Big Man Tiny Food Challenge ft. Terry Crews

– Does food size matter? – Let's talk about that.

(upbeat synth music) – Good Mythical Morning.

– He's on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, he's on America's Got Talent.

Please give a big mythicalwelcome to Terry Crews.

– Hey! (clapping) It's good to be here.


– Welcome to the show man.

– Ah man, it's good to be here.

It's good.

– Yeah, we've been wanting youon the show for a while now and you know, obviouslyyou take care of yourself.

You're in shape, youprobably watch what you eat.

– Oh yeah.

– Now, a lot of people that do that, eat a lot of small mealsthroughout the day, is that the kind of thing that you do? – No, actually I, well you I do the intermittent fasting thing.

– Oh, Okay.

– But I don't eat a lot, I eat a lot less then people think.

– Alright, well you'regonna be eating some really tiny meals here in a second.

– Yes you are.

– Because it's time for tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, food.

– [Terry Crews] For big, big, big, big, big, big, dudes.

– Well, here we are, inthe petite-ary eatery.

(Rhett laughing) – Very nice.

– Look at how small this stuff is.

(Terry laughing) – Okay, in every round the dealer.

And I'll be the first dealer.

Is going to deal threetiny foods all three dishes will look exactly the same, but only two are normal.

One is gonna be verynasty, the dealer will know which one is which, butthe other two will have the opportunity to keep theirsor switch with anybody else.

– And now to help in thedecision, to switch or hold.

The players can use oneof three life lines.

One of those is squeezy, where we can elect to squeeze the thing.

– Okay.

Breezy, where we can waft the smell, kinda create a breeze to see if we can sniff it out.

Or expert-eezy, when we get to ask advice of an expert who will be the dealer.

– Right – I'm sure that will be helpful.

(Terry laughing) – Okay, whoever eats theleast amount of bad food is gonna receive a tiny paton the back from Terry Crews.

– Ah, that's gonna behard, look at these hands.

(laughing) (upbeat music) There is somethingimmensely satisfying about how cute these pancakes are.

(Rhett laughing) It's just a little cute.

It's a little piece of butter.

– [Link] It's so small.

– It's a little pad of butter.

– Well, you just wait.

– [Link] You so small.

– You might eat a bad one.

You're gonna change your tune.

Okay, so these are obviously pancakes.

One of these pancake stacks has been seasoned with Bitrex.

– Huh? – Which is not poison.

– Okay.

– It's just a bitter agentthat, it's the stuff they put on kid's nails tokeep em from biting em.

– A bitter agent, kind of like OO8.

(Terry laughing) – Hey, whoa.

– Oh he's already moving them.

– Whoa wait a minute.

I liked what I had.

Oh no.


I feel.

– Now, I'm trying to getsome information about how he's moving these around.

– Oh no.

– But there's really no.

– I wanna avoid the melted Bitrex.

(screaming) – You touched that one alot, I don't want to eat it.

(Terry laughing) I bet he got messed upwhen the flapjack fell.

– It's okay, I'm going in.

Is this it? Is it time? – Oh no no no.

– Oh, sorry.

– We can move it.

– Okay, oh yes! Okay, but.

– So he's given one ofus the bitter pancake.

– [Terry Crews] Okay.

– Unless, he thinks we'regonna switch with him and he has it.

– Either I have it, or I don't.

– Oh, so you expect us to trust you.

Or not.

– Yeah.

(laughing) – I don't trust him.

– That's the game.

– I determined that years ago.

– Oh my god.

– That's the whole game.

– Okay.

– Alright, Terry.

What does your gut tell youwhen you look at your cakes? – I did notice he touched one of them, which makes me wonder if he would get any bitterness on his hands.

Which might be a trick.

– But which one did he touch?(Rhett laughing) – This one.

– [Link] That one? – [Terry] I was watching the whole time.

– [Link] Oh.

– [Terry] I kept my eyes right on it.

– Oh yeah, yeah.

You gotta.

– Cause I don't, I slightly trust you.

– Terry's paying attention.

– It was all a blur to me.

– I know, but, Okay can I use a lifeline? – Yeah.

– Okay.

– I also get to use it.

– Okay, I'm gonna go with the expert-eezy.

This is when we ask you.

– Okay, okay yeah.

– Oh, right off the bat? – I'm going right offexpert-eezy, talk to me.

– Those are pancakes.

– But can you lie as an expert? – Trust me, he can lie.

(laughing) That's all I know him to do.

– Listen, I'm gonna look in my.

Can you tell me again? Look me in the eye one more time.

Just look me.

– Those are really tiny pancakes.

– I love you, I actuallyfell in love a little bit.

(Rhett laughing) – I'm gonna go for it.

– You believe him? – Because I believe him.

I believe!(laughing) – I want to trade! – No!- I believe him too.

– You wanna trade?- Yeah! – Can you do that now? – Yeah yeah.

– Oh damn! – Either one of you can, so if you want to save yours you can.

– But I can.

If you want that, I'lljust trade with him.

– [Terry] Okay, okay, okay.

– Hahaha! Gotcha.

– Do we eat at the same time? – Yeah.

We all eat at the same time.

Let's go in.

– Well bring it on.

Wait, we gotta have manners.

Hold on wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

– Yeah, napkins on laps fellas.

– I know, don't play around.

Okay, I'm gonna slice into this delicious Oh my goodness.

Oh it's so flaky.

Are we ready? – Oh, you're going.

– Oh dude, I'm not playing, look at these, do you see these sensitive hands? – You gotta go with more than that.

– [Rhett] You ready? – You gotta get more flapjack than that.

– Okay, okay I will.

Oh we going in.

– We're going in.

– We're going in.

– Dink it.

(Terry screaming) And sink it.

(Terry screaming) You're loving it! – Ah, I fell in love, and I got my heart broke.

(Link laughing) Oh my god.

This is awful! – I came to play.

– Here you go.

– I came to play! Give him a tiny trash can so he can.

(Terry screaming) (Rhett laughing) – I told you, he was not to be trusted.

– I don't trust none of you (beep).

(laughing) (upbeat music) Hey guys, I have infront of me tiny tacos.

But one of them has Vegemite and wasabi.

– [Link] Oh gosh.

– Instead of molie and gauc.

(Terry laughing) – Mmm-hmm.


– You're very villainous now.

– Oh, no its over.

(laughing) This is how we do it now.

– Listen, don't drag me into this.

I'm just saying.

– Drag me?- [Link] It was him! You dragged me over herewith the worst taste in my mouth of all time.

– [Link] It was him! – [Rhett] Yeah, yeah.

– I've been nothing but good to you.

– No, you have, you have.

– No, the deal is is that.

– Be good to me.

– I will.

– Link did, he didn't do the right thing.

I mean ultimately he wassupposed to switch with you not with me.

– [Link] Listen.

– I mean, you're the only one that took any actions.

– [Link] You had the power.

Switch them around, do your worst.

(Terry humming) – I did touch em all.

Imma touch them all.

So there we go.

So now everybody gets a littlebit of Terry Crews in that.

And (humming) whoa.

– He's gunning for you.

– He's mad at me, we know that.

– There's no way around that.

– Yes, I am.

– (laughing) And so.

– And for some reason, he also seems to be a little mad at me.

– Right.

– I don't know why.

– Well because you're my friend.

– Yeah, I mean hey, you know what.

It's 50/50 on this show, man? (Rhett laughing) – That's right.

So, the question is.

If you were going after me trying to get me to eat the bad taco.

Would you want to do thatdirectly or indirectly? – I think after hisexperience in the first round.

Which seems.

I don't know I'm going on a limb here, but I'll say negative.

(crew laughing) I don't think he wants torisk us not switching with him and him having to eat it again.

So I don't think he has it.

I think one of us has it.

And I think he wants you to have it.

But you know, we should waft.

– Waft? Breezy? – We should Breezy it.

– Oh yeah, good idea.

– Go ahead.

– Now, you can't put yournose over it, you just gotta.

– Yeah ya gotta.

– There we go.

Can I help you? I'll help you.

(crew laughing) There you go.

– I don't even smell taco.

I mean it's like the tacois too small to even smell.

– [Link] It's not working.

– Maybe you just gotta get a little lower.

– Okay.

– I mean I've even.

– I smell my hand.

– I know you're looking at it, but there's nothing to see.

– Ah gosh, okay.

– That didn't help.

– Here's what I think happened.

I think that you're a direct guy.

And I think you just said, you know what the simplest thing to do, the most aggressive thing to do is just give him the bad taco.

– Mhmm.

– Cause that's what I did to you.

(laughing) – So, you're gonna switch with Terry? – No, I'm gonna switch with you.

– What? – Wow.

– Because I've alreadymade Terry mad once.

– Well, I'm sorry Terry, but I'm switching with you.

(Rhett laughing) You got it.

I believe.

Locked in right, locked in? – Oh, locked in.

– Locked in.


– Okay.

– Pick it up.

– We gonna make it happen.

Here we go, I like thelittle lettuce on it.

– Dink it – Here we go and.

– The whole thing.

– Sink it.

(Terry screaming) (clapping) (laughing) – Ah damn! Oh my god.

(Terry screaming) (crew laughing) (Link laughing) It's just wasabi.


And racks of salt.

(upbeat music) – Look at these cutelittle PB&J sandwiches.

– [Terry] I don't trust em.

– One of them has jellythat contains ghost pepper.

– Oh gosh.

– It's gonna be hot.


– Very meticulous.

You're only moving at right angles.

– The placement has been made.

Now Terry, if you get thewrong end of this deal its what we call a queen sweep.

(laughing) – Well Link, consideringthat I took my time out of my busy schedule.

To come down here andhang out with you guys and donate my services.

(laughing) And I do mean donate.

(laughing) – He does mean donate.

– Yes.

– Yeah, yeah.

– Would you really give me the bad one? – Are you asking am I afraid of you? The answer's yes.

(laughing) – Or maybe, maybe you dothat because you just don't care because you guys are money hungry, (laughing) you want all the clips, you don't care.

You're gonna burn your bridges! Is that what you're gonna do today? Is that what you're gonna do to me? – Well, you know what I think you may have just gone inside Link's mind.

I mean, I know the way thathe thinks about the clicks.

I think, here's what I think.

I think he wants you to have it.

So, now but here's the deal.

Now I gotta get inside his mind as someone who's known him for almost his whole life.

And what is Link's strategy.

– You don't need to touch mein order to do that, do you? – No, no, no.

(Terry laughing) No pat downs.

What is your strategy toget it to end up with Terry? And I think what you would do, we've discussed this before is that mathematically yourchances are the greatest of the person receiving it if you start there, cause at least it's therefor some period of time.

But that isn't how you think.

You like to do things likegive yourself the hot thing and then hope that it gets switched.

– Oh.

– But here's the thing, if I switch you and mine.

– You learned not to believeanything he says in round one.

– I'm learning.

– But the problem is ifI switch mine with yours, then Terry is just gonnaswitch mine with his.

– You know me You know at this point I'm just confused.

– Oh no, that's the biggesttrick in the book right there.

That's the biggest trick in the book.

I'm confused.

(laughing) I don't know.

No, dude.

Come on.

You ever heard of the term country dumb? (Rhett laughing) I've heard that term, where they're like I don't know what the.

And they're robbing you blind.


– We do have a lifelinethough, we have a squeezy.

– We gotta go with this last lifeline.

– Okay, let's see ifwe can learn anything.

– Squeezy.

Okay, consistency looks amazing.

– Ah.

– Good old fashioned white bread.

– [Rhett] Yep, I didn't learn a whole lot.

– That jelly looks so sweetand delicious doesn't it? – Mhmm.

– You locked in? – I'm not gonna.

I'm gonna stay with what I got.

– You know what, I don'tthink you'd do it to me.

Can we pray before we eat? (laughing) Come on.


– I'm not closing my eyes.

(laughing) – Lord please.

– You've got both of his hands.

– Lord please, bless this food.

And bless the person that gave it to me.

No matter what happens, make sure that he livesa great long life, amen.

– Amen.

(crew laughing) – Good choice.

Good choice.

– I just prayed for you.

– Go for it.

– I just prayed for you.

– I think you've done the right thing.

– Okay, so we're going with what we got? – You ready?- I'm ready.

– Hey, you ready? (Terry laughing) – I'm ready.

I'm (laughs) – You sure you don't want to switch? – Uh oh.

Yeah, he wants you to switch.

– You sure you don't want to switch? – Nah.

– Are you sure you don't wanna switch? – No, I trust you that much.

– You sure you don't wanna switch? – Uh-uh.

– Terry? – Uh- uh because I love you, and I prayed for you, and I trust you all.

– Here we go.

– It's delicious.

– It's hot.

(Terry screaming) I thought I was gonna get you to switch.

– Oh! I love it! I love it! It's delicious! – Whoa! – Oh that hurt.

Oh, that's good.

– That's some, whoa! – Oh my god, I'm in tears.

(Rhett laughing) I was so scared.

I was so scared.

– And you went for it, you ate the whole thing.

– I did.

I trusted you.

– Were you about to switch? Were you even close? – I was.

I was.

– Oh, gosh.

– When you said it to him, you sure, I was gonna (mumbles).

What the hell.

– Whoa! – Okay, well that means Inever ate any of the bad stuff so I get a tiny pat onthe back from Terry Crews.

– Yes you do sir, yes you do.

(Link hiccuping) Anybody got a knife? – Let me do that again.

(crew laughing) – Anybody got a knife? (Link hiccuping) (laughing) Cause you hurt me.

– Here we go.

– Now the ghost pepper has given.

– Tiny pat, tiny pat.

Oh, it's so cute.

– Thank you Terry!- Yes! – And thank you Terry for being here! – Yes! – Be sure to check himout on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and America's Got TalentChampions, both on NBC.

– Please.

– Thanks for (hiccups) subscribingand clicking that bell.

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– You know sometimes.

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– Yeah.

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