it's just getting smoky you can see that oil is already cooking the meat check it out guys this Trevor James hanging with mr.

Teresa we are in Turin irin and today we're going for the ultimate road trip to the north of Iran we actually going to mall on the wrong you're going to eat that sure and you're gonna have lots of home cook foods in more than a hundred home cook food they are really nice we're gonna go to fish market we're gonna go fishing we're gonna cooking we're gonna have a whole haha it's gonna be amazing this is part four of nine of our ultimate Iran food playlist and today mr.

tasters bringing us in extremely deep right into the mountains of northern Iran for an ultimate extremely rare village meal and whole lamb cooked for some of the most unique ingredients in the world huge thanks to mr.

taster and to Ali from come to Persia and to northern Iran gonna be a wonderful trip over the color beautiful rivers pristine forest and we are just driving through the winding roads of North Iran going we're going to Mahmoud Abbas to have the whole lamb the lamb just phoned me really yeah the lamb says you're waiting for you gonna be good and these roads stunning beautiful scenery this is so beautiful the snow-capped mountains forests the clouds beautiful country and here we are you have your mother more than that yeah near the Caspian Sea yeah and the first meal oh oh yeah maybe yeah northern style yeah northern aside beautiful right here we're gonna make a whole lamb yeah the whole arm is ready and also we've got other stuff that you can see order in style yeah a month we call it wasn't irony but underneath yeah or northerners she's the owner and chef of here oh really nice to meet you right into the kitchen so this is the whole lab the whole paper oh yeah baby lamb and this is gonna be stuffed yeah it's gonna be a soft I'm gonna be proud first laugh right yeah and they put your cookies in available here what is this killer onion onion this is like all the soil teacher old stuff and what do we have over here we've got a doc here doc yeah what is this cookin we're cups of peaches like like peach and whatever they haven't even got Roasters here rooster yeah it's almost the same sources over there and what's this here this is fish and john herschel warlocks and cooking from the day before is the key of the beautiful version is to it is and some local butter as well local batter yeah and here we go we're gonna start the lab so it's gonna get fried in this oil first right in the oil so first fry and then stop yes she's just throwing that boiling oil visibility into the belly oh here comes the flip like another flip so this is northern style yeah hey dude yeah are there's fog on the honey thunder any style it's just getting smoky the skin is starting to cook and get a little bit crispy yeah what's this it's go for Booker butter boy yeah that's that's a big friggin [Laughter] thing and listen to that sizzle there's nothing more satisfying than hearing this sizzle yeah it's like a sample in it yeah it's beautiful that is truly beautiful all of the cooking the meat oh and what's this here it's it's got sour orange yeah tomato paste tomato and this is gonna be put inside as well yeah I was gonna boil it into you know they're gonna put on top put on top yeah sour orange yeah and tomato yeah I'm some peaches peaches that smells sometimes yeah you know it just smells really delicious you guys could be not zero it's not yeah I actually I made a mistake because we we suffered after we were boiling okay so boil it and then stop it exactly it's gonna boil a couple hours hours three hours you can back in three hours now we're gonna go to movies Marcus okay okay should we kill up the door that is one of the most unique smells see you in three hours and now we're gonna go to a fish market okay to see the fish see the fish and also get one for tomorrow yeah and we're gonna see the vegetable and food market is there awesome and while the lamb was cooking we made our way to the fish market and witnessed the fish right on the Caspian Sea yeah [Applause] so the people here are they buying it for their home cooking or they buy it's not normally the sellers coming and doing the auction and if they've been they sell it to people they'd be so exact there's a lot of fish here he's the white fish yeah it's the best fish after the sturgeon one really yeah it is yeah and we're gonna be having this at home cook me up we're gonna have it tomorrow tomorrow and this is the duck fish Oh duck fish and what do we have here what type of these anchovy anchovy yeah and this is the most delicious fish the last moment yeah all right and he bought it already for you oh so we're gonna cook it tomorrow in the village house the area yeah restaurant open late word press tonight and the whole lamb is going yeah he's gonna go right here ronk yeah it gets all the truth eggs into it you're gonna try it oh my god good whoa you can see it's fatty and lean combined yeah look at the silver for those off so this is gonna go right yeah over top oh and here it comes look at that so this is northern you got any style we're right in the belly yeah that smells so fragrant more than local herbs beautiful thank you that's it thank you [Applause] and this is the also pull out yeah it's saffron look at that look at all pulling the head the neck yeah oh it's just falling apart oh my God look at that oh my god saffron rice it feel great look at the collar there look at the fat in there bubbling it's bubbling all sauce with the peach yeah pomegranate look at [Music] like this week it is from the page yeah the sourness coming from polygon mm-hmm and then savoriness from those onions exactly and mix it with dill rising saffron making so delicious Wow for some party here for you oh my god uranium's loves toddy just a little crispy on the bottom it is crispy yeah oh yeah yeah crispy so you can you can put some sauce on it oh thank you gopher oh I think this right here is the best lamb I've ever tasted really yeah I love oh my god labor welcome to heaven this is the best part of it is that this is for you [Laughter] what do you think thank you really soft can you please tell her it's the best man I've ever had me you could birthday and it was finally a guitarla for this how do you like it best lamb I've ever had we've got surprise for tomorrow tons more yeah tongue warm more local foods ready and the next day we're getting up bright and early to visit a local village for one of the rarest meals ever seen on this channel we're having three meals and spending a whole day deep in the mountains of mazandaran having an unforgettable experience you're gonna love this deep in the mountains we made it hey des made it finally beautiful mountain home [Music] [Music] this is taking away the bad spirits yeah this is quality to spend this is breakfast breakfast they made it their selves cuz I'm I miss my I see oh you're my son they see oh honey yeah honey they go with the bread yes and this is the Roy's okay for the breakfast look at that it's like a rice cake yeah yeah right on the fire yeah oh well here come the eggs Wow right over the fire look at those eggs the butter is just melting in there you're not who you're an host Kenny there's Gilly and it's already the breakfast is already right in the mountain oh wow this is amazing so we're just gonna sit down and join them oh and this is the local tea made with charcoal hold on yeah we've got cheese on top we've got sesame and sugar that you can put it on your raw release yeah we've got beans here all right okay we've got butter oh so this is like a local cream yes and some honey some honey yeah this carpet is so comfortable and the Wallaces yeah such a healthy breakfast Oh what is that the egg in the clouds hanging with local family yeah eggs are delicious oh that's amazing this is 14 that's the thing then there was no electricity Derek making the tea like that with the coal yeah this is the rice here the baked rice with cheese Wow we're seeing it covered in goat cheese right in the mountains whoa and this bread is with caraway cinnamon sugar and you can just dip it in the honey yeah hmm so you take the rice Wow it's cooked broad bean like a broad bean stew over rice with cheese mm-hmm it's all about this that's orange thank you I'm not cheating starting the lunch now making rice Persian rice straining it so we're adding in caraway seed into the rice and then turmeric on the bottom of the pan that's beautiful Persian grain rice with caraway Wow beautiful home and look at this guy's this went for a little walk and now look at this local version home in the mountains look at this Wow hello thank you here we go we're gonna make some tea right into that tea cup and there's the roast chicken right over the coals also we've got hot oil Wow that is a beautiful chicken oh and here's the rice this is that steamed rice yeah with turmeric on the bottom oh and here we go we're gonna fish now this is truly amazing there is no food in the whole world better than that cooked by the grandmother with love and there it is we cook the Caspian fish in the oil it's normally this kind of fish is smaller but we got the big ones yeah we're gonna do the most anticipated flip yeah oh she's Pro oh and that just smells of me yeah and the food just keeps coming got homegrown peppers Wow and we got a lamb parsley and spinach stew here as well and here's the anchovy oh that's the best rice red rice yeah oh and this is the cooking edge cuckoo cuckoo oh and here's the real magic the moment of truth we're gonna add these raisins and the rice together the best race in the world Andrew the saffron saffron and race and you know that the saffron is most I mean more expensive than go yeah that's pure pure gold right there it is yeah and we gonna eat gold oh look at how it's mixed up we're gonna cover there saffron raisins and Persian rice look at the color all of that is gold oh yeah oh and here's the roast chicken stuffed with pomegranate and walnut look at the truth oh and this is eggplant and pomegranate and that right there is the most beautiful rice you'll ever see Oh rice and saffron and Persian rice grown here in the north in the mountains turmeric on the bottom and this Venus and caraway seed in there yeah and this is such a beautiful meal oh you like it yeah good good so we got three different types of rice yeah we've got deer eyes we've got actually risen Troy's raising rice so this one is the upside down right down here and then all right here is the goose yeah that's the goose and the next one is chicken oh and it's stuffed with walnut yeah oh look at the filling there oh it's meat yeah and nutty exactly yeah and that's inside the goose I believe got cuckoo cuckoo yes which is egg and vegetables I'm someone locked in it all right I'm walnut yeah oh it's really herbal yeah and I loved how they crunchy on the bottom yeah thank you have a fish oh thank you fried anchovy sour orange go on top love these flavors sour it's a real contrast between citrus and fresh yes oh and you can true through all the little tiny little bones and this is what I'm really looking forward to try from the mountains you got grown in the north right yeah oh thank you that's beautiful that's the chicken yeah Thank You mercy and that's the goose very sick [Music] Wow messy messy want to mention that right there is the best race in the world without a doubt it's so fluffy there really is nothing better here on gosh Kelly Iran question Kelly we've been hanging out for a few hours now and there's one more dish there's a table under here and we're putting a big horsey horsey yeah start with the palm yet you just do it like this we call it a blombo blombo yeah Oh like this it's juicy you can feel it yeah it explodes his life the pomegranate just explodes you know how stress there yeah this is Iranian noodle and here it is the ash resting Wow and we've got some sauces for it there it is the iranian noodle Oh mint curd and chili chili yeah that's yesterday yes thank you hey hush Martha this is very delicious so there it is the azure stick with the purple noodle bean may be limp Italy and I love there's mint on top curd and chili this is the noodle mmm wow it's gorgeous mmm and it's so wholesome the beans and the lentils and the noodles there's noodles in Iran yes and there's definitely curd in there it's milky and Nick it's like a milky Lam minty Urbo noodle very unique and this is a family sound it is and it's Corsi Corsi we put our feet here and we warm up our feet there's a heater underneath I'm just sitting together talking to each other enjoying it's really good with the family with the family it's very well just soil you know those that we used to be ages ago but it's where now it's really rare yeah it's one of the top five foods in Iran yeah oh yeah we came all the way into the mountains to try the real deal of the purest version pigs hmm horse of ID wonderful family merci you guys can check out Hameed's Instagram mister dot taster in the description below yeah thanks a lot for that amazing day just send me a message I'll be your host you don't need to pay anyway Wow it's been amazing and a wonderful family thanks for watching guys.

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