Skoolie Tour! Family w/ Teens Renovate Bus Home for $20,000!

In this series, we're constantlysearching for the answer to one question.

What truly makes a house a home.

And in today's featuredalternative home tour, you're going to step inside onecouples beautifully designed, renovated school bus.

And I challenge you while watching thisvideo to answer that question and I want to remind you that we're stillpracticing social distancing.

So this video was completely selfshot by the owners.

All right guys, let's take a tour.

Hi, I'm Mike and I'mTawny and welcome to our home.

I've always had kind of a wanderlustyside and I always wanted to travel like all good ideas.

Itstarted on Pinterest, I showed it to Mike and he was like, no.

And then we watched expedition happiness, which is a documentary about acouple that turns us into a home.

Mike and I watched it together and hewas like, okay, so that is kind of cool.

And we talked about it and by thenext week the wheels were in motion for me.

It definitely took convincingbecause I was afraid to lose our big house and the life that we hadbuilt when we started looking into like how much money you could save andhow much more free of a lifestyle you could have.

The prosdefinitely outweighed the cons.

It was a year from the time we foundthe bus to the time it was done, we had put our business in ourhouse up for sale right away.

We had jumped all in and started onthe bus.

The house had been sold, everything and then the sale of the housefell through two days before closing and through our financesinto a complete mess.

And so all of her just sat half finishedin the backyard for probably a good five or six months until we were ableto get everything completely wrapped up and finished and dive back in.

And then of course the bus likehad his own share of challenges.

You buy a bus and you tear it apart andyou go to put it back together and you don't really know what you're workingwith until you have it torn apart.

The front of the bus to feel like partof her home rather than just the cockpit or the driver's seat.

So we installed a bunch of hooks forthings like coats and car keys and our shoes and we also have two panelsthat we put in the just kind of a full wallin the front windows.

They help for installation during coldweather and we can also hang the artwork on it.

This is our living room, it's actually quite a bit differentthan when we first built the bus.

Originally we had a different couchhere and there used to be two bunk beds there.

We share custody of them with theirfather and so even if we were in town half the time they're not here.

Ultimately you have bunk beds in a sixfoot tall bus so you don't really have very much headroom.

Itactually gave them less space.

They didn't like being confined to thebunk beds and now that mantle folds down into the Murphybed or another couch.

Essentially when theother Murphy bed is down, there's two couches facing each other, so it gives the kids a place to sleepand then it also gives us as a family a way to hang out together.

And under this couchthere's plenty storage So our kitchen is an L shape thatthe fridge offset to one side.

The reason we did an L shape is becausewe wanted to be able to put an eating bar in and so by having the L we wereable to put stackable stools on the other side that very easily slide underand give us kind of a breakfast nook.

The countertops themselves are madeof a feather finished concrete.

It's not hoard, so it's not heavy.

It'swood forms with feather finish over it.

The kitchen also features and almostfull-size fridge and a three burner range.

They were mismatched set that wehappened to find on the cheap.

We used some metallic Rose gold paintto give them kind of a similar look.

The kitchen also has an apothecaryshelf that runs the length of it.

That's where I put all of the herbsthat we use for DIY body care and teas.

And then we also have a secondary pantryshelf that's on the other side of the fridge.

It's also where our filter sitsand in that we keep most of our like dry goods and stuff.

The star wood stove.

Um, it's actuallybeen quite a blessing this winter, no matter how cold has gotten outside, it's been able to keepthe bus pretty warm.

We got it from a friend of ours for $40, and they found it sitting outside theirshop when they bought their new house.

Normally the stove would have tosit farther away from the wall, but we installed cement fiberboardbehind and then Tawny's dad built us this heat shield as a spacer it was pretty large forschoolie standards.

Wedesigned it as a large wet room.

That way we'd have plentyof space to take a shower.

Had a composting toilet and a sink anda bathtub, which we use the shower hose In the back of the bus is our bedroom.

We have a queen size bed that sits ontop of a platform with a ton of storage space underneath including three largedoors that hold the majority of our clothes.

We also have a closet system forhanging our clothes on the opposite wall in the very back of the bus insteadof walling off the engine compartment.

We left it open and it's kind of like abuiltin reading nook for when we want to curl up.

It's especially nice when we can backthe bus up into parking spots and have a really beautiful view out that back window The rooftop deck is also accessiblethrough the hatch in this room.

Surprisingly downsizing andliving tiny wasn't the hard part.

I thought it would be.

Wehad three story house with five bedrooms before and I mean I reallythought that like moving from 2200 square feet to 200 square feet wasgoing to be a lot more challenging, but it wasn't.

We actuallywound up with room to spare.

I think the most important thing that welearned was patience because there were so many times where we felt likegiving up or ditching the idea or just abandoning the project altogether.

But ultimately our perseverance andfinally getting to live the lifestyle that we were trying to create was well worthall the time and the money and the effort.

One of the best parts about living onthe buses that typically we can travel whenever we want.

We canliterally be anywhere at any time.

Instead of going intothe process thinking, here's my plan and this is exactly howit will play out.

I would just tell you, you need to be very adaptablebecause your plan will change.

But as far as like our lifestylenow, I wouldn't change a thing.

I am in love with our life right now.

Thanks for watching this video.

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