Life at Home…All Over the World – Season 3 Episode 17 – The Now United Show

Hey hello you know there hey hey Unitas hello you made a mess how United how are you guys yeah you are you up to what the like where are you what are you doing what is your mood are you ready for a great show you sure you're positive I'm curious what the other members are doing at this exact moment what do you think hmm hmm good question I wonder what they're doing right now I wonder what they're doing right now I wonder what they're doing right now I [Applause] [Music] love gardening is my favorite thing to do hmm welcome to breakfast with you we're gonna make some puff of cotton toasted some yogurt because I want to fire oil the dosed is ready you gotta flip it at the right exact moment let's get your toasted bread some ranch barbecue sauce avocado bring the egg that you made and then [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] someday [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay wait a second let's show them what we're really doing follow us along and you'll see a day in the life of a knight and I remember in our home countries I am currently in Aleppo where I live right now I'm living with my family and today I'm gonna show you how I spend my evening I'm in Orange County California I'm here in my garage where I live I put a bed in here now so now I can sleep in here so I never have to leave I don't have an excuse to leave anymore I am in Kazu I know where I eat sleep work watch movies and I'm living with my mom and my dad currently I'm in Moscow in Russia singing at home so I'm currently in Sydney Australia where I live with my family I'm currently in Walla Walla where I live and right now I'm living with my parents my sister my dogs and my boyfriend I am currently in st.

Albert Alberta where I live and right now I am with my whole family so two brothers two parents two dogs I'm in banki relative right now I'm living with my family I'm currently in Los Angeles where I work and right now I'm living by myself okay so I'm currently in London Dagenham where I live living with my mom and my sister and Alby but I'll be gone here at the moment because I'm not working my body today I'm going to do crazy soccer with my sister and just chill today I'm just gonna show you my everyday life I've been living here in court good morning today I look up for this little baby we 7:30 a.


I just woke up took a shower so pretty outside today it is so crazy for me to think that like I'm waking up right now but on the other side of the world some of the members are still sleeping and then on the other side some of them are already going back to sleep time zones really confuse me good morning it is currently around 9:30 a.


and I am going to do a workout I've been doing a workout every day in this quarantine in the morning good morning everybody I just took my morning shower and now I'm gonna do my makeup I don't really need to do it cuz I'm at home but I do it everyday because it's just a form of entertainment okay it's time to get ready for the day so let's start make it up is Brady today is a very deep day it is so windy today in Australia like it looks so cold outside got so many players on welcome to the kitchen we're gonna need a coffee one of these this into this I'm so great at giving you instructions beautiful now we take some coffee oh my god it smells so good and now we need us some water I think that's it and now we wait did I turn it on and now we wait if you guys don't know I live in a city called Leopard and the weather here is hot like really hot [Music] today I'm going to make some more wall art for my empty wall huh I didn't have no idea right now what I'm gonna do but I just pulled up any kind of ingredient just any kind of thing that I can make a wall art with I want to make something like a straight so I'm going to because I can see if I can come up with an idea I think that kind of have an idea or don't want to do for me it's going to take an hour for you guys it's gonna take one second ready now we have to add in some branches and some line or shapes on the side I found the perfect word perfect letter and this is the letter opener right and this letter means peace and togetherness I wanted to have a meaning of there's peace and togetherness in this house so when everyone walks into my apartment they can feel peaceful and welcome wish me luck guys maybe if you use the small brush I can't even breathe and are you guys ready for the final reveal [Music] so it's currently 1a and when I am no it's too bad well it's 2 p.


and I already got ready and right now I'm going to the supermarket and I'm gonna buy some healthy food and then I'm gonna cook lunch which is gonna be the first time I'm cooking since I'm back from tour let's go shopping [Music] ready I honestly feel a good doctor I just arrived at the supermarket and now I realize that I forgot my oh I don't know I realized that I forgot the list what I need and I don't know what I need so I need my list and comes mr.

Aziz now I'm ready two thousand years later I'm going to do this what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put egg spinach some cheese and olives and then I'm gonna mash everything together I'm gonna put it into a bowl and then it's gonna go into the oven and then I'm done okay so I have all the vegetables in there I know and then I put one egg in there and now I'm gonna put one egg on top of this I'm done with me Lucas it looks so much better in the picture but let's see how it tastes wish me luck I'm scared of my own food it's too salty but it's not bad it was my first time so next time it's gonna be better wash the car [Music] we're part of the car yeah we are born in the car yeah right now I'm in Beijing I don't know what's happening is sunny but it's also raining so rate on me oh my god hey guys I'm on my way to get some training and stuff and just you know daily use a place that I always go to bring rain on me rain rain I read there be dry I'm just gonna go to the office [Music] I'm biking my bed and I'm about to do my favorite thing to do during this quarantine I'm gonna eat while I watch my favorite TV show yeah are you ready [Music] this is Sydney's most famous landmark the Opera House and the bridge all right so since my dogs are complete princesses don't like to walk very long distances I'm they're very short legs you know them in a stroller and we're taking him for a walk I really walk more of a push I am taking a little walk with Shelby she's like I got this remember how I said it looked like it was gonna be a nice and sunny day so pretty outside today I was wrong and now I'm soaking wet alright let's talk about knock down on quarantine as you guys know we're all going through it and I thought I'd let you guys know and how I'm doing during this hard time I'm just gonna be truthful to you guys I am I'm struggling quite a lot mainly because everything I did when I was here at home I'm not able to do anymore because it's locked down it's hard you know okay guys I've been training for three hours already in the dental studio and I'm so exhausted but still I have ten minutes to work out on my [Music] I changed put on some dry clothes now that's the rice cooking up over there I have some chicken over here that I need to cut up I wonder what the other members are eating today we have roast dinner and it looks so beautiful a delicious dish I'm gonna finish it five minutes MasterChef yeah I was thinking that I can make a song with you guys but I'll have to do the whole song in ten minutes oh my goodness already a minute in like 30 seconds is gone there's some different cards I don't know if the safest last line and we gotta go for it even though I don't have it down we have like five minutes left I gotta plug it in we're running at a time I'm taking the car I got a big record one of the parts because I messed up hey I think we have a song I'm record I think I have let's see how much time on the clock oh it's been ten minutes let's have a little little party and here's our little music video ready 3 2 1 go [Music] there's nothing to film all the stuff for you this way I love you on the top I look awesome but then the bottoms yep that's my reality [Music] thank you now I'm working on a little song I'm about to make and I want to play for you guys right now yeah that's how it sounded at the moment I hope you guys like that and that I like the way that you build but you don't act like it but your friends will speak your phone [Music] you can decide we're alone you're the funny one people staring at [Music] like that.

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