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happy weekend everyone i'm shannon i hope you're having a safe and blessed weekend we are actually celebrating you and our favorite brands throughout this weekend um i'm jam-packed with a lot of my favorites in this hour i am sensitive sally so first of all i can't use deet and pesticide you know in fact there's a big thing on deet um and some of the ingredients in those insects insecticides recently this is developed by a woman which first of all i love american company love love love but it's a natural a natural deterrent for all those critters now here's what's interesting charlie i don't think we have a chart but i'm going to have linda lydae speak to this it's pet friendly you can put this on your pets on your fur babies oh perfect thank you so that means it's because it's cedar oil oh if you have horses this is great for horses so no ticks or fleas or stink bugs or ants or dust mites or roaches or mosquitoes or noseums good grief i think those in the gnats are worse or flies or horse flies even if you don't do it for your grandbabies do it for your fur babies love love love this product that is coming up and then we also have a way to keep you cool um hunter of course their company that's been around for over 100 years they know how to cool that air we have i think this is the only airing of the weekend i'll have to check my notes um from tracy it might be just because we don't have a lot of them to go around so it was save for me sellout quantity tracy rossa is going to be coming up at the end of this hour in the meantime though we are all uh safer at home and and social distancing and so it's kind of fun though because not only do we get to celebrate our best brands at hsn this weekend we get to spy on all of our guests we get to see what their real life looks like well in real life this is a huge huge huge customer pick here at hsn 648 reviews virtually all of them are perfect you know there are people who have the the bissell and then the people who want the bissell and and have vacuum envy we have an hsn exclusive limited quantities we're doing free shipping and we are spying on the illustrious jenny bond with her fur babies at home how you doing you bissell baby you're great i love that i haven't been described like that all day shannon i'm so happy i'm here for you jenny hey i'm going to turn things over to you just real quickly because um i'm going to talk about the elephant in the room real quickly first of all anybody who has this loves this and you just you need to do it longer run run time no chords no chords no chords but um if you could give them the broad strokes because when i first looked at this so when we first sold this save for any surface i don't care if you've got shag or tile or area rugs or berber you know wherever you're going but i looked at this my friend and i thought first of all how in the world is this going to do real cleaning that's number one because you think cordless i'm not going to get power or run time right the battery goes i mean yeah we love the fact that it's lightweight cordless but it doesn't even look like it would hold much bissell reinvented the vacuum with this this is a this is a game changer in the category isn't it it's an absolute game changer you guys because at eight pounds you get cordless capability and you're gonna get 40 minutes of runtime can you do this with your vacuum but then also come over here and pick up a big mess letting it go ahead and stand on its own and never worrying about a cord well now you finally can with the air ram so let me show you what we have down here we've got everything i've got cereal i've got pet hair i've got all kinds of just a mess you may think that you have to get that big bulky upright you don't anymore because here with the bissell air ram and only here it's about compression tank technology and everything's at the base of your vacuum but it's this little guy right here wait you see it it's a suction squeegee so what's going to happen as soon as i get on my floors you turn it on like that those led lights allow you to see it but as soon as you get on those floors i'm immediately having that suction squeegee it's pulling up say all the streamers the pet hair i mean and you know how much i talk about my pet shannon i know pets you get the messes you get the dust and this is the only place to get the exclusive peel that you're seeing plus for the first time and only time you're getting that extra filter because we know that we're cleaning different ways but guys if you're sick and tired of what your vacuum is not doing for you right now look what the air ram can do 180 you're gonna get that great handle plus the led lights allow you to see all of the nets now at eight pounds this is what's happening it's a bissell been around since 1876 they had that good housekeeping seal of approval 22 volt lithium ion battery this is going to give you 40 minutes of run time so you have amazing power from one minute to 40 you're never going to get a lag it's the same power but when i talk about compression this is what i mean this tank right here because this one knows you want to pick up the messes at the bottom this tank can fill up almost even more than this tank say goodbye to the bulky tank say goodbye to the stinky bags that stink up the room you're getting the exclusive teal you can't get anywhere else you have your little teal arrow and don't blink this is called the missile slider right you take it you slide the mess out you never have to touch it again no dust is popping back up into your face you don't to sneeze or breathe for the first time ever this is the filter that you get okay that normally comes with it and now today you are actually getting an extra filter now you don't ever have to buy it or replace it or throw it out but this one knows we're cleaning in a different way there's so much dust this is just after i i do use my earring at my house this is just from regular dust and i've got my distal air purifier here as well but there's just dust in our homes you're getting that triple level filtration system it pops on just like this and finally vacuuming is easy we're gonna pop this back in and i want you to think about it okay fourth of july is next week hi pepper she sheds a lot let me tell you what we've got lots of pet hair right there okay this is the one that you want to go to and grab watch this great swivel and i can just keep going over this mess so this could be a super high pile carpet i'm going to show it on my wood i'm going to show you on tile you can take it outside you can take it inside and look at this you don't ever have to switch the brush rolls i can go right here from my wood to my carpet to even something like this shannon look at that pile of coffee look at my led lights that allow me to see that mess you guys you get that amazing swivel the led lights allow you to see stuff that you didn't even know was on your carpet going right there but what's the difference you guys just replaces it upright this replaces the cord cut the cord you never have shatter and look at how gorgeous these hardwood floors look but can they even in this position go completely flat everything gets picked up you see everything and then you also have these extra large wheels so they truly allow you to maneuver so you can tackle any mess in your home and this is my favorite part because we know there's other cordless vacuums out there i don't want to dog them everything's in the hand they fall over unless you get all the gear and put it on the wall how about that's how you store it eight pounds this is your go-to vacuum say goodbye to the cord it is indeed and by the way that flex pay is only good this weekend flex pay if you're new to hsn remember you can use paypal debit card any major credit card those are interest-free payments there's a 30-day return policy on everything that we offer here at hsn uh jenny's doing an amazing job we were spying on her and um kind of like where is waldo try to find the weeping angel that is fascinating my crew remember how i said with it or spying on people so there's my where is waldo uh you know you know we we love zipper do you know what i'm talking about you know okay but one other thing that i love is um in addition to the obvious i mean it's hsn exclusive it's bissell's number one it's a favorite here's also an american company they are pioneers in business over 100 years they're doing this only for us this i believe is your last airing of the weekend you're also getting your two-year warranty that flex pay is only for this weekend by the way our best of the best brands uh weekend but here's what i personally like um i gave my crew a heads up you know i'm just having you know if you have arthritis or dexterity issues you have good days bad days today's not such a great day if you are wheelchair assisted or you have some of those [Music] weight restrictions in terms of what you can lift or push this is less than eight pounds but here's the other thing that i love this is yes this is great for for storage but the fact that this handle goes up or down so large small wheelchair assisted um you know even from the comfort of your easy chair or your sofa it makes it easy with that compression technology but the power this is power that packs a punch in a cordless design hey jenny um i thank you for demonstrating that in your house and the other thing that i want to ask is um i think of my cell phone so when my cell phone starts to lose juice it's not like the signal gets weaker even though the battery is going down it's kind of the same equivalent with this correct exactly and that's why and i'm glad that you mentioned this earlier we have almost 600 reviews i've done the research at hsn a lot of vacuums don't have that people love this my mother's here tonight she loved it i have a video when she opened hers it's amazing it's because of the technology this is that 22 volt lithium ion battery you will never get a lull because once as soon as it's charged this allows you to know right here that it's charged i'm gonna have four bars and then actually show it to the camera this way and that lets me know that i'm at full charge now these stairs may move a little bit but i'm always gonna have this power from one minute to the next now you can carry this easily upstairs and downstairs in my home right now i have an air ram from four years ago that battery is still amazing it still gets the job done and it's durable on a workhorse now i love what you said if you have any mobility issue i know that vacuums can be really hard but you still want to clean up your home this is one of the only vacuums i know that when the handle is in its low mode like this it still works so you can be hitting you still have these amazing ergonomic panels so i can easily glide i'm never going to get scattered you don't ever have to think about what level you want to have your vacuum on go right over that big pile but it really is the fact that finally and i know that you may be watching oh do i need another vacuum we're cleaning so different now you need the vacuum that's going to give you 40 minutes of run time at 8 pounds that allows you to do any floor and these led lights are going to allow you to see messes but how about cleaning your stairs look what you're able to do here i'm going to cut here i can go completely flat underneath the crib i can go underneath the bed underneath all the chairs and furniture on top of the stairs because you're finally cutting the cord i'm going to show you a little secret we had a little bit of a celebration today this is the vacuum that i take and i can take outside take it out to the bar take it out to the deck or to the pool maybe you're taking the sand off maybe the kids have got you know their cleats and they're taking stuff off some kids are doing their sports you turn it on with one push of your button this is your outdoor vacuum you don't have to get a broom anymore and just let you know don't let this size fool you you're never going to want a broom again but this will out be your largest upright right now and i promise these led lights glide and allow you to see but look here this is a vacuum that you're in complete control everything is right here and it's about under a pound in my hand so you can glide right there and guess what now i'm on the wood now i go in the carpet you don't have to pick what level you want your brush roll but having that cordless freedom i promise if this is the first time you see the air ram congrats to get it home this is going to be the vacuum that changes the way that you clean cut that cord you get your 22 volt lithium-ion battery let me just show you this too so just so you know it's kind of a joke around my house because i love my air rams you take it you plug it in like this okay you can plug it in or you can also plug it in so you get your plug you get your battery and you're getting the extra filter now i can't tell you i mean i have an older home i have lots of dust this traps it so now i'm not blowing everything back into my face i'm not breathing in the dust and because of the technology of this this is what we talk about with compression tank say goodbye shannon we don't want this this is heavy it makes you sweat it's bulky don't let this fool you this is why it has that good housekeeping seal of approval you get that arrow remember you can't get the teal anywhere else you cannot get the extra filter and you see that you see all the coffee you see the pet hair you see the streamers you slide it out with that thistle slide i never have to touch anything but i ever i will never lose loss of suction i also want you to know that i can go and go and go i mean i i probably charge my maybe once a week too that's a lot of things people ask look at the dust if you're thinking like i don't even know how often i change out the filter in my bath my vacuum now or the bag of my vacuum this is just the dust from what i'm cleaning in my home now so what you're going to do because you get that extra filter you don't have to throw it out you simply give it a nice rinse let it air dry and for the first time you can put in your extra filter this is a bissell it's been around since 1876 when you go to the stores and you see bissell you know they're gonna last but you can't get this one anywhere else you really can't and here's what's happening now again if you are channel surfing this is our best brand our favorite brand weekend of course bissell is that i do not believe there's another airing um if there is it would be abbreviated at best this was saved for this show so rick i'd love to show how few of these there are and i say that only because you know bissell is sold elsewhere now the 1700 that we have remaining is not in consideration of the manner in which people are shopping load that app on your phone call that toll-free number go to hsn.

com it's entirely up to you everything has a risk-free 30-day return policy we are honoring free shipping that four flex pay is for this weekend or this last airing only as long as supplies last bissell is not doing this configuration anywhere else exclusive color exclusive package good housekeeping seal the extra or the bonus filter weighing in at less than eight pounds and no kidding as someone who does really think twice about okay how do i feel today can i vacuum if that's you and frankly even if you don't have mobility issues why make your job any harder than it needs to be even though this is cordless and you know you say something's cordless you would assume that it just wouldn't have the power this we are doing the same demos that we do with our full-size uprights you can see very clear carpet lines but whether you have hardwood floors or shag or area rug or whatever it is you don't have to worry about you know setting a certain carpet setting is it going to scratch my hardwood floors is it going to mar my hardwood floors you can see that it has that pickup and that precision that compression technology and then i love love love that collapsible handle whether it's for those of us who are wheelchair assisted or just easy storage but jenny when i say this checks all of the boxes you got to get it read those reviews for yourself because let's be honest it's one thing for somebody to go online and say oh i love these shoes or i love this restaurant or i love this movie when you have hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds when people are leaving about a vacuum you're doing something special exactly and that's why i mean i love the fact you know bissell works with hsn you get the exclusive color you get the extra filter which vista worked really hard to bring in it's a new type of cleaning and also and i love that you mentioned the brush roll i mean this does have all the newest technologies if you had a vacuum today or even this week that did this that was heavy that was stinky you don't need it i promise you that i use this it's a joke amongst my friends and family this is my go-to vacuum now i did a couple of fun little things here because i want to show you how versatile it is so here we have just like you know a runner but i have coffee in it now this is to show you hi okay and i put it on really thick and i'll even pour some more if you want to see me because no matter how big that tile is there isn't a piece left behind and i promise when you open this up first of all the battery's all ready to go you just pop the handle in there's no tools and it's actually got the battery charge but this is that suction squeegee are you ready because of that seal it puts even on a gap i've got wood with carpet here it's pulling up the feathers before you even get there and if some fly away you've got that swivel and you can get them and if that's compressing it right there but then here even on the tile i've got cereal inside the ground of the tile nothing is ever going to scatter nothing's gonna be left behind and then i can go edge to end but then we take it are you ready for this so here we've got some fun little messes i did so if you've got kids grandkids you want that grab-and-go powerhouse you don't need to have that flimsy thing that doesn't get the job done here we got some beads nothing gets pushed into the carpet even if you have a big carpet an oriental rug it doesn't matter going around the kitchen table cereal noodles you name it you can even maneuver right where it is but it's the pet hair it's the stuff that really causes so many issues for our carpets and look i want to show this as well i can put it with the lower handle other vacuums don't have it when you do in a lower handle for your mobility issues it doesn't work now you're in control now i can go right underneath here and get that pet hair but best of all even with the lower handle mode you see other vacuums they can go completely flat at a 180 this allows you to get that maneuver you get that swivel and this is what i mean here all of the control is in your hand these handles are easy to use they're still in that exclusive peels and you can glide right over but then how about this you ready got a couple of messes for you shannon so here we go this is to prove long pet hair we've got streamers i put some like fuzz i put all kinds of messes we've got coffee grounds imagine taking your eight pound powerhouse that's cordless taking it out one push of the button my led lights allow me to know my 22 volt lithium ion battery is ready to go and look at how it compresses right down swiveling easy this really is why people over 600 reviews people are passionate about it because other vacuums they have all the powers up in the handle and it's heavy and then they flop over you can't store them there's nothing more annoying and those really expensive cordless vacuums if you really look at it they have 15 maybe 20 minutes of runtime 40 minutes but this small tank compresses down no loss of suction you're going to go ahead here remember you got your arrow but this is what we're talking about compression i always try to make it really pretty if i can for a show the coffee the sand we have all kinds of feathers you take your little arrow and you slide it right out now look at this here nothing is left on any of the carpets or my hardwood floors but this is what you're able to pick up with your air ram and keeping your carpets looking wonderful never having to have that cord again all at eight pounds all in eight pounds and only as long as supplies last part of our best brands weekend or our favorite brands weekend uh jenny you know i love having you here thanks for showing off your home and your pets and all your messages you know i hope hopefully our houses don't look this bad but it's fun to make messes the air room gets it done absolutely thank you jenny uh all right thanks to you don't hang up we still have yours available hey i might give you a little peek at suzy orman because my producer tells me we actually don't have enough to do the entire hour that's also last show of the visit and more stay tuned there are so many reasons to shop hsn during our brand view love weekend we're bringing our biggest names and brightest stars together just for you don't miss all your favorites now through sunday on hsn and hsn.

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com well it's our favorite brands our best brands weekend here at hsn i'm shannon and i hope you can stay with me not only for this hour we've got great things to improve the quality of life in your home but how about something to help you improve your quality of life and that's whether you are retiring or not now hsn customers whether you're new or not susie actually created this package only for us um i was texting susie earlier and she said shannon you know even if there were any remaining that this this configuration is going away period going away period now not only do you get that hardcover book and by the way please go to amazon i'm you wonder why you'll go to amazon but do it because the book sells for almost half the price of admission it's a new york times bestseller but there are hundreds of rave reviews about just the book and it's not only the book but it's you also getting your audio book listen to susie's podcast by the way and then you get the must-have documents twenty five hundred dollars worth of uh must have documents you can pay it forward so it comes with a code you get that digital download and you can you know upgrade it you can share it it is good in any state when those are gone they are never ever ever coming back at that price so if you're a susie fan like i am of course i hope you can join us well i'm a fan of anything that can keep the bugs at bay and even better if it can do it without deet or insecticides there was just a news story in the last couple weeks about you know the the the stuff we don't want so here's what you do want you do want no more bugs it's an american proud woman created company it's cedar oil i love this honestly i would use this as a fragrance and you could consider it that but if you didn't do it for yourself do it for your fur babies whether that's horses cats dogs kids husbands everybody in between no harsh chemicals no harsh chemicals but this uh linda who you'll meet in a moment this is our favorite package it's the one i have it's the one you should have rick do we have any on the auto ship because if we do i might try to go on auto ship oh you know what i'll i'm gonna be shopping here in a second because i actually don't have it on auto ship but there are 1500 of you who can get it on auto ship so here's the scoop ola all natural no none of the stuff we don't want the 32 ounce concentrate and then i love these on the go bottles these are your empty spray bottles that you fill so they come empty you know just makes sense for shipping purposes these little clipolas so you're never never leave home without it and then i love this i heard leslie say one time it's not a french fry which i thought it was the cutest analogy it's actually a sponge that expands because you'll actually want to rub this on the interior of your cupboards and your drawers and everything else let me show you what it gets rid of or helps deter real quickly because you have to meet charlie you have to meet charles and linda but ticks no more ticks no more fleas no more stink bugs no more ants no more dust mites no more roaches no more mosquitoes no more no seems or nats no more horse flies 1 500 on the auto ship only i'm actually going to turn it over to linda because i do have to get on auto ship for this gardening fishing tennis boating you know fur babies everybody in between hey linda you know we always love seeing you one of our treasured home experts but you know charles steals the show every time you're here hi my friend hi how are you well you know uh charles i could not get him groomed so i did a little grooming myself and i think he might look a little bit like a possum i'm not sure don't he he doesn't like me to tell him that he looks a little bit like a possum but whether you have a poodle or a possum a kitty cat a dog a horse whatever this is safe for you your family inside your home outside your home everywhere you go and you're right i love this and the travel bottle is my favorite because it is easy to put it in the pocket of your car in your purse in your golf bag wherever it is in the kids backpack and you're getting the carabiner so the carabiner is fantastic what it does is it clips right to the neck of your bottle and there you go you can clip it on your belt loop a lot of guys like to wear it but you're going to want to keep this on you when you go in the woods now this is a usda bio-based certified product what that means it's a fancy certificate given by the united states department of agriculture but it basically says this is a product that's safe for you your family your pets you can spray it on you it smells good because it's cedar oil that's the trick right so you see this is a little mini cedar chest that i have here i have that because remember you might have had a grandparent or a parent somebody has a cedar chest right and they put all their wool clothes in there all their winds are closed and the reason they do that is because the bugs don't like cedar the way the bugs breathe is through their shell so they wear their spinal cord on the outside basically right so they are breathing through that the moment they smell cedar they can't stand it and they hightail it out so you don't have to have a moral dilemma around your house when you you know because the bugs don't come in they stay outside if you don't want them on your plants you spray the plant and i want you to spray the plant in the evening and i actually like to spray down below the plant all right but when it comes to the beach when it comes to your picnic you want to bring this with you inside the home it does not stain you can spray it on your carpet you can spray it on your sofa your chairs don't worry about that also outside furniture spray it on there couple tricks spray this up on the umbrella underneath the umbrella bring this with you and i have to say that i spray the table if you're doing some social distancing eating and you're eating out of the picnic table there on one of your favorite you know places if they have outdoor eating spray the table down that's what i do i spray it down and then we put the plates on it and we don't get those no see them see down here in florida we have bugs called no sims and they're exactly that you can't see them and shannon you know they will eat me alive it's like all you can eat buffet lie day is here when it comes to the fleas and the ticks this is fantastic now since i actually have a model right here i'm going to show you real quick how to do this right so when you spray this on your kitty cat your puppy dog i want you to go from the tail and you're going to spray up from the tail to the neck right and you spray it on each side all right now when it comes to under their underbelly you put it under their underbelly and you spray it in your hands and you bring it down on their face you never spray a cat or a puppy dog or a horse now the horse community loves this but never spray an animal in the face with this you want to spray it in your hand and then you wipe it on their face but you're going to love it because they're gonna smell good too they are hey linda just a real quick question about that because i was gonna ask about plants um that's a so you use it at full strength when you're using it as um a deterrent for yourself or pets am i saying that correct only only put that on your hands and then massage it in and then by the way the reason i ask about plants is uh it jumped out at me like a snake i don't know why this isn't on our top line graphic but it's on the bottle so i'm going to read it snake deterrent and i realized they do great things um you know in terms of insects and the environment and whatnot but holy smoke i've got a little patio garden and no no kidding you want to talk about you know someone i didn't know i was that agile linda i mean no i didn't make any noises that would have disturbed the neighbors but no kidding you know and again they're god's creatures but you know snakes ticks bugs no siems i'm with you i'm also very fair so the reason i went on auto ship and by the way rick a little over a thousand left on auto ship okay get on auto ship and here's why um i i love this product but i i was actually out and i do like i said i've got a patio garden if i showed you my legs right now you would swear that you know i had a case of the measles or something not only do they love me i'm very allergic to insect bites so sometimes you just kind of forget it's like oh i'm out of this product right do that auto-ship and then if if you haven't used it up you can migrate those deliveries but that's why i'm going on auto ship because i was like dad got it why didn't i place that order because linda you know what it's like it's like when you run out of milk in the fridge it's like okay i'm out of milk in the fridge but you'll appreciate this more when you do run out just because it works so naturally so easily and so effectively right that's absolutely right now you mentioned the snakes right not i don't know a lot of women that love snakes every once in a while you meet somebody that really likes nice me not so much okay so you want to make sure that you spray down your door mat in front you want to spray the threshold as well and when it comes to your screen listen spray your product right on you want to make sure you spray it right on the sponge and you were saying that yes it looks like a french fry but when you put it in water it looks like this so we give you a sponge because we don't want you to spray right through the screen right we want you to make sure you spray it on the sponge and wipe down your screen because a lot of those really teeny tiny little gnats and the no seems they can get through our screen you spray it on the strength screen they don't come around if you're picnicking spray it around when you're going out and you're going to lay down on the beach or on the grass spray the grass area i don't know what it is i feel that this summer maybe it's because there's less pollution out i don't know but it feels like there's more mosquitoes than ever there's more fleas i've been hearing that the fleas and the ticks are out of control i know around our house we have a lot of ants so i make sure that i spray the table because when it comes to those ghost ants those things are weird like you have like a little teeny tiny piece of i don't know like you know sugar on your counter and they come out so look at this the ticks fleas stink bugs ants ghost dance dust mites so all the things that can be crawling on your bed yeah you want to make sure that you spray down your bed when you go to change your bed spray down your mattress okay roaches cannot stand them new york city had the worst roaches now down here in florida they have they're on steroids and they're ginormous okay mosquitoes i cannot stand dressing for my mosquito bites right so it's like oh my gosh you're right i i welt up too shannon no seems gnats flies horseflies horseflies actually give me like this huge bump when i get bit by a horse fly i remember on upstate new york we would get bit and it was like this welt so make sure when you spray yourself make sure that you do it a liberally do not miss a spot especially on your skin don't miss a spot spray your clothes spray the back of your neck you're going to smell good you know shannon somebody the other day it was actually months ago and i sprayed this on i was outside and someone kept who was sitting right next to me says someone smells so good who is that and it was me i didn't have the heart to say hey i've sprayed myself with bug spray but uh i smelled like cedar and uh that's why people put cedar in you know colognes and perfumes and stuff like that matter of fact uh shirley hickman called us from virginia and she says i can't stand bugs but this is actually something that really works let me get my earpiece hold on just a minute see here it is charlie was so relaxed and now now he's like what's mom doing he's like yeah yes so anyway yeah so people we get so many phone calls and so many reviews and we love your reviews tell us what your you know what it's helping you with because we are all i think we're all a little cagey we want to go outside summer is really here but you want to enjoy it without the bugs make sure you put this again you're getting these two travel size if you're flying guess what you can bring this right in your purse on the plane because this is the you know you can bring this on the plane it's that it's 3.

4 ounces which is what you can bring so that's really good to know you can keep this in the purse keep this in the kids backpack if you're going backpacking by the way put this right here and then go into the deep woods for me when i spray myself down i create this bubble shannon so they all i can hear them they are like this but they don't actually land on me isn't it true i will tell you though these are going and that's why if you can do the auto ship that's what i personally recommend just based on the fact you don't realize how much you like it or rely on it until you run out and it becomes an afterthought i mean you don't think i gotta reorder that bug spray put it on that auto ship then you get to set it and forget it you can custom delivery that but this configuration um when these quantities are gone i'm not overly certain that it will be reissued in this way so you get that mega size concentrate the two empty bottles for travel like linda said those are tsa size so when you fill them the french fry that becomes a sponge that you could wipe on the interior of cupboards or what have you that great little clip but do it try it i think you'll love it we're all looking for natural approaches in skincare and in life got to keep those bugs at bay linda always good to see you best to you and charlie he does not look like a possibility this is a door rub ball let's see if i'll sing for you peek-a-boo peek-a-boo peek-a-boo [Music] who likes no more bugs you like it okay that's an instagram sensation linda thank you be safe out there best to your whole family thank you sweetheart all right thank you take care linda all right hopefully you are getting this personally i'm recommending that auto ship just because like i said you don't realize how much you'll need it until you run out hey speaking of running out though bissell a company again american pioneers they are not doing their number one vacuum in this way for anyone else first of all best price really one of the best prices that you'll find out there but it is good housekeeping approved good housekeeping seal you're getting the extra filter but you know what you are getting it only well only for this weekend on that four flex pay hey rick what do we have about 1500 only of these okay actually only 1400 now i say that because um we're gonna raise the price and then we're also going to take away that flex pay so everything that and and i think we're also rescinding that free shipping i think we're only doing that for select brands on this best brand weekend here's the thing there's a 30-day return policy i look at it this way get it when we've got it at a great price with free shipping and then you've got those 30 days to make that determination so over 640 reviews the majority of those are perfect it's one thing to rave about your concealer or your hair color or your restaurant boy when you've got people raving about a vacuum you know you're doing something special well it is the rare person that would rave about heat i don't know anybody like i well actually that's not true i do i guess i do have one friend i love it when it's hot i do not fall under that category and mama gets ill as a hornet speaking of bugs when i was warm i'm not so nice i get mean i mean there's something about the heat that just kind of sets it off well leave it to hunter of course you know they are again one of our best brands our favorite brands once more pioneers in the industry over 100 years old we really do rely on them for moving the air this my friends does not should not should this should not be happening because i'll just tell you right now um with its air purification or acs these portable acs for the home we cannot keep these in stock at the regular price so what we are doing right here right now only as long as supplies last saved for this show at a little over 116 dollars we are cooling that air 652091 comes with the remote comes with everything that you need there's basically no installation as someone who has had to have both plumbers and ac techs in her house in the last two weeks alone tracy rosa the no contact cooling alone pays for it and listen everybody in the family is more comfortable from fur babies to big babies like me we love you and we love this my friend well shannon what's it what's it called you know when you're hungry and you're angry you're hangry what happens when you're hot and you're angry are you hungry you're something's wrong nobody's happy when you're hot and and you're angry you know and listen i'm down here in florida it is ridiculously hot down here the humidity is over 100 it's over 98 degrees so just walking into the house is just that wonderful relief but the problem is is sometimes when you set the thermostat that doesn't necessarily mean that every single room in the house is going to be that temperature i think we all can relate there are definitely rooms in the house that are hotter so what do we do we run to our thermostat we pound on the button we drop the temperature down low and those hotter rooms stay hot and those cooler rooms get cooler and it becomes a little bit of frustration enter the hunter portable ac unit basically a three in one unit you've got a dehumidifier you have a fan and then you have true portable air you have those wonderful oscillating fans right there or lips that allow you to really move the air throughout the room and it allows you to kind of pick a room in your home up to 500 square feet to a really big size room and cool it down to that perfect perfect temperature but what i love so much about it is from hunter it's updated it's new it's a three in one so you have so many wonderful options with this one so again i want to talk about portable ac options because i think what we're all used to are those metal boxes right that you put on the outside of your home all right you know that that's not really portable because once you go through the effort this one right here so once you go through the effort of actually putting this in the unit a it takes up the whole window so you don't have any more usability of the window you don't have usability of the screen and they're heavy they're bulky it's decent to put it on the first floor if you have to try and put one of those on the second floor you know it's an absolute nightmare a lot of homeowners associations don't even allow you to have that type of air conditioning unit because it looks it doesn't look attractive also it becomes moldy a lot of the condensation falls down on the back side of the house so you get mold problems all of that with our portable air hunter air conditioner it comes with casters so i'm telling you it is true portability so literally i was laughing because we had this in our room the last time that we had this on my husband and i's room this is my 13 year old's room she moved in here by herself so this is how easy it is it comes with the casters you can easily wheel it from wheel to wheel you take that windowsill you put it in you put in the vent and then you're good to go that is literally your installation you turn it on and you can get that room to that perfect temperature so again you need a window absolutely you need the window because the way that this is going to work is it's going to pull in all of the hot air it's going to take all of the moisture in the air and kind of vaporize that and then it's going to take that vapor shannon that hot air that they're pulling from the moisture in the room and it's going to send it out your window right here but the way that this is designed shannon your screen stays in place your blinds stay in place everything stays perfectly in place so no bugs are coming in no critters are getting in nothing like that and from the outside in it you can't even tell that it's here you can't even tell that it's here but it's blowing out it's set at 71 degrees right now but i'm telling you it's blowing out air at like 25 degrees well and you know what's so interesting i'm sorry full disclosure i'm putting my shoes back on you know it's all it's live television lest we forget part of the reason i'm doing that though i want to scoot out here guys or charlie you tell me i'm pretty sure i can tip this without tipping it over i'm trying to show you the top of the control panel what's the easiest way that i can do that um so the fact that i'm doing this oh gosh i don't know if i dare tip it up any further um i'm trying oh there we go thank you guys uh that makes uh everybody's life easier or keep tipping it okay i'm making it a muddled mess aren't i um but part of what i wanted everybody to see tracy is you are in complete control there's that digital control panel that you were talking about dry dry dry boy you nailed it when you were talking about mildew even if the temperature in my house um like let's say my thermostat shows oh yeah it's only 72.

sometimes it is like that feels like temperature in the great outdoors it will feel a lot warmer than that oh charlie don't show i said i'm a mess back here or just a mess but it'll it'll feel warmer than it actually is because of the humidity in the air so it's complete control that's number one and i love the timer i love the remote frankly i got to tell you tracy i like the look of this i mean it's um either too it looks i don't know kind of elite in class or upgraded wouldn't you say well let's be honest shannon i don't want you to get this home and take it out of the box and be like oh my gosh i'm embarrassed to have this in any room in my house i mean we don't want that we don't want to yes it has to work yes it has to be a good value yes it has to have multiple options but listen you don't want it to be bulky you don't want it to be ugly it's going to sit perfectly in the corner just like this all right you can hardly even notice what it is i was getting it down to four i don't even think you can see 14 degrees can you see that right there what's coming out of the air conditioning unit right here to pull this room down to 71 degrees now how does this work well let's just go over that for a second so basically i come over here to the window i lift it up like so i place this in the unit i mean i place the unit in the window i put the windowsill down as i push this down it secures everything in place but then when i go ahead and slide my blinds down you can't even tell that i have that air conditioning unit in here now look at how easy it is to move this about the house so i can move this from haley's room to bella's room to my room to the living room i can move this out to the garage as long as you have a window you can have a portable ac unit now what kind of window you're asking yourself is it going to work in my house well here's the deal if you have anywhere from 24 okay to 47 inches you have enough space for this now you can either have 21 to 47 inches going this way or this way you can flip this on its side and go ahead and put it either vertically or horizontally it's completely up to you we have so many people down in florida that have warehouses that work at hsn all of them have these in their warehouses to cool things down but this is different this is hunter it's been around for more than 100 years you know with hunter that they move air better than anybody else and that's why they've added those oscillating vents up top so it really moves the air from the top of the floor or you know top of the ceiling to the bottom from side to side and i love too that it's not just during these summer months when it's so hot that you use this there's a fan on here as well so if you just want a nice cool fan you have that option it's a dehumidifier so it's going to be grabbing all of that moisture out of the air and kind of transferring it into that vapor-like and pushing it out pushing all of the heat out the window so remember you do have to have a window for this but the installation is simple you take it out of the and that's what i'm that's what i'm talking about uh vertically horizontally that's it you put that in your window you put the tube in you're good to go you turn it on that's crazy hey here's well here's the good news you're watching and you're shopping now um this clearance price is only to those of us who are you know watching this show or as long as supplies last hunter like tracy said they're a pioneering company over 100 years in business you get that wonderful oscillation but we kind of buried the lead i know we had to put prioritize our graphics so we say it is a 500 square foot but i say that in the famous air quotes because this is a 14 000 btu yes let me saw that again 14 000 14 000 btu now i got to tell you as someone who goes through air conditioning units like most people go through socks and underwear i'm not saying that this replaces my central air but in terms of the btu on this i'll give you an example my master bedroom and tracy were talking about that hot bedroom i actually was going to get like a building permit to have like one of these little baby units put in that back partition area the unit itself so before i i installed it was a thousand dollars because remember it was designed for about five or six hundred square feet give it to you know like a a great room without installation it was a thousand dollars okay had to get a special building permit the whole nine yards the whole shebango that would have lived where i live whether i lived there or not now this can go in your garage you're getting your square footage back so i can tell you for a fact like i guess ironically enough in in my bedroom they call it a sun room and boy oh boy it really is it is easily 10 degrees warmer in that room than any place else but you know i like to cook move it to the kitchen absolutely put it in your garage it's so easy too you can literally like keep it in your bedroom at night and then when you want to make your breakfast in the morning you can wheel it out to the kitchen but i want you i'm so glad you brought up this 500 square feet because i don't want us to get wrapped up in that we're recommending it for a 500 square foot room that's fantastic but listen if your room is a little bigger that doesn't mean that it's not gonna work there it's just gonna take an extra five or ten minutes to get all of the square footage you know what i mean if it's a little smaller it's just gonna get colder faster so if it says 500 square feet i don't want you to think oh well my room's like a thousands i have an open floor plan i got a thousand square feet it's not good for us it is good for you it's 14 000 btu that basically means that's the most powerful thing that you can actually plug into your wall that's what the 14 000 btus mean so that means that you're getting the most powerful ac portable ac unit out there on the marketplace also again talk about bearing the lead shannon remote control hello hello hello let me tell you there's nothing more frustrating that when i get into bed i get in that perfect position i'm underneath that wonderful comforter i'm snuggling with my husband and i'm like oh my gosh i need it 10 degrees cooler i'm burning up in here i don't want to get out of bed i want to be able to press a button and get it to that perfect perfect temperature so with the remote control everything that's on the top of the panel is also on the remote control you can adjust the mode so it can be ac it can be fan you can turn the timer on you can do the oscillation you can dim it down you can adjust the temperature as well so you keep this remote control right next to you right next to the bed so that whether you're sitting on the couch whether you're in bed whether you're in your favorite recliner you can make this the perfect temperature at any time without having to get up now and i know that tracy i'm so sorry i have to interject for a couple of different reasons first of all i guess my next career will be home maintenance because so much stuff goes wrong with my house on a weekly basis from week to week i'm a plumber to an electrician to an ac maintenance person and you know i've learned a lot one thing that i can tell you now when i say 14 000 btu that is as much as powerful as it gets i scared my coordination team they're like water she want to plug it i want to show you the plug because a lot of um first of all it's not going to take more ampage than you would have you have or have need of than your regular outlet than your regular outlet in fact we're plugging into you know i guess would be considered an industrial extension cord but i mean you get my point so no contact delivery contact free delivery reduced shipping again as someone who has had a parade of handyman repair experts going through my house the last couple of weeks i mean they've been lovely but you know i've had a lot of i have got to re-sanitize the world and by the way when my air did go out a couple of weeks ago they couldn't get to it right away here in florida uh tracy this is just florida you know very well we've already set record temperatures they're already saying on the news it's been hotter in florida which is already hot to begin with than any other season on record no contact free delivery reduced shipping no special plug no special gizmo no special okay i can just like my refrigerator or your wash and dryer you can only plug it into that one plug yep plug and go plug and go plug and go and look at the casters are already on you don't have to do anything with those all you do is just wheel this to whatever room you want again you don't have this hose that's included all you do is slide it into place and pop it into the window unit i actually take this entire window unit out and take it to whatever room in the house that i'm using but listen shannon you've seen us here at hsn the guests are going live from home and other times you know i represent wonderful items here and i right before i go on air i'm like pounding at that thermostat like trying to get the air down nice and cool because of all the lights and all of this stuff and then my husband will come in he'll be in another room he's like it's 50 degrees inside this house and i'm like well i just wanted this one area to be cool he's like go get the hunter please stop trying to freeze us out of the house you know but again to be able to take that room in the house take that area that you you know maybe that like i said my daughter had a sleepover in her room the other night she wanted a little cooler because there were more people in here she wheeled this in by herself and installed it she's 13 years old but literally look how easy it is the casters are already on it when you take it out of the box it really just comes in a couple pieces you put that window seal in it's you know between 41 inches i mean 24 inches to 41 inches you attach the hose and you turn it on and that's it you can plug it into any wall unit 14 000 btus you have the oscillating um fans and vents right there it's a fan a dehumidifier and an ac unit you get a remote control with it it's from hunter been around for more than a hundred years so it's a brand that you trust a brand that you know you know that they know how to do things right and here's the other thing if you've ever had these units before shannon a lot of times there's like a water reservoir in here that you know when the when they pull all the moisture out of the air all of that water goes into a bin in here and then you have to dump that out or the machine turns off and let you know you have to dump it out there's nothing like that in here it's the most advanced technology so all of that moisture turns into that vapor and just blows out the window that's why you have to have a window unit right here because you wouldn't want to be blowing that hot air back into the room it's so funny because obviously i feel like i'm a home expert now i was actually looking for the bin i i really was um so now here's the good news if you're watching now you're getting it we're taking almost a hundred dollars off your purchase um i am not casting shade on any other brand because i first of all i i'm like the unofficial or official ac portable ac girl i'll just tell you that right now but even other today's specials that i've had we're not 14 000 btu they've all had some kind of bin base and they've all had some kind of something something so we kind of buried the lead 500 square foot use that as a general ballpark it's 14 000 btu and then it kind of again we have to kind of um we have to make some decisions in in terms of the information we put on our graphics because we don't have room for everything i think it almost was as just as important for the three in one three in one three and one i have aired personally as today's specials other brands great products that you know you'll see in the top line it's a three in one you know some yeah you don't generally say square foot because square footage because people won't commit to it they can't because the ones i've sold are not 14 000 btu they all get some kind of bin some kind of basin some kind of something i can tell you for a fact um just because my i do deal with you know hot temperatures i'm cooking in my home i personally have purchased just a a 500 well actually the dehumidifier that i bought from hsn was almost this price and actually it was not a 500 square foot come to think of it and it was just a dehumidifier so this is the bargain of the century and i can tell you for a fact because th this will sell out and we're not doing this price again when these are gone no one is discounting their portable ac's at this point tracy you cannot put a price on the health the safety the comfort and quite frankly i'm just going to tell you again here i am with my my house horrors i have a room where they're i'm i'm hoping there's not mold but i have to have it tested because um it's one of those hot rooms and there was rain damage from the ceiling and when i go in there it's because there there wasn't anything to take out the humidity and i'm sorry those little bags and things that you put you know if you do if it's a uh an attic apartment if it's a basement uh spare room get your square footage back tracy absolutely i love this i do i do too you know i laugh because if we could show that picture again if you guys don't mind about the traditional portable ac unit that metal box that we see outside of everybody's homes across the neighborhoods my parents had one when you put it in it's supposed to be portable it's not portable it's ridiculously heavy it's hard to line up there's some crazy accordion stuff happening on the sides of it you know it takes two to three people and that's the first level home you try and put that on a second story home it's downright dangerous shannon you know and then what happens it's it's not a dehumidifier it's condensate there's moisture and all of that absolutely the most i love you they're shooting my friend stick around susie orman is coming up [Music] next [Music] shopping is easier than ever with the hsn app turn on notifications to get shipping updates exclusive offers and alerts on your favorite products sent straight to your phone now you can share all your fabulous finds with your friends right from the app through facebook text and more save your favorite products all in one place.

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