CHOCOLATE FOOD VS REAL CHALLENGE || Funny Challenges And Food Pranks!

Hmm let's make the next one a littlemore interesting! Whoa I wonder what's underneath the lids this time? Yes we'reso ready! Huh what am I supposed to do with all this? And on Vicky's platechocolate makeup my mouths watering already hello my lovewhat have I done to deserve you don't

mind if I doI wonder if this is milk or dark chocolate lipstick huh what am Isupposed to try it on or something hmm hey this stuff smells pretty good I'mgonna give it a try huh Kevin you may not be a girl but you know better thanto eat lipstick

tell me do I do lipstick on my teeth little keV hmm all rightguys this next challenge has got to be less disgusting than the last these arethe awards actors get at the Oscars but which one would you rather have a realOscar or a chocolate one oh yeah that's

the stuff what do you think of youraward Vicky oh man this thing tastes nothing like chocolatethat's okay being recognized for my stellar acting career is satisfyingenough first I'd like to think by one-two-three-go crew my parents and ofcourse my best friend Kevin thank you so much Vicky Vicky hello

comeand just let the girl fantasize it wasn't hurting anybody whatever I couldwin one someday you don't know a girl can dreamright that last one was fun let's see the next one kickalright guys you're ready for this one that looks like money honey no evenbetter it's chocolate money honey

mmm thatstuff looks pretty delicious well without further ado let's give thisthing a taste oh yeah pretty good heaven on the other hand is ready to get hishands on his prize what that's real money I can't believe my luckthis is way better than any chocolate but even when you

get a hold of a littlebit of extra cash it's easy to feel like a rock star hey where my money goes youstill have more whoa this is so not fair I still have my money I started with inmy pocket right No yes we still have one more chocolatechallenge

whoa it's a little chocolate nut what am I supposed to do with a nutwithout a bolt they do look pretty similar don't they in this case thechocolate version is definitely better don't bite too hard there Lana here youcan use my wrench from earlier well at least it's good

for something so good ah the thing about chocolate you cannever take your eyes off it for a second think this could work as a ring welllooks like in this round Lana and Lily are both winners hopefully this nextround is just what the doctor ordered I wonder what kind

of chocolate weren'tgonna get this time huh let's just switch these around real quick I couldhave sworn someone taps me on the shoulder yes Lily got the chocolate Ohmy mouth is watering already oh man what am I supposed to do with thisoh sorry Ilana you can just play with

your little car while I attempt to eatall this chocolatey goodness well seems pretty unfair doesn't it whoopsies heyLily just a piece here it comes oops had to take a little detour we havereached our destination folks better go get your car Ilana you know you want to go first

Olivia Ilove barbecue sauce but not with ice cream I can't believe I have to do thiswell that's a good scoop right I've never dreaded eating ice creambefore maybe if I pretend it's hot fudge it won't taste so awful really mykidding this is gonna be this gusting oh that's

bad it's worse than I thought itwas gonna be seriously chocolate syrup that's a far cry from barbecue saucelet's dig in shall we ice cream check chocolate syrup doublecheck don't forget to mix that sugary goodness in I have a feeling this isgonna taste awesome oh yeah mind if I

have seconds Greg holdthe barbecue sauce obviously wait what are we doing this roundhey girls looking for this you both like fresh coffee right Xena there it was weird sugar I definitely like this in mycoffee do you want some coffee with your sugar live what do you have Emily

no Ican't put this in my coffee it sure looks like sugar let's just hopeit tastes the same Cheers you you're up Olivia score a piping hotpepperoni pizza smells good and Alice got pineapple slices my favorite fruitwell they are both healthy and sweet hmm so juicy I guess I'll

take a bite too infact why not have the best of both worlds it's how they do it in Hawaiiright Olivia no this is the worst idea everplease I'm begging you and we have contact and a big bite atthat are you okay Olivia pineapple pizzas oneof those things you

either love it or you hate it or for me I guess want to flip to see who goes first yesI'm eating first and boy did I hit the jackpot this thing's so pretty it almostlooks fake mmm it's real all right your turn Alice is that artichoke heartam I

supposed to eat this thing I bet it tastes nothing like a lollipop but Iguess I should give it a try wait an instruction manual ought to come withthis thing did I do it right I don't know but it sure looks a lariat it feelslike there's fur all over

my tongue are there any lollipops left I'd love toget this taste out of my mouth

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