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Philly Cheesesteak besides tasting amazing they are also easy to make.

After my previous Philly cheesesteak video you guys asked me to go ahead and make the most expensive version there is.

And you know there's no way I'm gonna let you down.

This is making the most expensive philly cheesesteak in the world.

So let's do it! In order to do this correctly the first thing I needed is some research.

So I went to straight back to Philadelphia for it.

And let me just tell you, if you've never been to Philadelphia, do it! It is an amazing city and something that must be experienced.

And the first stop is always the classics; Pat's and Geno's Like I mentioned on my previous video they are fantastic.

However they are completely different from each other.

It is something I recommend you giving it a try because they are the originals.

And you can't go wrong with either one of them.

Right after those two I went straight to Jim's Steaks And like always, you gotta be ready for the line.

From the outside they have some large windows where you can watch the masters make the Philly Cheesesteaks.

But when you finally get inside be expected to have even more lines.

But since the masters work really fast it goes real quick.

Unlike Pat's and Geno's which use Ribeyes for their steaks, Jim's uses top round, however they use USDA choice Black Angus beef.

And after placing my order and seeing them making this is what the Philly cheesesteak from Jim's looks like.

I must say it is delicious.

And the overall experience was awesome.

Going to the classics and knowing where they come from it is always a must.

And is something that I recommend you giving it a try.

The following stoop was Dalessandro's Steaks.

And if you think Jim's was busy uh uh you wrong.

This was insane and complete madness.

The biggest issue is that the place is small and seeing the people eating on the counter just makes you more hungry.

Watching them make the Philly Cheesesteak is impressive.

And it is so awesome to see that huge mountain of beef.

I was not able to tell which cut of beef they use.

But I can tell you one thing, they do work fast.

And you can tell that the guys making them is not their first day on the job.

Once you place your order they ask you to wait outside so they can call you out on the microphone.

Since the place is quite small it is best to eat outside.

And once I got mine this is what the D'alessandro looks like.

Immediately I could tell there's way more steak than all the others.

I totally understand why all of my subscribers were asking me to check this one out last time.

And if you are ever in Philly you got to check it out.

That was an amazing Philly Cheesesteak.

The last stop for my research was barclay prime.

This is where they sell the most expensive Philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia.

Don't believe me? Let me show it to you.

This is the menu.

You see right here barclay prime cheesesteak.

It has wagyu ribeye, foie gras, onions, truffled cheese whiz and baked on a freshly sesame roll.

A hundred and twenty bucks.

Ouch! And at the beginning they gave me a bread.

Which is called puffers.

I mean you think is gonna be big but when you bite into it is completely hollow.

However it was really good.

But after getting my appetizer which was a lobster bisque my Philly cheesesteak finally arrived.

And this is what it looks like.

Just like the menu said on a sesame bun and full of wagyu beef inside.

Couldn't find the foie gras but I am pretty sure it's in there.

And it looks pretty tasty.

Oh and don't forget the champagne.

To soften up the 120 bucks they give you a free glass.

As I took a bite of my 120 bucks Philly cheeseteak I got a lot of things to say.

But I am going to tell you about that at the end of the video when we compare to the one I am doing.

And that one will be several times more expensive than this.

But if you want to know overall if it was good, yes it was.

It was very good.

As a matter of fact, it was excellent.

However some things need to be said.

But now that you've seen all the research I've made to make this one amazing Philly cheesesteak, it is time for me to make my version, so let's do it! I'm gonna make two versions for you, the first one is with shoulder clod wagyu this is way cheaper than Japanese Wagyu A5, which will be the next.

The first thing to do is to remove all the silver skin and connective tissue.

Once that's done I like to put it in the freezer to firm up so I can cut it real thin.

After one hour in the freezer you can really appreciate the marbling of this beef.

It is nothing like A5 but you can see how wonderful it looks.

The next step is to slice everything as thin as possible.

Now I am not looking for ground beef.

We are making Philly cheesesteak, not Philly hamburgers.

In the end I was left with nice little small squares of steaks.

And that is exactly what I am looking for.

And a quick tip, you don't want to season your steak right now.

You want to season it as it is being cooked.

And salt and pepper is good enough.

And this is Japanese Wagyu A5, the most expensive steak in the world.

It is a one inch thick New York Strip marbling score 11.

If you ever wondered what the best of the best looks like, this is it.

No other cut of beef comes even close.

It is the grand champion of beef.

In order to cut it real thin the first thing to do is to partially freeze it.

After one hour it was firm enough to cut it real thin.

And as I am cutting you can really appreciate the marbling of this steak.

If by any means you think that this is regular fat, it is not.

I know that it looks 60% fat and 40% beef but this fat is like butter and if you have never had it, it is difficult to describe.

The taste and the texture is completely different than regular fat.

But once I was done slicing I was left with beautiful strips of Japanese Wagyu A5.

If you are thinking I am going to use regular oil with these steaks you are mistaken.

I am going to be rendering this fat to make to make Japanese Wagyu A5 tallow.

Which is basically beef fat.

Now let's talk about bread.

If you want to go classic you want to use the Italian.

You don't want it crunchy, it needs to be soft.

That is how they do it in Philadelphia and the way I recommend it.

This is medianoche bread.

It is very similar to brioche.

Super soft, it has a lot of fat and also my nephew's favorite bread.

And I will be using it for the less expensive version.

And this is Italian bread with everything on it.

I'll be using this one for the most expensive cheesesteak in the world.

And if you guys are interested on making any of these breads just make sure to put a comment below and I'll make sure to give you the recipe.

Since I am pretty sure they use truffle oil on the restaurant, I am going to be using real truffle butter.

To make it it's pretty straight forward.

Grab the black truffle and cut it into little pieces.

If you don't have a shaver you can also use a micro grater.

Throw everything into the food processor mix it with butter put it in the refrigerator and let it sit.

And you are left with beautiful truffled butter.

This is the beginning for our cheese whiz.

And the next item is provolone cheese.

To make it is super easy to do.

Throw in your truffled butter and let it melt.

Once that's done add a little bit of heavy whipping cream and mix it well.

Under low heat add in your provolone cheese.

Mix everything together until you make a nice sauce.

If it starts to get too thick add a little bit of more heavy whipping cream.

Remember exact amounts and ingredients always on the description down below.

Once the cheese has been melted and combined together you are left with the perfect and most amazing cheese whiz in the world.

This my friends can not be bought you gotta make it.

And it is delicious.

But now that we have everything ready it is time to make the most expensive Philly cheesesteak in the world.

So let's do it! Alright everybody we have our beautiful cheesesteaks here.

What do you think Angel? They look awesome.

They do.

We have two different kinds.

I want to try them and see which one is best.

Which one you like best.

Alright let's go with this one first.

Will go with this one second.


Cheers buddy.


Oh that's good! I went for a big bite.

Hold on! I don't know if its the cheese or if it's fatty.

It's a little fatty? Yea yea You know why you taste a little bit fattier? Because this is a wagyu.

But it's not like an A5 or you know a wagyu marbling score 7 It's not Australian? It's not Australian.

It's a just a regular cheesesteak but a little bit fattier.

Nothing crazy different just a little bit more fat.

Let's go for the second one buddy.

You tell me if there's any difference.

Wow, the creaminess of this one is off the chain.

I might have to go without you, you better hurry up and say cheers.

Alright cheers buddy let's go.

ha ha ha ha.

There's a big difference boy.

You tell me.

That custom made cheese whiz is off the chain.

No this is incredible.

This is also wagyu? Yes but which kind? A5 You can tell is a lot of fat.

You guys probably saw it there when I was making it the amount of pool of fat on the bottom of the pan It's absolutely ridiculous.

It is very rich but it's also extremely flavorful.

It is wonderful, wonderful.

In every way.

Here's what I gotta say, on the restaurant I can guarantee you it is not wagyu A5 The restaurant is kind of like this one here everybody.

I can guarantee you, There's no way that is not even close to like an A4 or maybe even A3 probably an A1.

That steak is nothing close to it.

Or maybe is just American Wagyu I am not quite sure.

And also, they put too much truffle.

So the truffle is extremely powerful on that steak.

On this one is very mild.

It comes in but it doesn't come in so strong.

Exactly, I think there they're using truffle oil instead of real truffle So they just dump a lot of oil, you can really taste too much of the truffle so it kind of threw me off a little bit.

I think this is a wonderful experience but I am not quite sure if it would be worth making a Philly cheesesteak out of it.

Alright give me a scenario though.

Why are you eating it? To experience something completely different that you never experienced before.

Yes Then it makes sense.

I agree yea.

If you want to try something that you have never seen or experience before, it is a great experience.

Is it worth just to make it just to make it? No.

No, no no If you are just like dang I am pretty hungry right now, I wonder what I should eat.

Go for this one.

Just go for the regular one.

Just make the regular cheesesteak.

Just a regular one.

But if you are in for something completely different, out of the ordinary, something you never tried before Yea I agree with you this one.

To test your palate to taste something new.

Just like a Japanese Wagyu A5 it is an experience steak, Yea.

You are not gonna eat it every day.

Agree? Thank God I am here.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

If you do enjoy this video make sure you give it a thumbs up.

If you are not a subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos.

Remember if you are interested in anything I use, everything is always on the description down below.

Thank you so much for watching and we'll see you guys on the next one.

Take care everybody.

Bye bye.


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