh so skyline because that loud you know what time it is i am becky from bakersfield california about to have a bonfire on the beach and you can spin the wheel of mythicality we will spend that mythicality click the top link to watch us guess which condiments were swirled together in good mythical more and to find out where the willow mythicality is gonna land prop up our mythical content with a mythical or gmm pop socket available now at mythical.

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