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we've been missing Jenna Bush Hager and so we got to thinking how is Miss Hager doing well guess what Jenna is here to see anybody's face anyone's face to see y'all makes me so so happy tell us how you're doing tell us everything well we've been good we're I'm here with Henry and the girls and how just the five of us and we've been staying home and I have to say it's been a journey which I've really disliked that word but it really has because at the beginning we weren't used to each other this much time and we last night Henry said worth eating now and I feel like that it been there's been moments that are messy quite literally like tons of laundry when are we at work we get these babes at age you know six almost seven her birthday probably here with just us maybe we'll do a zoom party for yourself so I'm trying like a lot of my friends and probably a lot of moms just too and Dad to just try to make beautiful moment but and you know how that you've said this like in the world so I didn't make what's happening in your own house feel safe and so I've been how in our culture some of these professions that we don't always you know we take for granted a lot the nurses and the doctors and the people that work at the grocery stores that crop drivers all of the people that you know sacrificing their health or at and you know what about the teachers hello I've been home fully if you're using your skills they're all coming back by the way I don't think teachers have ever been more appreciated than in this moment it's email me prop knees teacher and I just said like three things I don't know how you did it how you keep this child entertained because I they call me miss Jenna I'm principal lemon too and Henry's assistant principal lime and we're just hanging in there but I saw this video so funny oh this is our morning meeting those are boards oh I love it will you talk about that piece of video you saw Jenna because I'm sorry I know you said it's a savanna you said it to me when I was in it is there wait let's just roll it by the god I am your humble servant what I am NOT is a math teacher is frustration and no answer to the math problem your angels of the carrot Overlord teacher that if you carry the one over to the tens place you can get the answer Lord God watch the whole thing she really got me and I am NOT that this is not a cafeteria because every day they're like at school we had snacks at 9:30 and I'm like well I hope we don't have parents okay so I don't I mean I'm impressed you're even doing school right now yeah well I know it's a spring break for our kids I know I know I was waiting till next week okay I mean you're an overachiever too so I don't know what this makes me but I I'm trying I thought it was a good idea what yesterday we didn't I have to say we put on some some more screen time than I'm ever allowed myself mhm Peeta what's so funny like there was this one day where I raised my voice I was down on myself for the way that I was acting to attend right honestly the way I was acting to with my kids and I video that they were like this is the best we get mommy and daddy at home for dinner every night and I was so hard on myself but I just thought like okay and I haven't had any humidity this is like girl chat I just thought you know our kids just want us yeah even not in our perfect ways y'all know I can get kind of testy and so there's a lot of anxiety but we're just and I know I hope I get to have one with you guys this helps I thought about my grandma a lot and she says humor helps and that's what I've been trying to do laugh with my girlfriends on zoom' and laugh with Henry over the funny things that happen on our daily basis and try not cry over dirty dishes and so about his life is just too short by the way that's the best advice that is the best advice because I feel like sometimes I don't know how it is Savannah at your house too because it's like we're finding ourselves like waking up and there's everybody and having lunch and there's everybody and just how are you dealing SJ at your house you know it's so funny because I I felt the exact same as Jenna you just described and I really feel like I've actually kind of snapped at my kids more in the last seven days than I have in their entire lives you know just those moments because they and I think I think because even though we're trying to keep it pretty cool and even even-handed they sense that something's different and my little daughter yesterday she said mommy she was like crying she won't leave my side she's like physically attached to me and she finally just said mom I think I missed school I miss my friends I miss morning meeting I miss recess I miss mr.

G and it just kind of broke my heart but also just also broke it wide open I'm like you tell me more about that what else do you miss you know let's hear it let's get it out you have any more tears to cry let's all cry and then let's move on you know and I think sometimes we need to do that by the way that is the best advice you.

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