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hey families I'm Katie and I am so happy to have Church with you today now think of a toy that you like that you never ever ever want to get broken now once you think of it tell me what it is just shout it out oh you and

your families have a lot of cool toys do you want to know what my favorite toy is it's my stuffed llama I just I love it so much it's just so itty-bitty cutie cute and just sorry about that let's see what we're learning today for church our point

is every day I am who Jesus says I am now say it with me come on every day I and he Jesus says I am great now it's time for every day song that talks about that just stand up so you can sing and dance along with me

[Music] [Music] [Music] you say listen now that mass everything's changing all the time you are alive between the way so I'll say hey every day I'll choose Jesus I will follow you everything I do [Music] every day every single day [Music] [Music] [Music] on you everyday everyday I

can trust you every day I choose every day I can [Music] everything you say you and I'll follow you every day I'll say hey I'll choose Jesus I will follow you everything I do every day every day I'll choose Jesus I love you I honor you every day

[Music] every day follow you every day I'll choose she hey every day of shoes [Music] hey everyone my name is Brittany and we're so excited you were joining us today we're gonna be looking at the difference between good people and bad people so a lot of times we

look down on people because we would consider them a bad person but it's important to remember how Jesus sees those people and how he sees us so each and every one of us is either currently or was at some point loss and we all needed someone to save

us and Jesus wants to save you so whether you would consider yourself a good person or a bad person Jesus made a way for you to be a part of his family and you can be saved today we're saying this every day I am who Jesus says I

am we're going to start things off by singing a song together so go ahead stand up and sing this out with us as loud as you can [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] got a brand-new sound so get everybody talking yeah [Music] I a Saiga [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] couldn't

beat him [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] say Jesus is [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] this other place some music it's something big some noise it sounded save clap your hands don't stand still we can reason they control I'm a child of God you know it was born for

this it's why officemate don't have to be afraid I know then I am save a child of John [Music] [Music] how much hands up put them way down low move side-to-side stop let's go [Music] you [Music] hands up [Music] a Mossad [Music] [Music] you guys sounded awesome thank

you for singing with us and now we're going to take some time to watch a Bible story together today's Bible story is about a time when Jesus was sharing a meal with a guy named Simon was something crazy happen so let's take a look stories of the Bible

Jesus and the sinful woman this is Jesus who is the son of God and the savior of the world while Jesus was on earth he taught everyone about God's love and healed people from their sickness he did many miracles by calming storms and even raised people from the

dead [Music] there were a group of Jewish leaders called the Pharisees who heard Jesus speak often one of the Pharisees named Simon asked Jesus to have dinner with him come bar over okay sounds good so Jesus went over to his house and a certain sinful woman heard that

he was eating there she went to the house and brought a jar filled with expensive perfume she kneeled at Jesus's feet and cried her tears fell on his feet and she wiped them with her hair she kissed his feet and put the perfume on them Simon saw this

and said to himself yeah if this man really were a prophet he'd know what kind of woman is touching him she's a sinner Wow then jesus said Simon I have something to say to you and he told him this story a man loaned money to two people five

hundred pieces of silver to one again and fifty pieces to the other yeah thanks [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh hello again but neither of them could repay him sorry yeah sorry so we kindly forgave them both okay canceling their debts who do you suppose loved him more after that

Simon said that the one who owed him more loved him more Jesus said yep that's right then he turned to the woman and said to Simon look at this woman kneeling here when I entered your home you didn't offer me water or wash the dust off my feet

but she has washed them with her tears and wiped them with her hair I tell you her sins and there are many have been forgiven so she has shown me much love but a person who is forgiven little shows only little love then jesus said to the woman

your sins are forgiven the men at the table said among themselves who is this man that he goes around forgiving sins and jesus said to the woman your faith has saved you go in peace in our story today Simon looked down on the woman because in his mind

she was a bad person and he was a good person we often put people in the boxes of good or bad but when Jesus looks at us he doesn't just see a good person or a bad person and so how does he see us our good friend pastor

Cameron is going to talk to us about that now so let's take a look hey Cameron Watson yeah what's up man hey Cameron hey um where are you you're here yeah okay good hey um quick question for you are you busy buddy yes okay good then thank you

um so listen got a bit of some bad news to let you know um remember that Rubik's Cube that you let me borrow yeah it was like ten minutes ago yeah um so it's kind of this now hmm like it's broke you broke it yes I I broke

it and completely destroyed it I'm sorry I understand how you been hey hey shhh listen buddy listen it's okay you can cry you can just let it out here I'll cry with you well cry about the broken Rubik's Cube together it's okay I'm not I'm not gonna cry

I'm not gonna do that I'm not gonna cry there's no reason just stay in if you wanna cry just let it out still no I'm not gonna cry I'm not gonna cry no problem suit yourself you alright alright pyramid cube we'll miss you buddy Watson it's just a

Rubik's Cube and I know you didn't mean to break it so it's okay I forgive you yeah really yeah thank goodness I was really concerned about what you were gonna say Cameron oh hey trunks oh are you busy no he's not busy what's up buddy I am I

mean I'm not no hurry to tell you anyway I mean I can come back later yeah it's a great time nothin happenin here what yeah well yeah what's up okay well remember that ps4 you let me borrow yeah I literally let you borrow it at the same time

I let him borrow that Rubik's Cube like ten minutes ago yeah broke it good what on earth was happening in the last ten minutes [Music] hey what's up YouTube welcome to the Watson show today we're doing the Rubik's Cube stress test got the Rubik's Cube right here gonna

see how much pressure it takes to destroy it here we go [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] oh man that was crazy gonna help my broken it is oh man wild I'm so glad it's not mine well thanks for watching and stay tuned my buddy trucks is coming in next

and he's bringing a ps4 it's gonna be wild be sure to like it subscribe fan peace a boom-boom chicky-chicky boom-boom watch it watching show on youtube huh what you broke his ps4 oh my goodness trucks yeah I can't believe it Cameron I cannot wait to see how you're

gonna punish trunks here for his terrible terrible deed what he gonna do what's his punishment should we punch him no no no no kick him no I don't know he can't be that we can't be like physically violence we got to be technological here's what we're gonna do

we're gonna go to zoo ever gonna train all the animals to ignore him so he goes to the zoo he's like hey and they're like I'm not gonna do any of that I'm not gonna physically assault him either my got a punch him oh I see what you're

saying playing it low he keep it on the down low I got you when the punching starts let me know wait for me I'm not gonna punch him I'm not gonna do any of that here I'll show you what I'm gonna do trunks oh I forgive you you

what how could you forgive him he broke your PlayStation watch from the other items you broke my Rubik's Cube yeah but means I think that I broke is like tiny it's small it cost like what five dollars maybe tops in a terrible store with way overpriced items know

what he broke was a PlayStation 4 you know those cost do you know those cars today are doing million dollars at least on sale there was a cost that's not the big bad thing I did a little time packing but he did a big bad thing now kick

him I'm not going to kick him I'm not going to do any of them I deserve it no you don't it's true I really do forgive you it's okay oh really yeah really like for real for real oh man thank you so much Cameron thank you sure thing

ah this is unbelievable unprecedented how can you forgive him and forgive me and might be so small and hitting Joe biggish did Watson you shouldn't be trying to compare yourself the trunks you both messed up this is actually what we're talking about today Simon from our Bible story

looked at the sinful woman a lot like you're looking at the situation right now you see he tried to compare himself to her and say that he was less separated from God than she was because in his mind what she did was way worse but when we start

to look at things how Jesus looks at them we realized that it's not a matter of being better or worse than someone but understanding that no matter how good or bad we think we are we were all just as separated from God so you see Watson what is

this had to meet Trunks at the zoo bye Watson went to the zoo [Music] pastor Cameron talked about how we shouldn't look down on someone just because they have sin in their life sin is what separates us from God and whether we're currently separated and not at some

point we were all separated from God and only Jesus can take away that separation and that's exactly what he did for us when he went to the cross for us he made a way for us to never have to be separated from God again and when we really

understand how big of a deal that is that Jesus did that not just for us but absolutely everyone it's impossible to look down on someone just because they have sin in their life when Jesus looks at that person he sees someone who is separated from him and he

looks at them with love and compassion and he wants nothing more than for them to accept what he did for them so that they can be a part of God's family – so that's it for this week remember every day we are who Jesus says we are thank

you so much for joining us and we'll see you next time wait don't go yet we have to learn our Bible verse I'll say it first Matthew 1:23 they will call him that's Jesus Emmanuel which means God is with us now I'll say little parts and you can

repeat them after noon you ready okay Matthew 1:23 they will call him Jesus Emmanuel which means God is with us [Music] fantastic job everyone that verse reminds us that God is with us when we trust in and follow Jesus Jesus is for everyone I had such a great

time having church with you now I'm gonna leave you some questions to talk about with your family and they pop up on the screen just pause the video and have a little chat we'll see you later [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music]

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