Gummy Food vs. Real Food Challenge! *EATING GIANT GUMMY FOOD* Best Gross Sour Candy Real Funny Worm

this thing is so heavy three two one that looks disgusting this is the most wrinkly gummy I've ever seen it looks like a rat it looks like a real rat it's all like cracks and everything oh wait just now yeah I get her yeah oh let me try

this I'm gonna go for the head it tastes weird I don't know how to describe it what's yeah it's not good won't be like having a sewer rat dates to it like I don't know what that tastes like but this tastes like that it's weird well where did

look like actually that's rat in it well the pig will have [Music] finished run Kevin you can either keep them or switch them so what do you want to do right now I want to make the decision of keeping positive and sure yeah I here we go three

two one brains do this the master brain Joel pivot laughing that's like a local break for the Sailor we're gonna be eating the largest gummy sandwich in the entire world at the end of this video submission you stick around for this well I'm excited I'm gonna try one

of these but that's my gummy minced anyway it's my gummy bro is it good boom okay I'm getting smarter because all right so before we cut it in half IMX gonna get it off the plate holy cow yeah what are you doing carve out some windows oh I

feel good I change like cherry he doesn't change like a brain and off now out of your brain taste nice oops how is that going not good your mouths on my forehead huh I'm a little you know well having time man how we gonna cut it if you

do this at home very not do that not a smart idea oh my god Joey I'm nervous why are you doing this it's so difficult okay didn't even make it through yet this is so difficult man okay I gotta say they're cool as an idea for a loaf

of bread not the smartest we couldn't figure out how to cut this thing in half but luckily somehow our dad crack the math on the well we have to separate half so this is going to do the bread in the first ingredient is the other gummy rat this

is a girl I kind of baked my wish that just have to be asked oh it's so gross what kind of head little gummy brains in there nine and we're making the largest gummy sandwich in the entire world with all these different foods so our hats the only

gummy sandwich can be probably be most delicious sandwich of all time I am like could not be more exciting we're just go right over there move that off to the side over there you cannot do that yeah this is a glass bowl that is a wood floor I

can't wait to see what other ingredients we get to put on our gummy sandwich hopefully none of them are gross but right now let's go to the next one all right cons it is your turn do you want to keep it or switch it bro you know me

I'm always saying so I'm taking it I want to switch it okay here we go all right great one or three three two one yeah wait hold up you don't have anything I have nothing like their back and then oh my gosh my heart is beating so fast

right now though I was like it was any thinking about of know I felt me hit the side of my head I have a lot of got a process have a gummy for consolation there you go oh you don't know oh yo you need it oh you deserve

it all of them do it looks like a little taste like the eyes I mean it's going to move it's a real food this is like that food but it's plastic bro know what bro it's a hard rubber and plastic he likes for my neck out this thing's

pretty intense sure yeah more flies if you got little teeth oh they already hit me in the face before yeah chug it really hard if I say not a family's back yeah no I'm glad it's gone i Devin you want to keep them or switch them you know

what last time was great so I'm gonna keep it yeah my heart's still pounding after I switched it last time so we'll go with that right three two one well I'm kind of concerned though because podemos accounts our coding did it makes our candy corn good better or

not no reactions I think we're yes gather together look at that because I put some of these in here like this like shove them in a little like studs like teeth but it'll be not good to be push it making this line down right out dude you're doing

all this work for nothing well what kind of Clinton they're all popping out so let's let's do this really oh look at this we're giving the round a new head got a candy corn head I boom there we go Kevin your decisions right now you want to keep

him Reese with you I've been so good with the keep I'm just gonna switch oh yeah I know everybody out there not bad if I just keep on keeping them so Mitchell 3 2 1 yeah there gum eto away well I got some real fangs Emma can you

eat your finger out Welsh are there yeah I can't watch don't eat your face I want to try these now wait what about a tooth mustache hold brick with dentures man it's like just coughing up gliding around the perimeter oh yeah look at ya the very same with

your bike same with same with my back is the mouth Halloween sandwich ever alright let's go even though mindless kind of sucks right now it's especially very suspicious I don't think I want to split 3 2 1 first we got a challenge for you we want to see

if you can subscribe to this channel turn on the channel post notifications and give this video a thumbs up in seven seconds ready for this here we go you ready 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 done it leave a comment down like intrasquad alright 3 2 1

I got a gummy wait wait a second there's no way no way right right I know it open it but I'm here there's nothing to be no my god pops out at you oh the delayed rolled rubbery I thought if it's moving cuz the legs are like they're

all wiggling and jiggling oh my gosh look how intense this experience is you ready here's your hand y'all know I'm terrified of spiders too like and I was well like plot twist like you think that's it and they're like actually a real spider inside the Fantasy Bra yeah

I need a minute so I guess we got too many spiders here this one looks really really gross and let's write that one up you're in with some rat yeah I'm gonna be good so I'm going for this one yeah hearts still beating so fast first I'll bat

and then the spider you bite it mm-hmm Sheldon so Devin this one here this little bit funky and last time he was like a box of fear so you oh I know or switch I'm definitely switching them what I don't want to know if you're not excited for

that ready I'm ready three two one yeah on it you gotta eat it though I can do that all right well while you try to crack that open I'm gonna have mine Oh what if they taste like pumpkin oh wait oh wait Oh wine in shower it's our

uh huh maybe you got the wrong one it tastes like you know the fruit the cutie for a really sour one I'm not gonna lie there's so much that no one knows here we go what are you doing I get a puppy that's real food belly food mammal

take a bite of the Apple Julie I came here like swooshing around in there oh I came here my goodness melody can make it go faster it smells like a bobcat or aunt Patricia she said pumpkin instead of Polly yes it's rather adorable but yeah pumpkin know I

kissed yes I think I think I have a way of opening this up come with me outside oh all right so I guess we got to open this up somehow so right there watch out what there right there there yep right there oh I know what you're about

to do bring me to one pumpkin seeds everywhere they're public at that oh man that's perfect all right bro this is so gross go back to this thing oh I've never really liked from pumpkin I got the face came off on my hands Oh pumpkin is slippery it

looks really gross bro I do what ooh how is it really good No [Music] there we go all right yo I know exactly what that is it last time things didn't go so well so I'm not giving you any chance of keeping us with your work just keep

it like this man I look so awesome you think you've seen it all when it comes to gummi foods man something surprise you because it looks super cool and we've seen a couple of snakes before and this is the best-looking one oh there's no way I can really

eat this can I you can try it well that was great it's like painted I think oh I was expecting that to be like but it was just like mmm shower shower time hex suit is crazy I'm gone for the tail mmm wow that's so cool you can

feel the scales too we are on the second-to-last rounds I know and Devon shoes you want to keep them or switch them I have no clue psyche it's my option I want to switch them when did it become your uh I said it was three yeah haha you

want to try yours personal video my second if used together tastes like lemon some citrus really some citrus mmm blueberry you get all the flavors there man mmm well it smells sour it looks our feel sour playfield is it oh wait no no get that over there no

no no these aren't the gummy ones this is the around right now and then we're going to be eating the gummy a sandwich in the entire world and I'm really excited to see what this is because this was suggested by the Instagram keeper of the week so shadows

to you and if you wanna be featured and shout it out as an inscribed keeper that we check the description down below to find out how the right now ooh let's find out what this is like ready no snitch nothing's happening do you want to switch out three

two one yeah – the human organ transplant what these look like little hearts and they're hard can you know oh my god I don't even know what to do how do you think I've never been in a situation before er this is ridiculous boom boom go into this

like this is way too big to be an actual human heart other words like I got a big heart this is crazy man like it's like the detail on this is insane – oh humps in the whatever they're not dead valves I thought I was like one of

these like like a big burst I'm gonna like heart shaped gummy I know Ange it organ brothers crazy that's my art why not cuz it's mine look at my heart should we break my heart wait why I wanna break my heart what cuz I can do it you're

puncturing your heart thumb and powerful man look at this it's doing what no night cuz it's so weird and break my heart man my heart so full cuz I'm gonna get all right have to take a bite of it man that's a tough heart [Music] your lips look

funny bro home of all the best-tasting dummy I've ever had well I can't wait to taste it in the sandwich well it's now a moment you all four times the eat the biggest gummy sandwich in the entire world and comment down below what are some other gummy food

versus real foods you would love to see us eat in an upcoming video here we go so how we're gonna have to do this man with a heart on one side the snake on the other wait no no we should just take off a piece of this no

way bro we want the whole thing if the largest gummy sandwich in the world dude okay fine help me out dude whole plate down mulling it I'm holding you gonna try to get this up I'm holding it's got teeth on this thing man okay alright so there's there's

one half of it on the top no the top of that is crazy dude oh my gosh sheets are falling off holy cow it looks like it bit that snake – dude this thing is so wrong and if you want another awesome video click right over here but

it's take a bite right now my dog before it falls apart mmm yeah I can't do about your buddy alright I get the bottom half oh that's crazy doing this is a big toy rat and like

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