COLD vs HOT FOOD CHALLENGE FOR 24 HOURS! || Funny Challenges and Pranks by 123 GO! GOLD

No matter the weather, some people alwaysfeel cold but others swear they have fire running through their veins! Are yousure you guys live in the same house? Aren't you freezing in there Hannah shall we dig in I wonder what's underhere isn't it supposed to be cold how do we drink it if I can't hold it it's likelava already while we're waiting let's check Olivia's out it's another soda butthis one's frozen solid I'm gonna see if I can pour it into a glass if I can getit open that is he's gonna blow it's angry alright hey watch itoh man I can hardly watch see it's calm now well done girlwhatever didn't already explode it still frozencome on get out of here let me try whateverCheers too hot it's safe to say so does better chilledyou'll have room for some more eats what do you rather have piping hot fries orfrozen ones open up Hannah my dreams came trueoh are yours still frozen Olivia that's iceit's like eating rocks and I sure made out better this round but can she dothis I'm still chewing Olivia I some lower says gosh get togetherand apparently walruses love to share too still hungry soup whoa it smells prettygood though uh no what do I do I guess I won't be eating this today goahead and try yours Olivia I sure hope this doesn't burn my mouth do somethingwarm your mouth up with this that was scary mmm nothing like a soup lollipop I thinkregular old hot soup is the better choice but that's just me everything shopping for groceries is atedious task why not make it a little more interesting then Oh Alice gotchaNo are you kidding me all right I guess I'd better not waste any more time youneed some pretty tight jaw strength to shop without your hands don't you thatbag did not taste good oh man this is seriously embarrassing people are forsure staring at me nothing to see here folks we're shopping just like you Heyshopping without hands forces you to get pretty creative doesn't itluckily everything making it so far has been on the middle shelf I may havespoken too soon all right girl better get on those tippy toes almost there come on and we have contactthat you didn't think you'd be getting a workout this evening did you Alicealright proceed next up the freezer aisle I'm so hungry do you think the fooddelivery guy got lost or something he's here but before you reach out and grabthose goodies alice emily has a little surprise for you oh manno hands that's right you're just gonna have to carry this stuff a different wayhey I'm not a table Missy thanks a lot for the grub of mr.

delivery man okaybye here take this guy Lu mouth and I'llhang this one on your ear giddyup get moving haha it's like having my very ownmule in the house oh the cake is slipping and there we go looks like wehave a kick test Rafi on our hands don't we but perhaps not all is lost not allof it is touching the floor so it's probably safe to eat right as long as weeat off the top we're in the clear that cake must be good they're eating it offthe floor for crying out loud oh yeah totally worth it when it comes towriting important emails at work uninterrupted concentration is key andchoosing just the right words is crucial especially when the letters to your bossOh looks like Olivia's co-worker Alice is up to no goodyep that's the look of mischief alright you'd better finish typing fast girlbecause you're about to get hit with the no handschallenge read it and weep my friend he's gotta bekidding but I'm at work nope can't let those fingers touch thosekeys Olivia how am I supposed to finish this emailI'll use my next best pointy body part my nose your computer has spellcheckright Olivia how my nose is getting tired yeah how long have you beenstanding there Alice no don't you dare press sendplease I just sent my boss an email with a little typos I'm so going to get firedwhat oh boy I'm sure in trouble now whoo that looksbad I'm so glad I'm not you right now I bet you're wishing you called in sickthis morning art too hmm what to wear what to wear this ispretty cute what do you think Alice it looks exactly like the one you stole outof my closet give it back to me what are you thinkingit's my sweater is that my phone oh yeah I have a date tonight with John oh myhead is throbbing why am I on the floor huh well you both wanted to wear the sweaterright good it won't come off no time to fight we've got to get readyI wonder if these are ripe yet you kind of need two hands to peel a bananayeah this tastes terrible can you lend a hand I'll hold it and you pull it Claire yes teamwork makes the dream work wait asecond that was my banana oh man I still haveone bite I guess here you go friend nothing like a hot date with a thirdwheel right one if only I can use chopsticks with my left hand I don'thave the luxury of being hand fed like AliceI totally deserved that don't worry Alice I only have eyes for youyay chopsticks unite hey get out of here let's not let Claire ruin our date honeyCheers that's enough this is a date for twoyikes John is not a happy camper let's hug this one out okay guys huh was Idreaming talk about a nightmare ouch my forehead kills stupid sweaterdoes your head hurt too clear let's get up let's pick up where we left off okaywhoa these clothes are super cute.

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